"Missing Link" Found: The Human Consciousness

I’m starting to get into Arcady Petrov’s Save Yourself, Book One of his trilogy, Creation of the Universe. It is a narrative of his personal journey which yielded new insights about the nature of reality and the role of human consciousness in reality’s creation and/or change. Along the way, restored perfect eyesight and later, regeneration of his gallbladder served as very credible confirmations that Petrov was on to something important.

Imagine what such success might mean in your life.

This is in stark contrast to the primrose path that modern medicine continues to try to lead the public down. How many times each day do you hear or see something like the following?

“Ask your doctor if __________ is right for you! And if you can’t afford your medication, ___________ (caring company that it is) may be able to help!”

“And by the way, while you may experience rashes, uncontrollable twitches, heart attack, or have thoughts of suicide, take heart because your symptoms of __________ disease will have gone away.”

Advertisements of this type proliferate over the airwaves and in print publications, such as the New York Times and Reader’s Digest. They should be outlawed.

They steer the undiscerning consciousness of the viewer/reader toward creating the very problems that the medication is apparently intended to resolve. The problem with this practice is that healing isn’t the primary intent behind the development, availability, and dissemination of such medications; profitability through condition perpetuation, is.

Creating the appearance of improvement without actually doing so is not only the goal, it is what they have succeeded in doing. The push and perception that we’re potential victims to Mother Nature, unable to fend for ourselves is so relentless that vaccinations are mandatory in the education system, placing our children educations as hostage unless shots of powerful chemical toxins are given to their still developing immune systems. Instead of being a boost, said vaccinations are an insult, invasion, and traumatizing shock to said system.

We’ve become so accustomed to thinking that having letters behind one’s name means they hold greater truths than we’re capable of knowing, has meant that millions of people surrender their own common sense to someone who “practices” on others for a living, following guidelines outlined in a “Bible” that recognizes pharmacology as the only viable field of knowledge.

Old school practices...The shocking rise in the phenomenon known as autism spectrum disorder is clear evidence of a connection between vaccination events and neurological and cognitive lights going out on thousands of children with increasing frequency. Yet, the practice goes virtually unquestioned and unchallenged, and is even rationalized and defended in medical circles. Parents resign themselves to figuring out ways to mitigate what has been done to their children, instead of taking affirmative steps to prevent it from happening again to any child.

A great price has been, and is being paid for this, the chemicalization and medicalization of America. So pervasive has the onslaught been that most Americans don’t even see it, and are still not aware of the price they’re paying to this very day.

Petrov eventually opened a center in Moscow that has not only helped thousands of people restore their health using what he calls “bio-informational technology.” The beauty of it all is that, while the FDA and other alphabet agencies try to bulldog their way into control of natural supplements, consciousness is a field that will always remain the domain of its holder. Each human being has a consciousness, and in fact, is one. We may continue to turn over “control” to an authority (which many are presently doing), but that practice will change, as will one’s world, when we wake up to who we are and embrace the power that rests within us.

Fortunately, more people are waking up each day. I found this passage from Petrov’s book to be of interest

The sensational discoveries made by Russian Chinese Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen, outlined in his work Theory of Field Control attracted the attention of the science section of the Communist Party Central Committee years ago and were classified as top-secret. Dr. Kanchzhen determined that “DNA is not simply a ‘cassette’ with recorded data its material carriers are bioelectric signals.” In other words, the electromagnetic field and DNA comprise a combined genetic material, which exists in two forms: the passive one — the DNA, and the active one — the electromagnetic field. The first stores the genetic code, which ensures the stability of the body. The second, however, is capable of altering it. This can be accomplished through the impact of bio-electromagnetic signals, which contain energy and information simultaneously.

This observation fully supports the position presented by Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles, who postulates that genes do not control the organism, a position supported by the emerging science of epigenetics. I recently spoke with Steve Bhaerman, who co-authored, with Dr. Lipton another milestone book, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.


Petrov goes on to describe how Kanchzhen provided tangible proof of his hypothesis through laboratory experimentation, concluding:

Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen’s works have been patented and are essentially the first to have made a serious dent in the credibility of numerous orthodox deniers of the psychophysical makeup of reality. Until then, traditional science considered the hypothesis about the active participation of the mind and the consciousness in the processes under research to be an absurdity. The thought process was viewed merely as a sequence of neurophysiological reactions that could not have any original, primary energy, i.e., any energy acting in advance of such neuro-physiological reactions.

Here’s a “missing link” that proponents of Darwinism have never even considered looking for, and might still argue doesn’t exist. Otherwise, humanity — ALL of humanity — would have to be looked at as something more than mere parasites on planet Earth. Presently, we see life as something that happens to us, but not, as Grigori Grabovoi proclaims, through us. This is a very important point of information that can forever change our thoughts on where power truly rests.

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11 Thoughts to “"Missing Link" Found: The Human Consciousness”

  1. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some
    advice from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog?

    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? With thanks

    1. Just check out
      It is easy to open a blog there and plenty choices for layouts ect. Good luck!
      Love and light

      1. Start with creating a test-blog and use it whenever you want to test something out first. Then use your finding to open up the blog you really want to create. Have fun!

  2. Hi Adam
    Do you know of anybody that has started a petition to send to OBAMA to help all those suppliers against the FDA? If not is there anybody who knows how to start one that will be effective. How about yourself Adam? With the amount of followers you have, I’m sure we will collect many signatures very fast. I will sign FOR sure…
    Here is mine to start with: 🙂
    1)… Monika Scholze, Glengarriff, Ireland, healed of asthma & some other minor ailments…

    1. I forgot to add ‘healed with the use MMS’ , so please add MMS to the sentence…thanks to Jim Humble! 🙂

  3. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    Can some government, or military in the World weaponize Petrov’s
    consciousness technology ?
    In our future wars will they use weapons this kind ?
    In last January flocks of thousands of birds fell out from the sky not only in America, but many places in the World, and thousands of fish died, but they never really explained what happened to them, nobody believe, it was fire works, how can you kill fish in the river with fire works ? What will be next, thousands of people will just drop dead with no explanation ?

    1. Gil… the answer to that question is NO. No one can “weaponize” your consciousness. What’s needed is for individuals to know the power that is inherent in each, and consciously choose to be harmonizing elements instead of disruptive ones.

      We are in a time of amazing opportunity to reconceptualize ourselves… to see ourselves differently, with expanded and amazing abilities that have been latent, but always available for activating. The willingness, commitment, and the WILL to be harmonizing elements is most likely a condition of such activation, set not by any outside agency, but by our own Spirit. If we wish to be embodiments of our highest expression, which is our inalienable birthright, we must demonstrate such commitment in the absence of any tangible evidence of said power being available. Calamity, or the apparent approach thereof, is one reliable way to see who will choose to be Whom.

  4. Barbara A. Baker

    Thank-you so much for the updated information. It is so important for us to become more aware of what is going on in the field of ‘medicine’ as well as what is happening in the food industry. Food has become an industry for profit. The food industry does not really seem to care about what is being put out there as long as they make a profit.

  5. Kathleen

    Thanks so much for sharing Petrov’s work. I’m inspired now to study this writing also. Your visionary writing is uplifting. — Kathleen

  6. pam

    I started teaching epigenetics in my child development classes in, I think, 2007 – it’s really “new” to most people. We actually DO it all the time, unfortunately we typically use to to create what we DON”T want.

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