'Surviving' Leukemia No Longer Enough

Henry Cejudo and fello Olympian wrestling medalists

This is just my opinion, which I understand is still my right to share. A story on the local TV news this evening reported about a wrestling Olympian Gold Medalist, Henry Cejudo, “stepping up” in the fight against holiday blood shortages. The story told of how Henry met “Tommy,” a teen who has benefited from blood donations.

Tommy, who appears to be 16 or 17 now, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 11. Since that time he has had over 60 blood and platelet transfusions.  (Click here to watch the video.)

What would normally be a heart-touching story becomes a sick feeling in the gut when you consider the unnecessary suffering and expense that Tommy, and thousands of people who have the same condition, have endured for what is essentially a condition of blood and physiological toxicity that calls for cleansing rather than recycling. Not to mention the perpetual shortages that are created by virtue of our “use up, throw away, and fuggettaboutit” mentality. In this case we’re talking about blood. However, the burgeoning body part market is also a by-product of ineffective and unnecessary treatment practices (e.g., kidneys, hearts) that have become the rule, rather than the extreme exception.

Tommy’s specific disease pathology wasn’t indicated. However, it is probable that he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), cancer of the white blood cells, which is the most common form of leukemia to occur in children. Given the injections of vaccines that so many are required to have at young ages — vaccines that contain not only infectious agents, but toxic carriers such as mercury — and add to that the daily infusion of chlorine and fluoride that they absorb via showers and baths, it’s no wonder that such chemical consequences occur.

None of these practices, nor their implications, are ever called into question by those who study “causes.”

Yet, by calling the symptom, in this case ALL, a “disease”… and in essence, treating the effect as though it was the cause, we never look for, nor find the real cause, which stares us right in the face.

Treating the effect with more toxic materials only strengthens or perpetuates the effect, when in fact, there are many ways to treat Tommy’s real problem, which was the effect of a body out of balance, with too much pollution simply needing to be cleansed. This can be done without introducing additional pollutants.

Perhaps it sounds too simple… It would seem that researchers looking for cancer cures would know by now that the body needs to be in balance, that the life sustaining fluids that course through our veins should be as free of toxicity as possible. However, when your research grant mandate is to “discover” a “wonder drug” and only a wonder drug will do, then a simple matter of clearing toxicity from the body’s internal fluids just won’t do. The deaths that continue to mount each day becomes collateral damage that will all be forgiven when “the cure” is found.

I think not.

Look at the price that Tommy has paid, not only in terms of suffering and treatment, but the expense, of life not lived, in insurance premiums, and in all that blood that was used and because they haven’t dealt with the toxicity of his biological terrain, was subsequently polluted. Look at how waste has become a normal part of allopathic medical orthodoxy.

The good news is that Tommy hasn’t made the ultimate payment with his life. I hope it never gets to that. I hope he wakes up, and everyone else who has been designated to have ALL.

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2 Thoughts to “'Surviving' Leukemia No Longer Enough”

  1. Ric

    Unfortunately, the all too prevalent belief system that dis-ease(s) is/are virtually incurable, and must rely on significantly costly invasive “medical” procedures, is a bane to a healthy society. When will the “powers that be” wake up and realize they are only hurting their loved ones by refusing to acknowledge the alternative ? We can create a healthy abundant society for all humankind without the need for “economic” warfare upon developing countries. Egalitarianism should be a lifestyle not just a word.

    1. Daniel Peter Skipp

      Yeah, very well said.

      Tragically today I was faced with a loving healer with hangups over cancer
      telling me “Nobody knows what causes [childhood] leukemia.”

      What can one say to people lacking knowledge and emotionally invested in the mainstream consensus of impotence against the terrible suffering of cancer?

      With nutrition [juiced sprouts!] , detox [juiced sprouts!]
      and Chi [from Chi Kung, I recommend Spring Forest, and juiced sprouts!]
      ANYTHING can be healed… though we all have past traumas to process [Karma to burn]


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