MMS is Working for Her: Should She Still Allow Surgery?

The first documentary on the subject produced and directed by Adam AbrahamThis morning I received a call a woman in Oklahoma. We’ve talked before. A dear friend of hers had skin cancer, near the eyes and was slated for surgery.

The caller “Joyce” (not her real name) is MMS aware, and felt that it should help. I agreed. She told her friend “Anne” (not her real name) about it. Anne downloaded the first portion of Jim Humble’s book and read it with interest. She wanted Anne to talk to me.

After a few missed calls, Anne and I talked. I explained how MMS/chlorine dioxide works, and how this approach differs from present-day methods. I also told her about the importance of mineral replenishment, particularly magnesium.

Now I’m a layman. I’m not a medical practitioner, and I don’t treat people. I happen to know a bit about magnesium as publisher and editor of a book on the subject, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, written by Mark Sircus, Ac OMD. I’ve seen and experienced the results of magnesium deficiency. It’s an important mineral (along with several others) that too little attention is given to when someone walks into the doctor’s office.

Our doctors are too steeped in the practice of prescribing drugs, and too inexperienced in the ways of Mother Nature, and simple chemistry, as it relates to human physiology. The medical profession has been so “successful,” that it is reluctant and unlikely to change on its own volition.

Therefore, we have to change ourselves.

Anne totally resonated with this. She ordered some MMS and “magnesium oil” (I don’t sell any of this) and got going. She didn’t have much time; only several weeks before they would “do the deed” on her face.

I pretty much got on with my life. More radio shows, getting the Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble DVD produced, the shipment delivered, then fulfilling orders, and lately, creating its own web site and store (see click the link to enter the store).

That led up to the call this morning from Joyce.

She wanted to tell me that Anne had shown remarkable and demonstrable improvements since she began taking the MMS and applying magnesium transdermally (through the skin) to the area. She said that a white ring has formed around the tumor, and it is visibly shrinking.

Anne is ecstatic, and she’s telling friends about what she’s doing. They can see that it’s working. Not only is it working on her skin cancer, she is discovering that asthma is one of the things she’s going to say that she once had. She has noticed that her lungs are feeling clearer and she is able to breathe better, particularly in situations where she would routinely become winded, or even virtually unable to breathe at all.

With all this good news, Joyce had a quandary. She said that the doctor still wants to operate (a $4,000 procedure) because “they don’t know how deep the system that feeds the tumor reaches.”

The price of the products that Anne purchased, less than $100. The price of the knowledge she gained, and trauma avoided, priceless.

For many years, “not knowing” the contributory factors that propagate disease pathologies by doctors has been not been sufficient a reason to refuse allowing them make irreparable changes to our bodies. This is because we were not aware of a better solution to the problem, and we dare not challenge the doctor’s knowledge. I went through a similar situation a number of years ago with my jaw.

But today is a new day.

It’s clear that Anne’s situation is now “in mitigation.” Joyce is concerned because Anne wants to tell her doctor what she has been doing.

I have my opinion, but what would you do?

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7 Thoughts to “MMS is Working for Her: Should She Still Allow Surgery?”

  1. Hosea Budin

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  2. E'Layne Koenigsberg

    Does anyone know how Anne with the skin cancer is doing…what choice she made…I have skin cancer and want to use MMS…I’m not sure what kind of cancer she had…I have squamous cell…probably not spelled right…on my hand..thanks for any info, e’layne

    1. E’Layne,

      Anne began using MMS and the skin cancer began disappearing almost immediately, on its own. However, in spite of this very clear evidence that the tumor was shrinking and retreating with no scarring, she did in fact allow her doctor to convince her to let him surgically “get the rest of it”.

      Best wishes,


  3. this is real

    My mother had SCLC stage 4 , its gone now

    these are the emails to the people from the site above
    please investigate this for your people it is 100 % real

    Have you had any experience with people having any luck using the oil to help with SCLC, [small cell lung cancer] My mother has just been diagnosed, has a large 10 cm by 10 cm mass in her upper left lobe, they say it has reached out to her spine area and got a hold of one rib, and is around her heart area…..she had 1week of chemo……..but the pain is still there..
    J.M. ON Canada

    We are amazed , you won’t believe this. The first hour of the first drop we could see it happening,,,,Today she has had about 3 dots three times and is very comfortable and almost out of pain for the first time in 6 months ,, She says she can breathe better, I have an oxygen blood meter, digital finger thing, she has been at 95 while sitting and as low as 85% AFTER WALKING 10 STEPS…today she walked 40 steps and it only dropped to 93%, Aaron (a respirologist) says “Its a miracle, that means the cancer is receding already, Numbers are proof,” So I think she is going to improve so much in the next 9 days the when they scan her again for the new chemo kill fest , they will have to say its shrinking, and I think she will refuse chemo, and continue this course of action with the re- found Delta 9 THC Cancer Killer, thanks a million

    Things are going beyond good, improvement everyday. Her blood o2 has been normal now for over a month, 96 97% @ Rest / 95 96% Exertion, amazing. She has no pain at all, is on no opiates or any narcotics, sleeps all night, eats way more than I do, hasn’t lost a pound, mind is clear, spirits are good, she forgets how sick she was, she couldn’t even walk to the washroom without almost passing out, she was 90 92 % @ rest / 80 82 % exertion on January 22 2008, and was in massive pain since August 2007, She was diagnosed February 15th 2008. I saw the Run from the Cure Video on January 25, 2008, and had the oil made the next day…..She has improved greatly.. I know this is working, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, to day she was on the computer and the phone at the same time, makes breakfast for everyone, dinner, unbelievable.

    hey dude scan results today, 50 % or more reduction in the main mass (which was unexpected by the docs), nothing on the liver (small spot before), nothing in the brain (small spot before) nothing in the other lung (15 small quarter size spots before), nothing on the ribs, (c6 and c9 encased in cancer before), nothing around the heart valves (it had reached out to the heart area before), and the main mass is not only smaller but it looks like swiss cheese, its not a solid mass anymore,,,,,,the doctor is freaked……and he still says, this is not the cure, this will not get rid of your cancer, he assumes HE is the one with some magical chemo, and she is one in 8 million that this chemo has worked on, her and no one else… last week he said chemo does little to nothing for lung cancer and most cancers, it just makes it stay at best, and she will be dead by August of this year, and that he doesn’t think another chemo is a good idea, he would not do it himself or give it to his own mother, hmmmmm….Now he wants more chemo. cause he is a miracle doctor. She is not going….but not 100% confident. Hopefully this week she comes to her senses and stops this chemo ….oh well they can only give her 1 more cause the cancer will be gone by then

    Hey Rick its J.
    We had a CT yesterday, her main mass is less than 1 cm, almost gone haven’t had chemo, it was 10 cm mass before …..thanks a million guys

    Thanks Rick my mom is completely cancer free from her Jan 28th Diag of small cell lung cancer ( the fast incurable one). She looks great and it’s gone, of course they say it will come back, can’t blame em, that’s all they know…But with this cancer the oncologist even said, he has never seen reduction this fast to zero ever before…
    Also my brother is /.was type one Diabetes, he has been on it for 4 weeks now and hasn’t had to adjust his insulin in three weeks. Also saw varicose veins disappear in front of my eyes, seen moles go 4 shades lighter and half disappear ( the bad part of it gone gone ) I have seen carcinoma disappear also, with my own eyes…..and someone else was scheduled for a prostate removal, he couldn’t pee or anything, 6 weeks later they go to do the surgery, ooops they went in and came out, said it was fine now……….and they left it in ,,,,,,,the problem with lots of people is going to be the fact that the doctors are used to these things never getting better , so they will do the surgeries based on scans from weeks ago,,,,,,and the people might be scared not to have the surgery even though they are on the oil,,,,,,,,,,,,they must insist to be re- checked……….it’s their right..I have also seen 3 people Die in the last 6 months that didn’t take the oil, they figured that if it was real their lovely private bank owned so called country of Canada Inc. would use it to save them…….
    J.M. ON

  4. Ric

    Both my parents “made the transition” due in part to cancer treatment therapies that I now know were unnessary and invasive.
    I forgave the allopathic medical establishment of the 70’s and 80’s for their ignorance and lack of knowledge, but now lovingly hold them culpable in light of the prevalence and proliferation of new information and “alternative” treatments.
    In my humble layman’s opinion, it becomes our responsibility, at a grassroots level, to let them know what we are doing to treat ourselves. A slow changing virtually static closed system is a “cancer” in a rapidly growing dynamic open economy.
    Whenever I come across someone with a life threatening illness I tell them to take charge of their health. The best doctor for ourselves is ourself. By all means seek professionals for diagnosis but then get many sources and opinions for treatment and hold yourself responsible for your decisions. Don’t give your power of choice away. Change your life now.
    Therefore, I’d thank the MD for the assistance and advice in diagnosing the problem; say thanks but no thanks to the therapy/surgery suggested; continue with what is working (MMS and magnesium); check out other medical professionals including MD’s, PhD’s, Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Herbalists, etc.; examine alternative websites such as R. Webster Kehr’s site and do the treatment you desire. And read spiritual books. For starters, how about Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind.
    I must presume MMS and magnesium are doing their work to “alkalize” the tumor and clean up the decaying matter. A healthy food regimen of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits will help put the body into an alkaline environment. Avoid chlorinated water, processed sugars, sugar substitutes, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and red meats. If it isn’t already, the tumor should eventually shrink and atrophy. If an residue remains, a dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon can restore the appearance to what you desire.
    Finally, for myself, this doesn’t have to yours, illness is a “wake up call” from spirit and soul. Ask yourself. What I am not doing with my life that I desire to do. Find your “true” desires. Do it. Be it. Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment. Learn to have a loving and forgiving spirit. Learn to relax and enjoy life. Look for joy and laughter. It’s there. In abundance.
    Become a beacon for others to walk beside you.

  5. P.S. you want to keep things cordial with your doctor. You may need him for tests. I would not tell him a thing. Just keep saying your thinking about it. When you are cured go back and tell him what you did if you feel like wasting your time.

  6. After seeing people in this predicament many times over the years and if it were me I would continue doing what I had been doing for a while longer. Do not stick to a treatment plan that is not visibly working.

    Anne should find someone who is willing to test her for cancer antigens via lab blood work. Better yet she should look into the AMAS test. This test will tell her what the cancer levels are in her body. It will also tell her if the treatments are working. She will really have to read up to educate herself on it. She should follow up with these tests periodically, even yearly after the cancer appears to be gone. Keep careful records of test results.

    If the tumor is shrinking and visibly getting smaller there is no logical reason to think that what she is doing will not continue to do the work that it is doing. If it’s getting smaller on top it is likely getting smaller below too.

    The greatest risk in cancer surgery is the spread of cancer. These doctors will never tell you that surgery or even biopsy causes cancer to spread but they do know this. This is why they are so anxious to start treatment as soon as possible (chemo and radiation after surgery) But even then it is usually too late for many cancers. You do not say if she has melanoma or not. Melanoma will spread if they do not do the surgery just absolutely right and get ALL of it. The problem is that they can not see where all of it is. This is why they take sooo much tissue, hoping they get it all. Very often they don’t get it all. When they don’t get all of it it spreads like crazy and this eventually leads to death.

    Of course other cancers spread with surgery also, but melanoma can move very fast.

    If I were me I would be taking Indian Herb internally, also.

    I am not 100% confident with MMS as a cancer treatment. I have not seen the testimonials flowing in that I thought I would see. It does appear to help some cancers as there are a few good testimonials but I know for a fact that it does not help all cancers because I have talked to people who have had MMS fail them.

    Fact of the matter is, no one knows where that cancer is or might be. A total systemic treatment is necessary, as well as a detox and an immune system fortifying diet. MMS will detox a lot for sure. But you have to ask what caused this cancer and figure that out and address it also.

    So I would suggest to Anne that she go to and read in the cancer category. Check out the links provided. There are a number of articles in there detailing the treatment for various cancers with alternative therapies including skin cancer and specifically melanoma, but not limited to melanoma.

    Black salve treatments can be devastating on the face. Sometimes plastic surgery is required after the treatment. If the cancer is extensive then black slave on the face would not be the optimal choice. An internal blood root product could be helpful. It is a very difficult decision to make.

    The biggest correlation I found in my cancer treatment was the correlation between levels of pathogens and parasites and the cancer level. When parasites and pathogens went down so did the cancer. I do think that this is true for some cancers but not all cancers. If it is true for Anne’s cancer then MMS is the way to go. I did it with Hulda Clark’s detox programs before MMS was around.

    The biggest obstacle is fear. If these doctors can get you in the fear mode then they have gained access to your bank account and your insurance and your life. When they have sapped you and taken all they can then they will bury you. You will never have time to figure out what the hell happened.

    If she can afford specialized help she might want to look at

    If I found that I could not control or cure the situation on my own I would pack my trusty little credit card and go. Your odds of long term survival are much much greater if you never chemoed, slashed or burned, and still fair even if you did.

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