Saying ‘No’ to War on MMS or FDA

Jim Humble speaks at 2010 Nexxus Conference in Amsterdam
Jim Humble speaks at 2010 Nexxus Conference in Amsterdam

It is common practice to refer to the unfolding situation with the FDA and the Miracle Mineral Supplement (“MMS”) as a battle; a war that must be fought, and “won.” To MMS proponents, it is a “right” that must carried forward to overcome a “wrong.” Of course, the FDA is thinking the same way, albeit with the roles reversed and they are the “good guys” and Jim Humble and the MMS distributors the “bad guys.”

Oh yeah… the public are “victims,” a perception that may be shared by both. The FDA may not really care, since it protects the interests of corporate pharmaceutical entities, and is indifferent to criminalizing, prosecuting, or threatening anyone who appears to stand in its way. Jim Humble does indeed care for “the little guy.” I believe that both tend to underestimate the power that each citizen wields.

The goal of both the FDA and MMS proponents is for the other to “lose”. Both believe that their “victory” and the others’ “loss” is a “win” for their side. Such is the nature of oppositional thinking that has brought us countless wars – between nations, states, social causes (e.g., President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty (1964), Richard Nixon’s War on Cancer (1971), and the Bush/Obama War on Terror) and losses of life. What these efforts get us is more of everything that is opposed.

For the record, I am considered by some to be an MMS “proponent.” I don’t sell it, nor do I take it religiously. However, I can personally attest to MMS’ efficacy for me. From personal observation, study, and experience, I know that a light dosing of chlorine dioxide, via an MMS protocol (and there are several intake methods), will do more to help my health than the chlorine and fluoride added to the water supply.

Chlorine dioxide is effective against a wide range of pathogens that live in water, as well as the biofilm that they colonize (for protective purposes) in. The FDA’s saying that chlorine dioxide use is dangerous, as indicated via the MMS protocol, is tantamount to absurdity, given what they have sanctioned for human consumption and medical use.

Even if the FDA had acknowledged the merits of chlorine dioxide, but said that they had reservations and would like to see – and fund – research into its best use, the Agency might have had some credibility. Their total disinterest in looking at the merits of chlorine dioxide, in the face of hundreds of thousands of deaths each year from cancer and its treatment, diabetes, heart disease and many others, plus others from infectious diseases that drugs have shown themselves to be ineffective against, reveals a level of indifference to human welfare by the Agency that I find unacceptable.

Based on observed actions, their bias is toward corporate welfare, which makes its living from the perpetuation and management of disease. When you’re trying to perpetuate disease but not restore health, it means that people are needlessly killed off. Beyond one’s ability to pay the bill, life is no longer sacred.

In television ads for pharmaceutical drugs, have you heard something like, “if you can’t afford your medication, maybe A-Z can help.”

Sounds really caring doesn’t it?

A-Z will help get you addicted to its expensive, ineffective drug. Then you’re indebted to them twice-fold. If someone doesn’t keep up the payments, you can bet the drug will stop. The only problem is that we continue being led to believe that the drug may have helped.

Must Therapeutic Effectiveness be Expensive?

There are some who dismiss MMS because it’s so inexpensive. They think it can’t be viable if millions of dollars of research and countless double-blind studies and clinical trials haven’t been funded. What they don’t consider is that such Draconian measures aren’t necessary. If people get well, if the problem that is being combated goes away, then you’ve got a winner. We’ve grown accustomed to accepting a standard of activity that doesn’t even include restoration of health and well-being as its mandate.

From what I have seen, experienced, and have learned from others who have used MMS, it is clearly a superior tool than many that our medical system is relying on. People are dying each day from standard medical prescriptions and practices that actually make the patient’s problems worse, not better.

Consider how cancers tend to spread right after biopsies have been performed. A condition that was being contained by the body is immediately placed into the bloodstream where it quickly spreads. Consider how chemotherapy and radiation increase cellular stress on the entire body, adversely affecting healthy tissue in the process. Maybe this is why so many people believe that chlorine dioxide can’t be “selective” in its reactivity. It may not be checking the ID cards of pathogens, but anyone that has a natural electrical “signature” that is lower than the chlorine dioxide molecule (0.96 volts), will be toast.

The body doesn’t heal under stress. It heals as stress is relieved, and the stressors are removed. By there very nature, drugs increase cellular stress. MMS/chlorine dioxide appears to relieve stress.

Waging war on MMS, or on the FDA, will not change these facts. Doing so would mean that the FDA continues doing what it does, the way that it does it, and MMS will in fact, be around, and used in the way that Jim Humble has outlined. Both will “win,” and both will “lose.” In that respect, society will remain in the status quo, continuing tiptoe around the truth. Continuing to quietly help each other. Continuing to meekly present one’s self to the chemotherapy and cancer mill when doctor’s “data” has determined that you have cancer.

Some will say no to medical orthodoxy, but it will not be with the open and intelligent support of their doctors, because the practitioners, their teachers, medical schools, professional association (AMA), government agency (FDA), health insurance companies, charitable organizations and research facilities, will all remain slaves to a pharmaceutical god thought supreme. This is the change that needs to happen.

It’s time for medicine to acknowledge that Nature has an answer to every ailment known, and unknown to man. It’s the height of delusion to believe that we can do a better job at assisting life by using synthetic methods, or bring health by creating greater imbalance.

Embracing Mother Nature

Our belief in the primacy of technology and power of money have blinded us to the sublime and simple power of energy of Nature that denies itself to no one, yet is unavailable to anyone who denies himself.

Each human being is the keyholder, the solution to whatever problem one has. That is, unless one is in a state of waiting for someone else “better” to solve it. The better could be seen in terms of education, money, credentials, looks. Imagine how many people have called their doctor because they saw a commercial featuring a good looking paid actor or actress suggesting “that ____________ might be right for you,” even with its laundry list of side-effects that can include suicidal thoughts and death.

Such is the world we have created when we deny who we are, believe we are powerless, and need someone else to “save” us.

The MMS/FDA situation doesn’t have to be a war. Since the dynamics that brought MMS into being have established its right to be here, the FDA can fiddle with it, or mess with people as long as they want. They can try to defame the idea of chlorine dioxide use. It’s not going to work. This is not simply because of Jim Humble, but because the fundamental impulse and intent of LIFE is to LIVE. Chemicalization, as predominantly practiced by medicine and society today (e.g., food production, water treatment, environmental pollution), is antagonistic to life.

Department of Dubious Truth

While watching the NFL preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers last night, it was interesting to see the PR campaign in full force to get people to come to the Gulf, as the announcers went on and on about the oysters that they ate, and that oil is not a problem.

It is a statement that I dare say doesn’t ring true to most people. Just because you can’t see the oil doesn’t mean that it’s not there. More importantly, you can’t see the millions of gallons of the oil dispersant Corexit, which was banned in the UK more than 10 years ago due to its toxicity. Yet, it was okay to drop liberally on the Gulf. Perhaps people won’t keel over and die seconds after eating Gulf Coast oysters, but something inside us all knows that they’re not healthy. Yet, our FDA has declared them safe to eat.

If we stay in “winner/loser” mentality, this kind of stuff will go on. The FDA can tell us anything and we will meekly accept it, or oppose it under our breath. In the meantime, untruths become de facto “truths.”

Declaring war on the FDA isn’t a solution any more than their declaring war on MMS. The solution lies in each of us knowing ourselves… who and what we are. We are creators and co-creators of our experience. This includes the folks at the FDA and other agencies we love to oppose.

But remember, everything we oppose gets bigger. It grows. Oppose MMS, please, and watch it grow. Leave it alone, and watch it grow. Why? Because it is yielding results that help life without harming it. As for the FDA, we must speak our truth if they refuse to speak the truth.

We have the power to resolve this situation and grow, because the power to heal belongs with each and every human being, not with doctors, the FDA, the health care system, or anyone else. This may not be common knowledge, but when you listen to people who have healed, you gain insights into your own path. Note that the FDA only wanted information from people who felt they had been damaged by MMS, and claimed that ailments that people have reported success with were unrelated.

To Heal and to Cure Through Balance

The “H” word (heal) and “C” word (cure) are not the province or domain of technology, or pharmacology. If we want to heal ourselves, we need to understand our complicity in the problem’s evolution, and the laws, nature, and dynamics of balance. Then we must commit ourselves to restoring it, because if we are sick, we are not in balance. It’s that simple.

If chemotherapy or radiation helped restore balance, then it should be used. If it does not, it should not. The results will be the indicator. Healing and curing is evidence of balance being restored, not the efficacy of the drug, but of a change that has occurred within the person who was ill. The first change that must happen is in a place that won’t show up in diagnostic tests. The FDA isn’t thinking along these lines. I can’t speak for Jim Humble in that regard. But I can say that he has brought something to the world’s attention that should be noticed, studied, and used.

Ultimately, unseen and immeasurable forces influence the organizational and functional dynamics of the human body. You might call it consciousness. It’s the “who we are” part of the matrix that we’re oftentimes most confused about, and quick to dismiss. When we deny our nature as living consciousness, we also disavail ourselves to amazing power. The agent that makes that power appear to be absent, is fear. The agent that makes it grow, is love.

A chemical focus alone does not cover the bandwidth of the subtle realms, which is permeated with, and by love. However, we now know they’re present and in operation.

From a wonderful book, Spontaneous Evolution, by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman:

There is a famous story of a Native American grandfather talking to his grandchild. “There are two wolves fighting inside me,” said the grandfather. “One of them is of love and peace, the other is the wolf of anger and war.” “Which one will win?” asked the grandchild. “Whichever one I feed.,” was the grandfather’s reply.

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  2. Boz

    Looks like there are still plenty of idiots doing us a favour and removing themselves from the gene pool via mms.

    1. You should be grateful to MMS then. You certainly didn’t add any new insights to the conversation. The main thing that MMS users are doing is improving their health. But with your smart comment, it’s clear you wouldn’t know or care anything about that.

    2. JustMe

      You must be looking in the mirror dear, because if you not an idiot, then you are rude…
      Why don’t you go and read your M&S-Bible and spare us your bad manners!

  3. Adam, I agree: War is not the answer.

    Your efforts of education are certainly what brought MMS to its popularity and your continued offering of balanced and truthful information will keep MMS in the limelight and available to the masses.

    Of course, one might need to dig a little deeper to find it, but it shouldn’t be too difficult as I believe they are not likely to remove sodium chlorite itself from sale as enumerable cities use if for water purification.

    It would be nice to see a video of Jim Humble explaining the truth of the chemical side of what the FDA is saying, ie, explaining why chlorine dioxide is not bleach.

    Thanks for all you do, Adam!

  4. I just ordered a pound of it on ebay !!! Im getting to be a pro at using it. I tell lot of people about it all the time but i make them take responsibility for doing thier own research. Ive read both books used it and mixed at first with the 10 % citric acid , now im using the 50% much quicker and its perfect. Also used in the enemas. This will be my 3rd time purchasing it. Each time from a different place. I also use the mms2 which i made myself from day 1 . I use the mms 1 in a capsule . I mix it right into the capsule . my benifits are to many to list….. Thank you from a very happy customer.

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