Notes From Outside the ‘Autism’ Box

From autism article in Time Magazine.April is Autism Awareness month in America.

What does that mean?

It means that this is the time for Americans to be “educated” on how bad Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is, how complicated the cure must be, and are encouraged to be more tacitly accepting of (1) the disorder, (2) the CURRENT explanations as to why it happens, and (3) the LOGIC behind the “approved” treatments for it.

In being so accepting, we either (1) ignore evidence that ASD may very well be the result of “Man-induced” products, policies, or practices, or (2) realize it and yet rely on treatment methods that still fall inside the boundaries of the thinking that supports them.

In other words, medical practitioners may do everything they can to “cure” autism, as long as they are within currently accepted guidelines. If not, they talk in hushed tones, if they talk at all. They treat in isolation and seclusion, if they treat at all. Even non-profit associations that have been created around autism, once they have joined forces with prestigious medical researchers to boost their stature, have succumbed to the urge to set limits on what they may officially consider viable, lest they forfeit grants and aid from potential pharmaceutical-based benefactors.

For too long this has been the Rule of Medicine, and not the exception, giving the appearance of commitment and sincerity, as long as we’re all in the same sandbox.

Torronto Raptors player with Autistic Children

Some high-profile National Basketball Association (NBA) players have been enlisted to help the public be aware of autism, showing how much they care. Their motivation, however, is to establish some justification of, and relevance for the fact that they can earn several hundred thousands of dollars per week, and still act as though they’re under-paid.

As a general rule the players are encouraged to travel and dress in suits and ties, while needing to play ball only in uniforms that consist of jerseys, shorts, and sneakers. It’s all an image thing. Flatly they read any script that is placed before them, but with little in the way of heart or soul. You rarely get the feeling that any of this matters to them, except that it may be part of their contract to “give back”.

The controversy around the chlorine dioxide oxidation therapy developed by Jim Humble, referred to as MMS, that was essentially designated an “outlaw” treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has been enough to keep many health care practitioners speaking hushed tones and treating in private, if at all. This is in spite of the fact that evidence suggests that autism a physiological response to what is, in effect, chemical poisoning.

While bacterial and viral infestations garner much of the interest with respect to potential causative factors that result in ASD, they tend to show up after, or in response to, a massive chemical event, where drugs designed to “boost” the immune system actually appear to create an electrical “short circuit” in the brain’s neurological pathways.

Instead of calling a moratorium on these practices, we have institutionalized them – making inoculations and vaccinations a mandatory requirement in order for young parents to get their children into public schools. We then give a medical name to the resulting neurological fallout. This is the ultimate example of spin control.

The simplest way to KNOW whether present immunological philosophy and practices are valid, are to set up a study with groups of people who are not given these drugs – even before their immune system has had a chance to mature – and see what happens. This would dramatically affect the numbers yet to see their lives needlessly dimmed by these practices. Then we can turn our attention to how to undo the damaging neurological effects that these acts of chemicalization has caused.

Unfortunately in America, “the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” moniker that we have been proud to claim has dimmed, along with the vitality and health of its citizenry, because bureaucratic thinking is most often going to “err” on the side of the status quo, that is, until an undeniable and unstoppable change has become evident.

Kerri Rivera ( is an agent of undeniable and unstoppable change. She is a woman with heart and soul. She also knows a thing or two about ASD. Mother of an autistic child, she and her husband run a clinic that supports recovery from ASD that is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She has also courageously moved into an area where scientific knowledge, logic and common sense says should be explored if you’re not interested in living with ASD, but in ridding it from your life; namely, she’s using MMS.

Kerri seen great improvements in her son since adding MMS to her protocol, which she documented on her blog. As her readers and clients learned of her success, many of them decided to try MMS on their children. To date, of the 400 children currently on Kerri’s protocol, 5 have lost their ASD diagnosis altogether. In other words, they have once again become what Kerri and other clinicians refer to as neuro-typical.

While naysayers might claim that this represents only 1% of the sampling, this does not represent a completed process, and is on-going. Furthermore, for the families who have added MMS to their treatment protocols, hopeful changes are very easy to discern and associate when everything they had tried up until then had yielded no noticeable difference, and thus made things seem even more hopelessness.

Kerri recently spoke of her experiences, which she also wrote about on her blog, Autismo, at recent Autism conferences in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

I spoke with Kerri by phone yesterday. With great energy and enthusiasm she spoke of how she learned of, and came to use MMS as part of her autism response therapy. It actually sat on a shelf for a year between her initial testing and deciding to use it on her son (she and her husband also used it).

She talked about their protocol for children, and how they have fine-tuned it to minimize the still dreaded effects of toxic release that we fondly call diarrhea, vomiting, or Herxheimer reaction. She described dramatic changes in behavior, as well as normalizations in bowel movements and stools, and some of the interesting things that have come out of these children as a result of taking those series of drops.

Yes, Kerri’s got heart and soul!

That recorded conversation will be available soon.

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  1. CdnFarmgirl

    More and more, I am convinced that a toxic overload, or even presence, is responsible for many dis-eases and less-than-optimum health. Good article, Adam, have “shared” it on FB.

  2. Adam~ Great article you really hit nails on the head.

    I carry this product. Its inexpensive and works.
    However…………Protocols must be followed with your child
    regarding nutrition and taking nutrients in order to nourish and
    rebuild their body plus removing the toxins.

    If you really think about~in the big picture of life
    ~its such a small investment of time,
    energy and finances to achieve whatever
    health potential is possible for your child..
    Make it a priority in your life.

    In Health and Wellness,
    Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP Pro Eft Practitioner
    Nutrition Response Testing
    Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc
    418 Elizabeth Street
    Vacaville, CA 95688

  3. pam

    Darn, site is in Spanish and I can’t get Babelfish to work.

    1. I forgot to mention that… Kerri is VERY fluent in English though. You can email her though. I will have some of the video available in a few days.

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