Alchemy to Fractility: A Journey Begins

SOMEWHERE in WASHINGTON — I feel a bit like Jim Humble in not wanting to divulge my exact whereabouts, yet still wanting to share. I will say that I am in the state of Washington (not the District, which technically isn’t in the United States).  Of course, being mum on a subject only increases curiosity, right? I’m doing so, not for any concern about my safety, but for the identity of the people that I’ll be meeting in person for the first time later today, relative to the subject matter, products that they produce, and information that they may share.

The subject and product is “M-State” or mono-atomic elements. In various forms, they are attributed with some amazing healing properties, and profound spiritual/perceptual openings in others. Our mission is to learn how it’s made, interviewing the producer on-camera, as well as showing the process. Much has been said about M-State (also referred to as ORMUS) product use, going back 3,000 years and more. I won’t wax profusely here about something I know so little about. I do want to learn to what extent these products can be of assistance, and under what circumstances.

Then my “investigative crew” and I will head to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, to a workshop with Dan Winter titled, Sacred Geometry & Breakthru FRACTAL Science of Spirit. I’ve just recently been introduced to Winter, and this two-day gathering (December 12-13) just so happened to appear, in a perfect location and timing that couldn’t be passed up. Furthermore, when I called the organizers to see if it would be possible to interview the speaker for Talk For Food, I was given the opportunity to video record the entire presentation too!

If you haven’t seen or listened Dan Winter and are interested in not only the nature and process of transformation, but the experience, then you’ll want to be there too. Here’s a link to a flier. If you can’t attend, check out some of the many videos that are available online. Many are full-length (2-hours or more) and available on Otherwise, stay tuned here for updates, because yours truly will have one of the best seats “in da house!”

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16 Thoughts to “Alchemy to Fractility: A Journey Begins”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    If you ever got sick or cancer, dont use MMS, or anything alternative.
    Go for the Chemo.
    It was peer reviewed, and it have a 2% success.
    Would you still marry your girlfriend, if she was not peer reviewed?


    1. Ha…ha… I just picture the last scenario…. ha…ha… 😉

  2. Linda Beale

    The last message was for Jennifer Kreitzer – I don’t know if she would be notified of my questions which really pertain to her cat that was saved.

  3. adam- added some of the films we made..

    very warmly

    dan winter

    1. Many thanks Dan. I look forward to what lies ahead.

      Most fractally,


      1. Linda Morgan

        Thanks for the info – I’ve ordered the MMS – I’m desparate to save this kitten.

        Linda Morgan

  4. Jennifer Kreitzer

    By the way, I also have taken m-state elements for years now and I’ve had some incredible results. Most of the products I’ve tried are sub-par, but there is one outfit that definitely has the real deal. I don’t know if I should name them on this blog though, as I don’t want any problems to come to them……..

    1. bigmoses


      I’m real happy your cat got better . How did you ever get him to drink MMS or what the treatment only topical


      1. Jennifer Kreitzer

        Hi bigmoses,

        Basically, I got him up to 5 drops of the MMS along with the activator – 25 drops of MMS. I waited 3 minutes, put in 30cc of water, extracted 3cc of the water with the MMS solution with a syringe, and gave him that amount about 5-6 times per day. I just squirted it in his mouth, and I drank the rest of the solution. He is now playing, his muscle mass is coming back, and I’m hoping he’ll soon start gaining the weight back. The fungal infection on his head and neck is completely gone. I am ever so grateful for MMS. Also, my fibromyalgia is gone, my chronic sinusitis is still gone, along with other things. This stuff really works!

        Take care,


  5. Jennifer Kreitzer

    MMS has saved my cat!!! MMS solution has cured my 20 month old cat of FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is supposedly an incurable and untreatable disease, where a herpes virus called a corona virus mutates, then enters cells and gets the body to destroy itself.  It’s an insidious disease and I’ve already had one kitten of about 6 months die of the wet form of this disease, where the abdominal cavity fills up with fluid secreted by the cells and the organs.  My cat Peanut was diagnosed with the dry form of this disease last week. It was confirmed with a test whereby a needle was inserted into my kitty’s abdomen and fluid extracted from a large mass that had developed there.  He was given only a few weeks to live because he had developed the dreaded neurological symptoms that signify the end stage of this disease (i.e. eating cat litter, acting catatonic, hissing and staring out into space, etc.).  He was a 10.5 pound cat one year ago, and by last Friday had withered to 8.25 pounds.  I hand fed this little guy from the time he was about 7 days old as he had been abandoned by his kitty mommy.  He is so incredibly dear to me.  As soon as the neurological symptoms started last Thursday I started him on the MMS. Within 2 days he was showing a huge improvement, and continues to improve every day. I’m also giving him the topical protocol because he had a terrible fungal infection around his neck that had piggy backed on him because of the weakened state of his immune system. After one treatment the fungus is finally is almost gone.  My kitty is now eating ravenously.  He’s got his color back.  He’s still weak but he’s alert and playful.  No more of the hunched down body position and the sick and exhausted look in his eyes.  He’s very bright eyed.  He was also emitting a terrible smell through his pores before and had very bad breath.  That is gone now too. This stuff is truly a miracle I saw the video response to the blogger who states this all is a fraud. NOT SO. FIP is untreatable, incurable and a virtual death sentence for a cat, and my cat is better less than a week after starting the MMS treatment. I can’t convey enough how relieved and happy I am to have my kitty back. I will be telling the world about this!!!!!

    1. Linda Morgan

      I havea 9 week old bottle fed kitten just diagnosed with FIP – what is MMS and where do u buy it?

      Please call me collect.


      1. Linda, there is a LOT of information available about what MMS is, on this blog and elsewhere. In addition to articles located on this site, you might visit Jim Humble’s, which has many articles. Here’s another link to an article about MMS and cats.

        I hope these resources are helpful.



      2. Jennifer

        Hi Linda,

        I found out from Jim Humble that you want to be giving this kitty 1/4 of a drop every hour. Do this as often as you can, 24 hours a day if you can. The way you get 1/4 of a drop is to put a drop in a shot glass, add the activator, wait 3 minutes, then add 1ml of water. Draw .25 from that with a syringe, and add more water and give that to the kitty. Throw the rest away or drink it yourself. Make a new batch every hour. There are other things you should be doing too. I will give you a call tomorrow to discuss this with you. You can also email me at

        What you must know is that your kitty is very very toxic at this point, and in addition to the MMS you need to be protecting his organs and vascular system with herbs, etc. while the MMS is doing its thing killing pathogens.

        Take care and good luck.


    2. Linda Beale

      Your story gives me hope. Our kitten (10 months) was diagnosed 2 days ago with FIP and we are going on holiday and the vet said that he wouldn’t last. Our house-sitter recommended MMS and after given it yesterday he was a totally different cat in the afternoon but today not as good.
      I was wondering if it could be a detox or the lady said it does making them a bit nauseous at first. How long did it take you 20 month old to get better ? Is the cat still alive ?
      Many thanks

      1. Please don’t give MMS to your cat. MMS is industrial bleach. Please realise that if someone on the internet tells you some miracle story, you don’t know who they are or what financial interests they may have in promoting MMS.

        MMS will poison your cat.

        You don’t have to believe me, as I’m also just some random bloke posting on the internet, but please, for the sake of your cat, ask your vet about MMS before giving it to your cat.

    3. Lorinda Woodward

      Hey Linda,
      My cat, Cedar just got diagnosed with FIP this morning and I’m DEVASTATED!!! I used to work for a company selling MMS when I lived in America and I already went online and found an Australian supplier and ordered some. I knew it had been effective in dealing with animal cancer but was just stepping out on a limb that this could help my little boy. How quickly can it work and did you go straight to 3 drops or did you start on 1 and build up? Did it make your cat sick? How long did you have to keep giving it to your kitten? And you gave it to him more than once a day?? I’m sorry to hit you with so many questions but I’m anxious to find something that will help my little guy – I just refuse to believe this has to be a death sentence for him!

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