A Matter of Choice: The Power of Fear or Love on Swine Flu

In the face of the panic button that has been pushed around the swine flu and its potential implications, it would be wise to consider that the past doesn’t have to repeat itself, and in spite of all the stress-inducing alarmist hype, our worst fears don’t have to happen, and most often do not.

The dictum to “remember the past or be doomed to repeat it” only applies when no new available information has been considered and new intelligence not demonstrated. When no new intelligence is demonstrated due to closed mindedness, it doesn’t really matter if we remember the past or not. If fear is our advisor and decision maker, then “misery as usual” will be the rule rather than the exception, thus becoming the chief descriptor of our personal experience.

It’s a choice we will each make.

There is FAR LESS danger associated with the potential effects of the swine flu than we are being led to believe. That is, UNLESS we fall in to fear. In fear we see ourselves as helpless and hopeless when nothing could be further from the truth.

We have been backwards and upside down on so many concepts that have negative reinforcing properties for so long, that it seems appropriate to think we’re on the brink. We ARE on the brink of major change. However, how the change unfolds is up to each person to determine. All will have the option to rise in love, or fall in fear.


This too is a choice.

Ever notice how we “fall in love?” Being in love is the best place to be right now (and always), especially when fears run high. While it’s great to be in love with another, I’m talking about being in love with one’s self. Understanding and appreciating your existence and the great Gift of Life that you embody.

Loving yourself, knowing who you are, and how you are already in possession of everything you need to protect yourself and loved ones, changes your outlook on everything and everyone.

Love lifts the spirits, and with the lifting of the spirit comes an increase in life force energy within our entire being. These are not simply flowery woo woo proclamations.

Placing ourselves in a loving attitude has a calming, harmonizing effect on our cell physiology. It also increases circulation and has a structuring effect on the water that flows within the body, and the organizing effect on the energy field that flows around, and extends beyond it. This produces and enhances a field around us that ultimately influences what happens to us — what we actually experience — from one moment to the next.

Only in fear is there a “fall.” There is a fall in energy, as well as in perceived harmonic options. Only in separation is there a diminution of force and perceived protective effect. This is amplified when a bunch of fearful people get together. Yet, just one individual who enters a room in love can transform an entire mountain of fear.

This too is a matter of choice.

Notice how, on news reports, the predominant advice is that to protect yourself from getting the swine flu, you need to cover yourself, wash obsessively, and limit your contact with others. This is another way of saying, “be afraid, be very afraid.”

I’m not suggesting that you’re going to be kissing and engaging in foreplay with everyone you encounter, but the overlying effect of the predominant advice is to be fearful, protect yourself, and isolate yourself. Believe me, being in a fearful state, by believing that you are susceptible to attack by an unseen marauder, is far worse than being comfortable in your own skin, and in your body’s innate ability to protect you so that you don’t inhibit your friendliness and kindness towards others, strangers and loved ones alike.

Love elevates and protects. Fear triggers a descent into vulnerability. Love turns life up. Fear turns it down with deathly forebodings. Love both illumines and illuminates. Fear dims and sublimates. Love increases energetic motility. Fear brings stasis. Love increases curiosity that, when expressed through exploration, leads to understanding and wisdom. In fear we close our eyes and mind, and become hosts to, and victims of chaotic visions.

Both fear and love will take you forward, but the journeys will be quite different.

Your choice.

Two Swine Flu Conversations On Talk For Food

With the world’s attention riveted on swine flu, I invited Jim Humble and Perry A~ to address the subject relative to MMS, and living clay. A precautionary warning: the audio connection with Jim was terrible, but the information important.

Click here to listen to the podcast now.

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4 Thoughts to “A Matter of Choice: The Power of Fear or Love on Swine Flu”

  1. Great post / will visit once again.

  2. mstruz

    Dear Paleo,

    You had interviewed Andreas Moritz before so you know him and what he’s all about. He wrote an interesting letter (on his website – under “Free Newsletters”) about the swine flu. I hope you get a chance to read it.

  3. What a loving reminder. Thanks sooooo much for this. I really needed to be reminded of how love is the best defender we have in all aspects of life. So often we let fear invade our minds, our thinking, our atmosphere, and of course it has dramatic impacts on our imunities. Again, thanks!!!

    Peace, Light and Love. . . C.

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