MMS: Dialogue Quells Flame

The recent “flare-up” comments from a reader named Bruce Crighton was a distraction that I chose to see as a blessing and by all indications, it became just that.

Bruce left some unkind remarks about me after I made some that he took umbrage with in the comments section of an earlier post (See The Flame Post). Some of them I simply deleted. He peppered another blog with the same comments. I responded in another post that included a video, questioned if he was real (since his email address pointed to a domain that did not exist), and ultimately suggested that viewers send him love. I also suggested that he get his own blog if he really had something he needed to say.

He wrote me back and sounded like a human being, and did indeed start his own blog, but still posted another counterpoint in the comments on mine (which I left intact).

A couple days ago I quietly emailed Bruce with an invitation to air his concerns on my Talk For Food audience. Although he lives in Australia, the same Internet that makes the thoughts that flow from this mind “news” to interested readers, listeners, and viewers around the world, also allows us to talk directly in real time.

No response from Bruce.

I began with “Plan B” to produce my radio show for this week, working up to 3am this morning. Just as I was about to get some rest and then finish off the show, I received an email from Bruce accepting my invitation, with his telephone number.

I wrote him back with a clear statement that I wasn’t interested in debating or “arguing” anyone’s point… that I would question his point of view, and he would be free to question mine. And only if I felt that the conversation was productive would I use it on my show. I told him that I only had 24 minutes available (since I had something else prepared for the other half of the show). After he wrote back with acceptance of the offer, I called. 83 minutes later, we were done.

The conversation was a conversation, and in the end we saw ourselves, not as adversaries, but as kindred who are on the same side of issue, if not the same place. Not being in the same place — having different perspectives — didn’t make one “right” or the other “wrong.” If you are interested in this subject, then I believe you’ll find this conversation helpful.

Listen to the Interview

The show is now available on Talk for Food.

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One Thought to “MMS: Dialogue Quells Flame”

  1. Bruce

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