The Strawberry Field Story Gets Even Better with PHOTONIC WATER

It seems almost too simple to suggest that a change in the state of the water that we use — drinking, bathing in, and growing our foods in — could dramatically impact our health, that is, until you learn more about water’s inherent properties, properties that are easy to dismiss if we’re not paying attention. And since much of the time, we’re not, we tend to pay an unnecessary price for our ignorance. Our health is just one unnecessary sacrifice that we make for water ignorance. Our planet may be another… although I’m not willing to concede that we won’t, or aren’t waking up.

Taking in water that is in its optimal state will have — not “may,” but will have — a positive effect on health. I visited a strawberry farm in late March that had installed a photonic water transformation device just 48 hours, and one watering before I arrived.


Six weeks later, the story gets even more remarkable.


One of the beauties of seeing how nature responds to the change that a product produces is to know its actual effect on life. If life is enhanced, then the product is, in fact, life enhancing, and will benefit all life forms. Alphabet organizations test, certify, and more importantly, approve a myriad of  products and methods that are life threatening, and then tell the public that said products are okay. They oftentimes prevent the use of life enhancing products that they have not “certified.” We’ve reached a time when we need to know for ourselves, what enhances life, and then choose it whenever and wherever we can.

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4 Thoughts to “The Strawberry Field Story Gets Even Better with PHOTONIC WATER”

  1. Adam, this youtube link was just presented to me and you may already be aware of the work being done in Australia with magetized water in crop irrigation that is showing similar results to utopic water. They also report some good studies done by a University.!

    They also report the usage of less water for irrigation. Is Utopic finding that result also?

    1. Hey Arrow… Utopic is now PHOTONIC. The device is the same. The inventor behind the names are the same. The individuals behind the marketing are not. I don’t know whether the fellow who started Utopic Water, is even supporting it again, which is why I chose not to give any more energy to the BRAND, but continued to work with Clayton to increase understanding of the technology.

      The PHOTONIC unit produces the same kind of results as the magnetized water device, without the magnets. I just returned from another trip to Port Hueneme, where I spoke with the grower that owns the strawberry field where I interviewed Joseph Johnson. He’s now seen so many amazing changes that could only be attributed to the addition of the PHOTONIC water transformation device, that he is eager to see how it will work over an entire growing season. He’s seen problems that have been constant concerns for over 5 years clear up in the 8 weeks it has been since they installed the device. The problems had included water absorption, white flies, die off, stunted growth, low brix count, specifically on the section of property where the unit had been installed. What was the worse section is now the best,, by far. Yet, the field effect created by the transformed water is affecting rows far beyond the ones serviced by the device.

  2. Very nice Adam and thank you for keeping up this this report. I plan to purchase a water device for the house we are in the process of constructing which will be place in a line that will serve both the house and the garden. I can’t wait but it will likely be two years down the road before we get to that point as we are self constructing.

    I would like to put these videos up on HealthSalon and a link to your blod if you don’t mind. Let me know.

    Another thing you might like to get into researching and I certainly would be doing it myself if I could is a product called Paramagnetic minerals from Paradise Valley, Montana. I purchased 10 pounds this winter and experimented in a number of dying or ill houseplants and we were astounded at the response these plants had.

    I went to purchase more for my garden this spring and found the mine was closed temporarily…so they say… with tentative plans to reopen late summer or fall. I was very disappointed for I saw similar effects you might expect to see from structured water. I keep wondering what the two of them would do together… and I expect one of these days I will find out. Apparently, according to the couple of studies they did plants responded with excellerated growth without even having their roots in contact with the minerals. They only needed to be near them. This following website tells the story. You can contact Alexandra and I did inform Utopic water people about this product but I don’t know if they are looking into it or not.

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