FDA Prepares to Bless Transgenic Salmon

A transgenic food protester.
No ambiguity where this man stands on transgenic food.

The FDA is now “weighing the approval” of genetically modified salmon. You know what that means, don’t you? It means that they will approve the consumption of a genetically altered (called transgenic) Atlantic salmon product engineered to grow twice as fast and large as normal.

The product, called AquaAdvantage salmon, and developed by AquaBounty Technologies, a biotechnology company, uses a growth hormone gene from the Chinook. A gene from the ocean pout fish causes growing to be a continuous, year-round process, rather than seasonal.

It all sounds innocent, right? It sounds like a good idea. What could possibly go wrong there? Perhaps the danger lies in doing nothing new to correct what is already wrong.

Wild Atlantic salmon were placed on the list of endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2000. Between 1979 and 1990, the annual catch of Atlantic salmon fell from 4 million, to 700,000.1

I can see how, and even why some action might be taken, given salmon’s popularity, and the apparent lack of downside consequences. However, with all due respect to its developers, introducing this Frankenfish, as some critics have called it, creates many more problems than it will solve.

Most of the debate is over whether the packaging will carry the a label identifying it as genetically modified. The company is against it, as they believe that a significant enough segment of the population will believe that the fish is scientifically different, which developers say isn’t so.

At this point, it is apparent that self interest is speaking, which sometimes has no relation to public interest. We have no experience with GM animal products. It would be insanity to simply introduce them into the public sector without a clear means of identification and tracking. There are people, myself among them, who won’t be eating GM salmon, but some will.

The mechanisms that AquaBounty Technologies employs to change Atlantic salmon’s natural seasonal growth cycles to an unnatural, year-round one, are another issue. The general public is unaware that synthetic additives placed in the food chain, as part of its processing, eventually end up in humans, and eventually affect physiological function, or dysfunction.

The FDA doesn’t even appear to understand this simple point that’s demonstrable to anyone willing to see. How else would they recommend that fish and oysters from the Corexit treated Gulf of Mexico is now safe to eat?

It is as though they need to see clear, undeniable damage (of products that they have approved) before they claim otherwise. Yet, they’re preparing not only to approve it, but are seriously considering whether to approve giving the public no way to make an informed decision, outside of refusing to buy Atlantic salmon altogether.

I suspect that there is, and will be a discernible difference in transgenic products than in their natural counterparts. It will not show up using conventional diagnostic methods. However, it will be clearly evident in their energy, via data gathered through electrophotonic capturing (EPC) technology.


All matter is energy, but not all energy is matter. Energy fields affect, influence, and define how matter organizes, and functions within them. All of this happens on levels that are normally not visible to the individual, and are therefore easy to dismiss. They operate in the realm of thought, which is also energetic in nature.

IF we do not realize our connection to ALL life, including each other, Mother Nature, plus the Earth and its creatures; if we do not realize our INTERDEPENDENCY on and with ALL, then this “missing link” will influence the quality, function, and effectiveness of our resulting thoughts and energies, and hence, our creations and experiences.

Faulty thinking will result in faulty functioning. That is our reality now in matters of heath care and disease abatement. We presently address internal imbalances within the human body by introducing new additives that further destabilize it, causing further cellular stress and greater dysfunction. That is current faulty thinking. We have the expense and needless loss of life to prove it.

No one is considering what wild salmon do while in the wild or the intrinsic contribution that they make to smooth functioning of the environment. No one is thinking about what their decimation and population decline means to the ocean’s health, and ability to sustain life and health, including that of humanity.

No one is thinking about the energy that wild salmon gain during their journey in the sea, or the energy that they receive in the early stages of life when nurtured in ponds created through the auspices of beaver dams.

No one seems to understand how vital these factors are, not only to the creatures, but to us. They have not seen that the decline in the quality of human health is directly related to the increase in synthetic dependency, of which transgenic technologies are a recent incarnation.

AquaAdvantage salmon are raised on farms, in artificial environments, and are considered potential threats to native species, such as Pacific salmon. They are supposed to be sterile. No one is thinking about what effect this might have on human fertility.

Since they are considered a potential threat to natural species, elaborate steps to isolate them have been followed, in an effort to reassure us. Yet, they are being prepared for our consumption.

What makes the FDA think that these fish will not pose a threat, in some way, to the proper functioning of human physiology? It’s a question most likely that has not been asked.

You might ask, what could possibly happen, since, on a molecular level, there is no difference between Frankenfish and wild salmon?

The genetic “instruction set” that overrides the natural growth cycling traits of the Atlantic salmon are certainly one point of concern. What happens if these strands, their energy field and associated information contained therein, are picked up within a consumer, resulting in the alteration of growth control mechanisms within the human body?

While hybridization is nothing new in animal science, there are too many conceivable consequences that can be pointed to in this new area of transgenics, unlikely as many might want them to be, to warrant allowing any product like this to simply, quietly, be introduced to the public, in essence, in a brown paper bag.


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7 Thoughts to “FDA Prepares to Bless Transgenic Salmon”

  1. Butter

    If the fish are farmed raised and never released into the wild, go straight to a plate, doesn’t that mean that the reliance on natural Atlantic Salmon will go down and allow the species to increase its population back to safer levels? To me it doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea. You said that the Atlantic Salmon is a vital cog in the ocean’s ecosystem, doesn’t this “Frankenfish” that you speak of supplement the dwindling supply and help to satisfy the current demand? I’m won’t support this idea of a double-sized fish being released into the wild, because it could have a hugely detrimental effect on the ecosystem, but if they stay in farm ponds I don’t see the problem. I understand the concerns of health risks posed, but we have no evidence to support either argument yet. For the record I don’t even eat fish, but have eaten GMO products for years and support GMO’s as long as they are produced in a safe and conscious manner.

  2. Thanks Adam great post. Most people don’t understand that everything is energy and that we can be healthy if we just eat the right (non-toxic)foods.

  3. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam
    I agree with you , The Frankenstein foods dont have the same energy, and it could make a big difference for our health. I never in my life drink milk anywhere, but when I worked in France, I had milk, and fresh french bread for breakfast every morning, and it was good. But the milk was packaged in small 3 sided pyramid shape containers, or boxes. I think the pyramid shape made the milk taste different, or the cows were fed better foods, they were limousin, french cows. However I never even put milk in coffee, or tea, I think I would never make it in the Molokan religion in Glendale Arizona. The Molokans used to live in Glendale, and I think there are still Molokans there.
    For lunch , In Ruen France everybody had a bottle of red wine, and not much else, maybe a backed potato, but on the long table, all you saw was bottles of red wine. And I used to drink the red wine like everybo dy else, and I started to feel not very good, so I went to see a doctor there. The doctor just looked at me, and said, and told me to stop drinking the red wine, and I should only drink the white wine.The red wine was free in all the restaurants, like water, but I had to pay extra for the white wine. But in those days the doctors just used to look at the patients, and knew what was the problem, they had no tests in those days. I even had a few teeth pulled without anesthetics, they had no anesthetics yet. However, for me, it also made a difference, if I drank the red wine or the white wine.
    In France people dont drink the water, and I m not sure if they could use the red wine to mix it with the activated MMS instead of water.?

  4. Rick


    I support your understanding of Quantum Physics as espoused here.

    So please … do not take this as an admonishment of your viewpoint, but rather allow me to play devil’s advocate here.

    1. Consciousness + Energy = Reality

    2. Who is more conscious ? Us or the Chinook.

    And now I’ll symbolically shoot myself in the foot.

    Never present a problem without also presenting a solution.

  5. Dan Aquilina

    Frankenfish……oh yeah…another example of how our government is looking after our best interest. Huh? No not really…’s the interest of the corporations they serve and we get to be the guinea pigs. Thanks a lot Uncle Sam. We would actually like you to just go away if you’re not going to do your job. Proof that monied interests have the clout while “we the people” have been left in the dust of twisted legisation bought and paid for by big money.

    I won’t be eating any more Salmon unless it’s from an organic source and even then it will be rare that I do so.

  6. Lori

    Thanks, Adam! I look forward to your posts and get new ideas from them every time.

    It almost beggars belief, yet it could come about that, if prison terms are going to be doled out for people who “adulterate” food (as Emily writes in her comment on another post of yours) and the FDA considers soil to be an adulterant, which it does, then the organic farmer such as myself who sells a head of lettuce with a speck of earth on it, could serve time, while a corporation that adulterates a whole species of fish at the genetic level, wins applause and riches!

    This bizarre state of affairs can’t last much longer. It’s like a cancer on the body politic that eventually kills its host — killing itself in the process!

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