WATSON Supercomputer: If We Feed it GMO Information, Expect More Medical Heartburn

While change is the only constant in the entire universe and what we often find ourselves wanting most, it could also be what we fear most. Yet, we are in a time of change. Geopolitical, geophysical, climatic, cosmic – if it can be categorized, it is changing.

The Real Jeopardy Begins: IBM’s WATSON Being Groomed to Become an M.D. Assistant

IBM Corporation scored a major publicity coup by handily winning a game of Jeopardy against the two most successful contestants in the history of the program. This “victory” is deemed convincing reason to see if the system, which can access the information of roughly 2 million books in three seconds, would be any better at diagnosing disease than what are now being referred to as “overloaded” medical doctors.

The Jeopardy Contestants and HAL2011 (WATSON)
The Jeopardy Contestants and HAL2011 (WATSON)

Acknowledging that today, over 20% of medical diagnoses are wrong, IBM researchers have partnered with Nuance Communications, publishers of Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) speech-recognition technology (see story), to make the supercomputer’s analytics capability available to the health care field. They are touting WATSON as a logical candidate for medical or diagnostic assistant, given its ability to process voluminous amounts of information in a short period of time. The Columbia University Medical School, and University of Maryland School of Medicine are also collaborating with the computer giant.


My problem with this is manifold. I’m not against IBM or WATSON itself, but the present thinking behind how it would be used would not achieve the stated desired results.

IBM’s motto, THINK, has served it well for over 50 years, but healing is a journey of the heart and human spirit, which would best be expressed in the very non-linear term of FEEL. This is beyond the scope of thinking, in an entirely different, but encompassing realm; one that medicine has been inclined to either ignore, dismiss, or attempt to medicate.

Until the people who program WATSON, and the medical schools that are advising them, get that memo themselves, the Watson effort will amount to no more than become the next latest version of the calculator, able to quickly sift through encyclopedic volumes of MIS-CONCEIVED information in order to give a CONFIDENT and legally defensible MIS-diagnosis. Let me tell you why I FEEL this is true.

  • In a WATSON-era medical paradigm, the human will still be considered a dissectible organism wherein disease symptomologies and pathologies are discrete and unrelated, and simultaneous, parallel medication practices are not only tolerated, but encouraged.
  • Homeostasis and ways to restore it would, at best, be an afterthought.
  • Medical THINKING would still be operating under the assumption that pharmaceutical or technological approaches – and even then, only the FDA approved ones – are the only viable, “curative” ones. It is unlikely that the appalling results of chemical treatment practices will be factored in, or weighed to allow arguments against their use and the adoption of more plausible and effective alternatives, when the institutions of medical education, treatment, and payment haven’t yet received or acknowledged that memo.
  • The belief that genetics rule the organism still prevails, when epigenetics prompts us to actually interact with the patient and recognize his or her active involvement in owning the problem, and with a conscious change of heart, effectuating a true cure.
  • The belief that disease “happens” to people, and that attacking it — whatever it happens to be — is the “battle” that must be won, still predominates most medical thinking. This conspires against unconventional and non-linear approaches being considered, since Watson will only analyze information in the context of the dualistic thinking that is allowed in.
  • Nature is given scant consideration with respect to its ability to influence or facilitate healing, nor is energy and the energetic state of our environment, as well as our patterns of thinking/believing. These are all factors that, by the results we’ve witnessed, cannot be, and haven’t been replaced by medication.
  • Pouring over historical records of hundreds of millions of pharmacological interactions after interactions to generate a credible medical recommendation in 10 seconds or less could certainly help the process of convincing the patient to try the procedure that the doctor is recommending. However, the odds of success will still have to be factored in, and the odds of failure remain high.

This is neither a negative, nor pessimistic assessment; it is predictive, based on what I see as current predominant medical, scientific, and social thinking.

If IBM wishes to help people to heal, i.e., to restore their health from a chronic or degenerative condition, they will have to include information about methodologies that have yielded the results that patients – not pharmaceutical companies, or their finance companies (a.k.a. health insurance organizations), or protection agencies – are seeking. If HAL2011… I mean WATSON were to be allowed to access all that data from the standpoint of the advisability of such measures as chemo and radiation therapies, or antibiotic treatments that don’t require concomitant probiotic replenishment, or the simple act of increasing hydration and salt replacement (crystalline for processed) that have been used successfully to mitigate a myriad of conditions, it could in fact, change everything. In the absence of that latitude, this effort will simply accelerate the demise of medical treatment as we currently know it.

In either case, this is good.

Let the Water Dance Begin

MJ Pangman (L.) and Melanie Evans, co-authors of Dancing With Water
MJ Pangman (L.) and Melanie Evans, co-authors of Dancing With Water

I had a great time visiting with MJ Pangman, co-author, along with Melanie Evans, of Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water (2011 Uplifting Press). Evans, who lives three hours north of Pangman, met us in Lava Hot Sprints, Idaho, where we had a chance to visit on camera. I interviewed the two of them together and separately, and interviewed MJ again the next day for an upcoming edition of Talk For Food. I also came back with books, which is now available online both here and at the Photonic Water site (

This is an unusual, and beautiful collaboration. Pangman, editor of The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, by the late Dr. Mu Shik Jhon and author of Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution, holds an MS degree. Evans brings an intuitive sensitivity to the table, with an ability to see and FEEL in a way that IBM’s HAL2011, err, WATSON and its team of creators, can’t presently fathom. Melanie became a conduit for understandings that came through her developed, intuitive channel, which were eventually confirmed scientifically. In the same way that there is a fundamental difference between crystalline salt and table salt – enough to explain the sheer idiocy of current salt processing methods for human consumers – there is likewise a vast energetic and behavioral difference between processed water and water that is its crystalline form. It is the difference between health and disease, a simple fact that WATSON would most likely either not THINK to see, or be allowed to reveal. As much as we want to think of it as a possible overlord, humans and money will still control what WATSON is allowed to be fed, which will be as nourishing as cereal made from GMO corn. Information born of GMO-era THINKING will do us no better.

In my conversations with Pangman and Evans, we talked about current THINKING about water, which itself is part of our current problem. We tend to think of it as a wet, almost inert substance, devoid of any consciousness or life of its own, yet we cannot have life, or health unless it is healthy. These facts haven’t been deemed important enough for us to make it an imperative to understand what constitutes healthy water, IF it can be restored, and if so, then how.

Fortunately, such restoration is possible, and we can change our “water view.” We discussed why restoring water to its crystalline state (coherent) is necessary prior to consumption, and an entire range of methods by which to do it. These methods include technology that uses flow forms to induce a vortexing event, such as our PHOTONIC Water transformation devices, and other, less costly options, including the use of triskelions, a natural, hand-made energy device that has been used for thousands of years.

MJ Pangman with a triskelion.
MJ Pangman with a triskelion.

Needless to say, there’s much more to learn. Yet, it is this kind of information that, if included in the HAL2011/WATSON’s database will begin to change things. In my book, A Freed Man: An Emancipation Proclamation, I wrote that truths are real, but not absolute. In other words, what we hold as “true” today is always open-ended, and subject to supersession by new information, knowledge, and understanding. Feeding a computer with SELECTED “truths” of the past will not make useful knowledge available in the present, nor will it make an already very fallible system, infallible.

Enter the MMSwiki

How about HAL2011, I mean IBM’s WATSON computer analyzing the efficacy of oxygen infusion therapies, and even recommending options such as MMS? We won’t hold our breath for that just yet.

Given the refusal of the editors at Wikipedia to get out of the perception poisoning game with regard to MMS, please note the birth of the MMSwiki (, an objective, information site dedicated to disseminating information on the Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement known as “MMS.” This is not to be an advocacy site, but simply one that states the facts about the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide via the MMS product, not only as we know it, but as we learn more.

If you’d like to participate in this project as a contributor or editor, you can email the chairman at

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  2. I have tried the triskelons from Center for Implosion research which have the imploded water INSIDE the tubing. How do you think these compare with those? Have you done any research with them side by side? They are listed here:

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  3. Gilgamesh

    In my opinion, IBM should include, and combine in the Watson super computer Dan Winter’s Fractal Field, a Phase Conjugation science, and all that stuff he is lecturing on now in Australia.

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    Soulless entities (WATSON and its creators) will never truly understand a human being. So, I give them the same recognition I give to FDA and other inorganic entities.


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