A Dream to Live For; A Dream to Love

Delivering Ourselves, Not from ‘Evil,’ but from Fear

The broadcast media machine continues the campaign to sell the idea that Osama bin Laden is actually dead, and that this act unto itself, initiated and orchestrated by the United States, is a good thing. Even Al-Qaida has issued a statement to that effect. It’s like someone is desperately trying to tell the public, “PLEASE BELIEVE US!”

To me it shows that whoever is actually running this show is controlling both sides. It has certainly happened before.

Of course, now that bin Laden’s organization has confirmed the dastardly deed, they are vowing revenge. In other words, they are escalating the idea of even greater danger, so that you will be more afraid now than you were before.

President Obama and the media machine are selling the idea that the world was better off by killing OBL and throwing away the body, using ceremonial visits to various sites associated with the 9/11 event to emphasize the point.

I honor all who died in the tragedy that was 9/11, especially since the Grand Orchestration continues.

Americans have been carefully led to the place of plausible acceptance, if not expectation, that more acts of terrorism “from them” may occur on our soil. This is what public relations campaigns do.

According to an article in The Economist magazine titled, “Now, kill his dream,” the cost of this post-9/11 public relations campaign, comes in at around 150,000 lives and over $1 trillion, also paid for by the American people.

Never mind the fact that “The Dream”, i.e., the collection of ideas that OBL represented, is not diminished by killing the messenger. If anything, it could be amplified. Killing the symbol doesn’t eradicate the concept. Instead, it creates more interest – not necessarily acceptance, but more interest nonetheless.

The FDA has tried to kill the concept of MMS by targeting individuals who sold the product and a massive public relations campaign to proffer the idea that it is dangerous. In the UK, several MMS sellers have were raided and questioned, and threatened with prosecution. Programs were produced on the BBC about the dangers of the product. So what happens? Interest is increased. And since people who have used the product are more credible than folk who don’t care whether the facts support their agenda, more people are adopting MMS.

The interest in Al-Qaida doesn’t mean that it will grow. However, the United States, must itself, be in integrity. Peace is not gained through intentional extermination. Adolf Hitler tried that, and it didn’t work.

For human evolution to take place, existing concepts must be replaced by better concepts that are gained via some form of agreement and mutual respect.

Killing the symbol of an enemy and throwing away the body does delay one thing, namely, a fair airing of the truth, as to what madness led up to the madness.

With that said, I believe that a greater truth stands prepared to enter this chapter of the Human Saga, Stage Right. That is, an awareness of Who We Are, as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, each and every one of us, OBL included.

And that there is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

The greater truth is that the power to affect a state of peace rests within each person that chooses to be peaceful in spite of all the “logical” reasons to be “on alert.”

You can heal yourself, but not if you’re afraid… of anything. The healing process begins on levels that are unseen and immeasurable, but can be felt as a noticeably different energy state.

One subtle clue to the presence of the healing energy state is a certain neuromuscular configuration that distorts the contours of the mouth into what is termed, a smile.

Try as we might to find the source of this mysterious energy, that we might take a specimen to study it and see how we can synthesize a patentable substitute, it won’t happen. The best things in life aren’t free, they’re priceless. And yet, they are available to all members of the human family.

I’m not suggesting that anyone surrender to foolhardiness. I’m suggesting that the power to heal, not only bodies, but minds, hearts, and geopolitical dilemmas, rests within us all. This power is not revealed from behind, or through the barrel of a gun. Guns, missiles, and bombs are tools of force, which also make them tools of fear.

I’m not suggesting that president Obama, or the people who both the United States and Al-Qaida appear to be serving, are part of any conspiracy. I’m suggesting that being fearful keeps one in a limited, “narrow-bandwidth” space, where additional health and happiness liberating energies are unavailable.

Blaming others for our problems, which both the president and the Al-Qaida factions are essentially doing toward each other, is a sure way to maintain the status quo.

Killing Martin Luther King certainly didn’t kill his dream. Today, while there are some who feel civil rights changes have not happened fast enough, America bares a strong resemblance to the vision that he articulated in his historic “I Have a Dream” speech. However, compared to the rhetoric that bin Laden and Al-Qaida have stood for, King’s was a hopeful, empowering dream for all people, one that he understood could not be achieved by force.

If bin Laden’s dream, and our act of killing him, represents anything, it would be the idea that you can get what you want by taking it, eliminating your “enemy”.

Another way – a better way – to get rid of an enemy, is to become friends.

If a person or group doesn’t want to become friends, there still should be “no worries.” Intend no harm, and initiate no harm. Do it without fear, imagining and expecting ONLY positive, mutually beneficial outcomes.

These ideas will have a positive impact on all who embrace them, for as we dispel fear within ourselves, a light begins to emanate, with ever greater power, from within. Fear is the inhibitor of, and cloak to higher awareness and awakening, and to greater freedom, health, joy and peace.

The remedy to fear is love, not just for some, but ALL… for the Whole of humanity — those who respect us, and those who don’t; those who love us, and those who don’t. The choice to love will always empower, protect and benefit the chooser, irrespective of whether it is accepted by the intended. But no love that is given will ever go unresponded to.

There will always be someone to play with, no matter what drama we choose in this life. Those that persist in being fearful will manifest, by their imagination, plausible reasons to be afraid. Since liberation begins from within, there’s no reason to fear being forced into playing a game that your heart does not desire.

Be conscious of your ideas and dreams, and of what you wish for, both for yourself, and others. Wish for, and therefore intend, only that which you desire to return to you, and you will have nothing to fear.

If you wish harm to, or on another, it is a projection of fear that you carry within yourself. You will experience what you fear… until you don’t. The gateway out of fear, is love. The act is forgiveness. The gift is gratitude for the liberation that we will have earned.

Long live the dream of abundant health, made possible through our courage to be unafraid of anything or anyone.

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3 Thoughts to “A Dream to Live For; A Dream to Love”

  1. Excellent post. So many people are so unaware of these facts. The common resonses are … “how can we all manifest what we want?” and “why would I create this as my reality?” All the while, they continue issuing forth the negativity and fear.

  2. Bill Zimmermann

    Great article, flawless perceptions. And I am happy to report another MMS triumph. My friend Christine Johnson eliminated the HPV virus from her body in three weeks of using activated MMS three times a day (4 drops only). Her mother died from cervical cancer at the same age Christine is today. Her life descended into horrors few could survive, but truth and friendship have prevailed and created protection for Christine to go on to live her dreams in love confidence and without fear.

    I have one question Adam. What MMS treatment do we use to eliminate heavy metals from our system? Particularly Mercury. Many of us do not have the money to have dental amalgam (mercury fillings) removed using the Huggins method. And many of us work as dental assistants where mercury is present in the air. What protocol would you recommend? Thank you Adam for all your good work.

    Bill Zimmermann, San Diego

    1. Hi Bill,

      That’s great news about Christine!

      MMS/chlorine dioxide doesn’t target heavy metals in its oxidative action. However, due to its low electrical value (< .95V) , heavy metal ions do get oxidized with MMS use. The protocol would be the standard, Protocol 1000, which is 3 drops/hour for 8 hours each day. However, it might be wise to work up to the 3 drop level, and not begin there. Listen to the body's feedback. No need to rush.

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