MMS: Setting Perceptions Straight, 28% at a Time

Where's the 28% they're talking about?
Where's the 28% they're talking about?

Irrespective of what happens in the journey of MMS, the FDA has done a few good things. They brought the subject to the attention of a larger number of new people, and given those who do understand something about MMS an opportunity to set the misinformation straight.

This is not about “fighting” the FDA. They are doing what they have done, the way they have done things, for quite some time. If you don’t like their methods, then you have the power, ability, and responsibility to let them know. One way to do so, is to use products that you know are in your best health interest, and to not use products that you know will do you harm.

If you believe that MMS will do you harm, you should not take it. This doesn’t mean that MMS should not be available to help others, since we know that it can.

Toxic drugs should also not be given to people who object to their use. A person’s preference against chemotherapy should be respected. Doctors should have more in their tool box than chemo and radiation. Well, they should have other tools altogether to assist healing, unless the patient is actually asking for an agonizingly slow and painful death. This is what so many people get, you’d think they were asking for it. Yet Dr. Jack Kevorkian was vilified and prosecuted for helping people exit this world peacefully and of their own free will. If you’re kicking and screaming in pain, able to pay the bill or insurance premiums, but acting like you don’t want to die, it’s okay for them to poison you.

Doctors will try to coerce (not being the FDA, they can’t force) you into taking the drugs their “book” recommends, even if you have legitimate reservations. This policy should be changed. Any reservation about taking a drug is a legitimate one. I can understand a pain killer in a moment of extreme duress, but not in the absence of a conscious, concerted effort to help the patient restore health.

It’s ironic to see the moral “high ground” anti-drug crusaders take on marijuana and other street drugs, while sanctimoniously claiming they are not addicted to their even more expensive prescribed, and therefore accepted medicine. They get the benefits of addiction without the social and legal stigma attached.

However, drugs are not helpful if one’s goal is health and/or healing. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to a former pharmaceutical sales person tell how business is done.


Now, here’s a short video I produced that describes how MMS is prepared, and explains the confusion around the 28% solution, which is one of the reasons that the FDA claimed it is dangerous.


Let’s thank the FDA once again for giving us the opportunity to set perceptions straight to such a large new audience.

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4 Thoughts to “MMS: Setting Perceptions Straight, 28% at a Time”

  1. Canadian Farmgirl

    Very nice new look to the blog, Adam. Thank you for the link to the ex-Pharma rep. I have serious concerns about my sister-in-law taking an anti-depressant since her serious car accident this past winter. The video renewed discussion with her parents and husband about the questionable need for her to continue taking this drug, when a) there are so many alternatives and b) a placebo could probably be just as effective. Thanks for the reminder…

    The 28% vs 28% video clip was very effective and easy to understand, too.

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Thank you Julie, changing the blog’s look was a spur of the moment thing. I do think it’s more readable.

      I credit reading the Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch before I was willing to own up to the idea that I AM an expression of God, irrespective of anyone else’s opinion of me and each of us is, whether or not we presently accept the idea.

      There is a liberation associated with acceptance of the idea as one’s truth. In the same way, each reader, as they read, listen to, or see just how systemic the wool has been, and in many ways, is still being pulled over our eyes, will find ever increasing willingness to find their own voice and use it, even if it is to say “no” to how they used to do things, and yes to something new.

      Best wishes,


  2. Thank you for demonstrating how to prepare MMS for consumption. For those completely unfamiliar with the product, this may be just what they needed to see.

    The word “bleach” is being tossed around. Most people don’t realize what chemicals are actually in household bleach. Bleach is a word used to represent any number of chemicals. Most people don’t understand enough about chemistry to know that one little letter in a word can denote a chemical that has such drastically different properties, that it could be dangerous treat it in the same way, based on what is known of its counterpart.

    I actually had someone attack me the other day, telling me to get MY facts straight and that it was dangerous of me to promote the idea that people should drink bleach to fix all their problems. (Not what I said, but I wasn’t going to fuss over details.)

    I don’t watch too much TV, and it made me wonder what scare tactics they had been exposed to in a “professional” and “authoritative” manner. I tried to explain that it was no more dangerous than table salt, but that it was different than it and “bleach”. I sent them to one of Mr. Humbles websites, hoping they will decide to open their mind long enough to dig around. It saddened me deeply to see such blind anger.

    Perhaps it would help to educate people on the chemical properties of the molecule, and comparing and contrasting it with other similar named chemicals, without touching on the health benefits or what that chemical even does in the body on a molecular level. Either everyone has forgotten their basic chemistry education, or there are a lot more people than I thought that did not take chemistry in high school. In any case, I think a chemistry crash course is in order so people can at least understand it’s not bleach as they have come to understand the word “bleach”.

    1. Hey there Jane,

      There’s a lot of re-education in order, for some fundamental facts about chemistry, and about energy. If you haven’t read it yet, get Spontaneous Evolution, by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman. I could quote them for days. It’s new biology, epigenetics, history, consciousness, and many other concepts rolled into one. I believe you’ll love it. It has many concepts that you can share with friends, readers, and loved ones (who can be friends and readers too).



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