Structured Water Education Continues

Maui, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii

The last several years have immersed me deeper into the subject of health; factors that keep it around, as well as those that tend to make it go away. We are led to believe that ‘disease’ is something that “comes-a-visiting”, victimizing some and passing by others, and then leaves. It’s really a latter day a fairy tale, except that so many people believe that it is true. Sadly, too many are living, and dying in that belief.

There is no such thing as a “disease” in the context that we have grown accustomed to viewing things. However, there is a state of balance or imbalance, sufficiency and insufficiency, which affects immunological weakness, or strength. When our immune system is strong, then “disease” will not — cannot — affect us. When our ecological system is in balance, then our immune system will be strong. It’s that simple. And when we look at “disease” in the context of balance, nutritional and microbial sufficiency, etc., the best way to respond to health challenges will look very different than they predominantly do today.

Hydration is fundamental to the functional sufficiency of the human body. Water is the catalyst, carrier, and facilitator of life on all levels, outer and inner, from the blood that courses through our arteries and veins, to the inner ocean that the cells exist in, to the air that we breathe. We are an ocean of water, and also exist within an atmospheric one. Yet, we are generally ignorant about water, and our relationship to it. Since it all looks alike, it becomes no surprise that there’s something unseen about what differentiates one water from the next, and that lies within the energy that it does, or does not contain. An energy rich water will do what it is designed to do; deliver life force to the cells, and take waste out of them, and out of the body itself. When that process is done routinely, the human body can last hundreds of years, and in good health. Yet, most of the water that we consume is devoid of energy, but high on energetic frequencies that tend to dissipate and “defract” the coherency of the light, in the form of bio-photons, that optimal, energy-rich water, would naturally deliver.

So it has been an eye-opening experience for me to learn about structured water, to understand its nuances, to find corroboration and substantiation of concept from independent sources, and to bring it to you.

Below is the latest.

Recently, when I traveled home to Chicago to visit family, I learned of Vicki Frank, who had experienced amazing improvements in her family’s health after installing Clayton Nolte’s water structuring devices in her home. This was after spending quite a bit of money on very sophisticated in-home water filtration and treatment systems. They made the water acceptable as far as municipal (molecular) standards were concerned, but it was still unsafe to use. In other words, there was still something in the water that was making everyone in the Frank family sick, particularly the children.

Her nine year search for a satisfactory solution change dramatically after installing three whole-house structuring devices; two for the rather large home, and one to support the underground sprinkler system that waters the outdoor plants and vegetation.

Being a scant three-hour drive from Chicago, I was happy to visit Vicki and interview her for Talk For Food with my brand new Panasonic AG-HMC-155 solid state High Definition video camera. It arrived the day before. Her 11 year-old son was a wonderful production assistant while we did the interview. He even got his own video camera out and videotaped me doing the interview.

Below is a short piece from that visit.

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This is a link to the full Talk For Food podcast on [When this show goes off rotation and the link is no longer active, please let me know and I’ll move it to another location.]


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10 Thoughts to “Structured Water Education Continues”

  1. Klaus Kobbert

    Hello Abraham,

    I am fascinated by your websites and videos especially on Clayton and MMS of course but everything !!!

    I am in London , England , but am German.
    I just love people like you who want to better conditions.

    Please tell me what Music plays in the background of Claytons main introductory video on structured water
    It has the title
    Inventor and Author Clayton Nolte Introduces Structured Water

    God bless you


  2. erik olson

    my purelife water structuring fountain uses all 9 sacred solfeggio frequencies…the sun…coal…air..and rose quarts crystal for the ultimate in @ home water structuring.. purifying…oxygenating..pathogen destroying useing your own tap water! CHANGE STARTS WITHIN.

    1. You right dear, but not everybody is spiritual so far advanced to know that, or to know how to do it! Love and light… 🙂
      Our anti-alternative fanatics which you will encounter here will call this quackery. God bless you…

  3. oh i love alternative medicines, they are usually effective but with lesser bad side effects compared to conventional medicatio `

  4. Chris


    I am wondering if you have any insight on how structured water works with MMS.
    I understand that structured water neutralizes contaminants in tap water such as fluorine and chlorine. Is sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide also neutralized?


  5. Hey Adam,
    I’m glad this woman found better health through using structured water but why so expensive?

    Emoto says that just praying over water or exposing it to frequency or even written words of blessing put in contact with the water will structure it.

    I think someone out there who knows how to see if water is structured should expose it to the 528 frequency and see what happens. It would be very easy and affordable for all of us to expose all our water to this frequency simply by exposure to sound.


    1. Hi Rett,

      The pricing of the home water structuring unit is far less costly than the system that Vickie Frank used, and countless other systems (even water structuring systems) that, in fact, (structuring systems excepted) have no beneficial effect on the water. Delivering structured water throughout the home — for showering and bathing, laundering, dish washing, etc. — not only saves money, but over time, improves health. So for what it does, the pricing is deemed reasonable.

      Emoto is right: we can structure water ourselves. Most people don’t know this, and then others don’t believe it. A device that structures water embodies the understanding of the inventor, so that one doesn’t have to “know” how it’s done in order to realize the benefits.

      The 528 frequency is inherent in the water that is structured through Clayton’s device, but it is the full spectrum of beneficial frequencies that brings about the greatest beneficial effects.

      Best regards,


    2. I always bless my own water before drinking it and also if I give it for others. I also bless my bathwater.
      I had people coming with bottles of water and they ask me to bless the water because they claimed it helps them to become healthy.
      Some of them claimed that they could see my aura. I guess this is why they brought the water to be blessed.

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