MMS Documentary: Gettin' Real, Fast!

Before I start, my conversation with Andreas Moritz on the liver was awesome! It’ll be my next Talk for Food show, online Monday. I’m preparing to visit Bisbee, Arizona this weekend (leaving this afternoon) and will have more to say about that soon.

While it began purely as an idea with specific intent, development of my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble progresses on toward manifestation.

On Wednesday I took my source files in to the manufacturing company, ProAction Media, in Phoenix. This meeting prompted another visit yesterday, where I presented several copies of the authored DVD.

There’s Paul, my account rep, checking the integrity of the disc, before we finalize production.


I’m told that the discs, which will be manufactured in Southern California, should leave the plant on or before February 8, and reach me by the 11th or 12th. This is when shipments to buyers can commence.

You’ve seen the cover art, but you haven’t seen the art for the disc label.


As well as the full cover art.


If there is one thing I feel is being achieved by this effort, it’s that the public will have a chance to take an objective and informed look at chlorine dioxide as an option.

In addition to the documentary, there is a short video by Dr. Larry Jensen, who happens to be a close friend of Jim Humble. That was the trip I took to Sedona. Dr. Jensen, who heads the Spiritis Church, also supports humanitarian efforts to help people reclaim their health from the jaws of disease (my phrasing).

One last minute bonus: I added podcasts of my first 25 episodes of Talk for Food, which can be accessed and listened to from any computer. This is over 25 hours of conversations with such people as:

  • Saggio
  • Marion Meadows
  • Jim Humble (5 times)
  • Perry A~ — Living Clay
  • Bill Henderson — Cancer
  • Andreas Moritz — Cancer
  • Peter Roth — The Human Design System
  • David Schneider — Hydration
  • Peter Good Gold — Ionized Water
  • Dr. George Freibott and Keith Smith — Cancer Conquerers
  • Keith Smith — Curing Chronic Polarity Reversal
  • Valerie D — An MMS Pioneer
  • Marcia Schafer — The Intergalactic Anthropologist
  • Robert Stanley — Author, Close Encounters on Capital Hill
  • Charles Michael Byrd — Author, The Bhagavad Gita in Black & White
  • Matthew Wood — Effective Microorganisms
  • Bruce Crighton — The Uncut conversation on MMS
  • Michael Grant White — on Optimal Breathing
  • Michael Tawes — Progress against Cerebral Palsy using serapeptase

These podcasts — all mp3 files– can be copied onto your computer, then burned onto CDs, or listened in mp3 players.

Lastly, at the request of a man who placed an order from Estonia, I have include a transcript of the entire program, written by Frances and Dimitri to help translate the program into Spanish.

Who would’a thunk that all of this would have sprung from the simple idea I first posed last November?

Now it’s gettin’ real, fast!

I will keep the price as it is until the end of the month, at which point it will go to normal pricing of $19.95, plus regular shipping charges.

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  2. Taylore,

    Thank you for the order. The discs are now being manufactured. Less than two weeks into your hands now.



  3. Peter, I’m sorry for the delay… you can listen to my 10 most recent Talk for Food shows by going to:

    If you want to hear an uncut interview, send me a note. If I haven’t already posted it elsewhere, I will notify you when I have.



  4. I can’t wait to get the DVD on chlorine dioxide.
    I just ordered it.

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Peter ZItz

    How do I get a copy of Mondays “Food for Talk”?

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