Evaporating an Invisible Barrier to the Ideal You

Artists rendition the Etherinc Body

Another title, Selected Lectures, by Grigori Grabovoi, is available for preorder on I have read Grabovoi’s short book, Unified System of Knowledge. While it takes some “tuning” to get acclimated to the rhythm of the translated English, it still makes a deep impression.

Although I generally have time to read a few pages at a time Petrov’s 500+ page narrative, Save Yourself, is an easier read for me than Grabovoi’s.

In reality, the vacuum, which means “emptiness” when translated from Latin, turns out to be not empty space at all but a certain informational environment that contains over 99 percent of the total information within the Universe. — pg. 104

This statement correlates with the premise that over 95% of the mass of the universe is comprised of what has been termed, “dark matter.” It’s only “dark” because we have thus far been unable to conceptualize it.

Science still questions whether we’re alone in the Universe, and yet, the unrecognized matter and energy that we have detected would suggest that there is — not “may be” — far more available to our perception when we develop the eyes to see and ears to hear. Perhaps this will happen when we demonstrate the willingness to love the ones that we presently see and hear.

Science, especially in areas of direct interaction between different fields, such as physics-chemistry, biology-genetics, and computer science-psychology, is now beginning to accept a paradoxical paradigm, which would have been considered blasphemous heresy just yesterday: there is no impassable barrier between the material and the ideal; one can quite easily become transformed into the other. –pg. 105

If no such barrier exists except for our belief that it does, then our task and opportunity can shift toward allowing such a transformation to, and oneness with The Ideal to be restored within our lifetime.

Petrov progressively describes how he came to learn of the “bio-computer,” a natural quality of the material world that could be likened to the Holodeck on the U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek fame. Learning how to consciousness access and control the bio-computer, which is already being used unconsciously by everyone, becomes the task/opportunity at hand. The distinction we should be making here is that the bio-computer is living, and not a simulation. The Ideal You lives, and is available for assimilation, attunement, and atonement.

This is place where knowledge is a power greater than money, and it’s available too, because it is part of everyone.

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4 Thoughts to “Evaporating an Invisible Barrier to the Ideal You”

  1. Kwesi

    Seems that the layers of this illusion we call reality are falling away with increasing speed…about time”!
    “Nothing is real and Everything is real” Dr Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics)

  2. ” The beauty of it all is that, while the FDA and other alphabet agencies try to bulldog their way into control of natural supplements, consciousness is a field that will always remain the domain of its holder. Each human being has a consciousness, and in fact, is one.”
    I say AMEN to that! 🙂

  3. Thank you for that. Meditation and chanting portals to this.

  4. pam

    This also falls in line with some of the more recent writings on quantum physics, Adam.

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