Big Lies and Subtle Balance

In this gift giving and receiving season, thoughts of what constitutes the greatest of gifts comes to mind. For an individual racked in pain, limited in mobility, with the hope realizing the life of his or her dreams waning, simply being pain free and able to once again associate with the word “health” might be better than anything from one might get from Wal-Mart, Saks, or Macy’s.

After some years of research and many interviews, it has become very evident that cures to virtually any disease state are possible for anyone and everyone, when some fundamental changes are made.

  1. Choose to love and live
  2. Choose to forgive and remember
  3. Learn the importance of balance and then become it

A few words about balance.

Balance is the confluence of many factors, some of which are molecular, and some are not. The most fundamental aspects associated with balance are informational and energetic.  Being invisible, they are easily overlooked, if not dismissed altogether.  Yet, an appreciation for the fundamental importance of balance is critical to our health status because the more balanced we are — in body (molecular), mind (energy), and spirit (consciousness) — the healthier.

Balance facilitates and delivers coherence. While it is not the absence of highs or lows, balance could be referred to as the proclivity to stay in or near the “sweet spot” of the moment. Joyfulness, kindness, tolerance, and thoughtful attentiveness all have a balancing, relaxing, and hence, a cohering effect on one’s thoughts, and energies, with a resulting enhancing effect on the immune system. Peace of mind born of a clear conscience brings balance. Being true to one’s self, aligning action, word, and deed with intention, brings balance. The body produces life enhancing and sustaining chemistry when these traits become the rule rather than the exception.

Where there is coherence, there is electrical charge in abundant supply. It is non-destructively compressible due, as I imagine Dan Winter would say, to our being in a fractal state. Coherence is not only the ability to attract electrical charge, but to conduct it, to be a conduit for energy (life) that would naturally course through our body when we’re healthy, but would burn it up if we are not.

That is, in part, why chronically ill people have low energy. Being out of balance (and mis-aligned in one or more of the earlier noted factors), they are “high” in energetic stressers, “low” in harmonizers. They are also high in vibrational noise (excitotoxins, miasms, pathogens, etc.), and low in light (bio-photons), and therefore low in energy, and health. Such dynamics are rarely discussed or considered when one goes to their doctor that has been taught to look for a “bad guy” that is responsible for one’s disease, and kill it chemically or with toxic radiation.

It’s time we wake up from this very grim fairy tale.

In some of the long talks we had together, Jim Humble, who introduced the world to MMS, often commented about the many fantasies and outright lies we were taught to accept in childhood. Such practices set the stage for our current malaise in health, crime, relationships, our ability to attract money, mates, and virtually every aspect of the human experience. We’re encouraged to believe in the harmless concepts of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and the not so harmless concepts of “original sin” and to look for a Savior. In so doing we lose touch with the very powerful nature that resides within each of us.

We’ve been encouraged to believe that drugs can help “cure” diseases, and that diseases are even real. Neither is true. An unhealthy distrust in all things natural has also been cultivated, to the extent that patented genetically modified seeds (GMO) are actually predominant in some crops such as corn, in spite of the fact that it breaks every anti-trust law ever written.

We’ve bought, and are still buying some real stinkers, hook and line… or perhaps we were too distracted with our PlayStations, Blackberries, and iPhones, or our pain due to chronic sickness to notice or care.

The efforts to find “the cure” for cancer is certainly a big scam. There’s no nicer way to put it. It must be a scam if billions are being raised each year as though diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc. are not understood. This is especially true when you understand that cures for various permutations of cancer were developed well over 100 years ago.

Many people are familiar with the story of Royal Raymond Rife and the microscope and frequency generator that he developed and cured cancer in California in the 1930’s. Some of the most prestigious doctors and institutions were connected to his effort before Morris Fishbien, head of the AMA decided to make Rife wish he hadn’t crossed him. A more recent, but possibly lesser known story is of Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom MD (1919-2006). Author of Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits, Professor Emeritus of Radiology at Sweden’s esteemed Karolinska Institute, and former president of the Nobel Laureate Nominating Committee for Physiology and Medicine, Dr. Nordenstrom developed a way to bring white blood cells to a cancer tumor by use of a probe placed into the tumor and running an electrical current. Seeking to get to the probe, the white blood cells devoured the tumor as if it wasn’t there. But then, soon it wasn’t. His work was particularly effective in lung and breast cancer treatment.


An article about Dr. Nordenstrom’s procedure appeared in the April 1986 edition of Discovery Magazine. When he was invited to speak at the World Research Foundation (WRF) that year, Dr. Nordenstrom was interviewed by the television program 20/20. However, in spite of his success and his lofty position on the committee that actually chose Nobel laureates in medicine, it would be another two years before the story was broadcast. More importantly, when the story did air, his procedure was cast in doubt as perhaps too radical and was eventually dismissed among western medicine. However, it was embraced in China, and is widely used in that country today.

Success was not deemed good enough reason if convention (clinical trials) and orthodoxy (papers published) had not been observed and followed.

According to Steven Ross, director of the World Research Foundation (, when Dr. Nordenstrom presented an autographed copy of his book in the “electricity” section of their library, he noticed a little black book next to his. It was titled, The Application of Electricity as a Therapeutic Agent. Glancing through the book, Dr. Nordenstrom noted that a medical doctor had used electricity to shrink a patient’s breast and lung cancer tumors. For all his brilliance, it was sobering to note that the publication date of this book was 1877.

You see, there are many ways to address and mitigate disease, and it has been going on for a long time. Being energetic and electric by our very nature, our health is being profoundly affected by chaotic (incoherent) energy (e.g., cell phones, microwaves, etc.), and yet there is no national acknowledgment or discussion among the medical community on how to use energy to mitigate these disturbances. Yet there are many ways to do so.

There is even less discussion on how each individual contributes to his or her own medical and physical condition — by way of attitude, thinking, and belief — and the power that each has to consciously initiate changes. We are led to believe that the answer can only come from a research center at a major university or lab, and that it must be expensive. All of these are lies… big lies.

The truth will set us free, and it begins with taking ownership of our “stuff,” individually and collectively.

The search for the pill or spray that will simply make all our troubles and pain go away (and make a profitable “killing” for the patent-holding company that introduces it) is most likely to fall short of its objective. Why? Because as living organisms, the ability to heal is an innate and inalienable part of the human state, as is the ability to gain and expand our awareness, otherwise known as learning. In other words, when we learn the factors and choices that went into the creation of the experience, we are presented with the means to change; our choices, and therefore, our experience. We don’t have to know “how” to heal. We simply have to learn what constitutes destructive versus constructive attitude, choices, and behaviors, and choose the latter course. The healing will happen in accordance with our dedication to embracing health once again.

There can be no “cure” for cancer, or any other chronic condition using artificial and synthetic methods because said solutions don’t place or return the body in the only state where cancer cannot exist or flourish; and that is, in balance, also referred to as homeostasis.Yes, we could believe strongly enough in a synthetic and be healed, but the actual healing would still be the result of the individual choosing to be well again.

There are many products and natural materials that can be availed that have a balancing effect by design. The importance of their being natural is that their informational signatures are written in human DNA, and are read by the cells, which know what to do when they are encountered. Magnesium, iodine, selenium and zinc are just four examples. Vitamin A and D are two more. There are no vibrational substitutes for these elements. They attract charge, energy, or life force, and they introduce natural vibrational harmonics or frequencies that various parts of the body will relate with and respond to.

Human energy field
Seeing the human energy field.

Balance at the molecular level isn’t the only criteria for health. We are energetic beings with largely unseen electromagnetic fields. Molecular behavior is greatly influenced by the energetic field that surrounds each of us. The state of that field influences the function and/or dysfunction of our body. It also influences our perception, bringing creative clarity or repressive distortion.

Restoring balance will eliminate cancer, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, or any of the many other chronic conditions that billions and trillions are being spent on each year. But the solutions that most funded medical research is focused on, and are being run through clinical trials at the cost of millions each year to the “watch dog” agencies for certification, generally don’t take the body toward balance. They do even less for the mind and spirit.  Major evidence of this truth is that the numbers of people entering into chronic conditions continues to rise, with onset occurring earlier than ever.

It was a pleasure to learn recently about a procedure that helps bring about a fundamental form of balance, simply and without medication. It is called Alphabiotics. Developed by Dr. Virgil Chrane, out of Dallas, TX, it is a series of movements that can be likened to rebooting the brain which, when placed constantly in a low grade stressed state, assumes a “fight or flight,”or “freeze or faint” position, wherein one hemisphere or the other is dominant. This condition not only affects perception, it affects physiology, beginning with the alignment of the spine. If the spine is not in alignment, information pathways to various parts of the body will be affected, as will energy. When energy flow is disrupted, then life is affected.

I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Chrane for an episode of Talk For Food, which you can listen to in full by clicking here. But I recorded my opening monologue on camera, and thought you might enjoy this too.


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  1. My feelings are the best hope lies in The New Medicine. I have been studying with Ilsedora Laker in Toronto for a few years now. Dr. Hamer has basically rediscovered what are natural laws – what we know of as cancers, disease is in essence a meaningful, biological program running. Nature is not faulty and never goes haywire as we previously thought. Despite how difficult it may seem at the beginning to accept (it was for me as well) these biological programs are in fact laws. If you need a GNM practitioner or teacher – Ilsedora Laker is the person I would recommend.

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