Chemical Overload: Time to Open Our Eyes

LONDON – My first Trans-Atlantic trip, which has taken me to Amsterdam, Germany, and London, draws to a close. I love my iPhone, but it’s not a preferred updating method for me. But now I must. I can add photos or video later. The THOUGHT needs expression NOW, while it is HERE.

Today I interviewed a beautiful woman of 78 years in Winchester, an hour’s train ride southwest of London, who can hardly get around due to the pain of arthritic joints. Her husband of 54 years passed away at age 80 due to prostate cancer.

Yesterday in London I interviewed a 26 y.o. young man presently on dialysis, deemed so because his kidneys were at 30% efficiency at the time he had an exam 2 years ago. The IDEA of “kidney failure” was presented to him by his doctor, which Steve, the young man, ACCEPTED without question. “Kidney blockage” would have been an EQUALLY PLAUSIBLE idea, the difference being that it would have allowed room for treatment strategies other than dialysis. However, (1) it is not in the Medical BOOK of treatment guidelines (and hence, no STANDARD methods outlined), and (2) we (the public) are not supposed to suggest alternate interpretations if the doctor has come to a CONCLUSION in the form of a “DIAGNOSIS.”

Three different people (including the woman’s husband who died of prostate cancer), three different and apparently UNRELATED pathologies, or so modern medicine would deem. However, they share a common thread… an overlooked thread shared with HUNDREDS of MILLIONS more.

Unbalanced, chemically treated WATER. The practice is SO PERVASIVE, that we don’t NOTICE.

Standard medical practice then steps in and COMPLICATES matters more with treatment methods that rely on prescribing more CHEMICALS, that create more TOXICITY. (I’m beginning to appreciate why so many doctors’ handwriting is so atrocious. It is due to a conflicted CONSCIENCE.)

If parts get over toxified, as often happens, they CUT THEM OUT (surgically remove) if they can. If that doesn’t work, they’ll compassionately give you MORE CHEMICALS so as for you to NOT feel the PAIN before you die.

Then they issue OFFICIAL STATEMENTS, and AUTHORIZED CERTIFICATES that BLAME it all on a DISEASE… a MADE UP name given to a CORRECTABLE biological dysfunction. Correctable by REMOVING or NEUTRALIZING the CHEMICALS, if done WITHOUT producing new toxicity. Problem is, based on CURRENT STANDARD PRACTICES, THEY DON’T APPEAR to KNOW or BELIEVE that chemicalization has toxic implications.

Enough with the “pecking” on this keyboard screen. I’ll have more to share soon.

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4 Thoughts to “Chemical Overload: Time to Open Our Eyes”

  1. We need microbial bioremediation in the Gulf and everywhere. Microbes are the basis of a sustainable environmental policy. Here is a bioremediation product made of bees wax, discovered by NASA:

  2. Bill

    I thank you for your laborious comment. It is hard typing on an iPhone. Don’t they make a portable full size keyboard to plug into it? I think they do!

    This is my first comment reply to your first email. I recently had begun experiencing the erosion of my health due to diet and lack of exercise and a very difficult set of life circumstances. I can not change the circumstances but I can change the diet and the exercise strategy. I used the Gerson Therapy. Recently I wrote to Anita Wilson at the Gerson Institute to ask her about the possibility of combining MMS with the Gerson Therapy. Considering that the Gerson Therapy requires ten juices a day one hour apart it is ideal for the timely dosing of MMS, especially under the newest protocols. Anita Wilson had heard of MMS. She had even used it on a cat. But she is completely unaware of the science and treatment options available using MMS. If MMS is all that Mr. Humble claims it to be, it would make an ideal adjunct to the nutrition based treatment for cancer as designed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930’s. The Gerson institute being here in San Diego is licenses hospitals in Hungary and in Tijuana Mexico to administer the therapy. They also (as in my case) give free support to people who are fighting chronic diseases at home using their protocol absolutely free of charge. I was successful and have alleviated many on coming health problems that might have set me up as another victim of the profiteering medical system. I really liked you comment about the doctors handwriting being a tell of guilt. What does that hand disguise that it writes so poorly?

    Please email me directly and I will share the letter I got from Anita Wilson (President of the Gerson Institute) regarding MMS and her desire to explore further the good work of Dr. Max Gerson.

    Best regards Bill Z.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. I’d love to start a dialogue with the Gerson Institute about MMS, but also on their own therapies. I’ll contact you directly.

      Best wishes,


  3. olja

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I’m beginning to appreciate why so many doctors’ handwriting is so atrocious. It is due to a CONFLICTED CONSCIENCE.) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TRUE! THANK YOU FOR DEFINING IT FOR US! (to bad they do not realize what they are NOT trained in/for – some exceptions – Dr. M. Douglas, now in Kiev – helping Russians, instead of us, Dr. R. Mendelson, the People doctor, gone but not forgoten, Hypocratus who said: let food be your medicine….etc

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