Silver That's Smaller than Colloidal

Yesterday I quietly uploaded another Talk for Food show, with Russell Altman of Beneficial Solutions, LLC, distributor of a product known as NutraSilver. It’s another pathogen killer, somewhat like MMS. It is clustered silver, with a particle size much smaller that which is used in colloidal form. So small in fact, that a single NutraSilver molecule is only slightly larger than an atom. Can’t get much smaller than that and still be considered “physical.”

The advantage of NutraSilver’s ultra small molecular size is that it can penetrate to virtually every part of the body, to the extent hat pathogens cannot hide. That appears to be one limitation of chlorine dioxide, when used in the MMS protocol. There are places that the molecule has more difficulty reaching, even though it would be effective on pathogens if they were accessible.

NutraSilver only acts on microorganisms, specifically anaerobic ones, whereas chlorine dioxide oxidizes inorganic toxins as well. They can complement each other.

Russell and I discussed the nature of NutraSilver, which is mined and produced in Mexico, and to give me an idea of how effective it has shown itself it be, he told me about its effects on Morgellons syndrome, an infectious, strange and potentially devastating condition that appears to involve an infestation by silicon-based lifeforms that appear to be man made.

Our health care system has had its head in the sand on Morgellons. The Centers for Disease Control has been slow to investigate, and many sufferers have been passed off by their doctors and the health care system as delusional.

The condition was in fac,t referred to by one writer in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, as “delusional parasitosis.” Sounds more to me as though the industry that supports this viewpoint, is blind by choice. Does refusal to see, care about, and respond positively and compassionately to what’s in front of your face also qualify as delusion? I think so.

Fortunately, others aren’t. While the jury is out with respect whether the word “cure” might apply, there is credible evidence that NutraSilver’s ultra small molecular size makes it an effective tool to remove pathogens, including the ones associated with Morgellons.

NutraSilver is not toxic whatsoever. It passes 100% through the body, but does not accumulate. In that sense, it works like calcium bentonite clay.

Russell described the journey of “Connie M.,” a Reno, NV resident with Morgellons who, after promising, but temporary success using NutraSilver, developed a “purging” protocol that drove a curious colony of critters out of her body in a scene right out of the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, or Steven King. Except that it was/is true.

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To listen to the interview, follow the link.

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  2. i did the mms protocol for 21 days 24 drops mms and 24 drops citric acid,and felt heart burn this normal and correct way to go about it?

  3. Thank you so much for helping to spread awareness of Morgellons disease and posting such a good piece on the matter.

    If your readers would like more info on Morgellons, they can check out morgellons

  4. Bruce Crighton

    Hey Adam I miss you, I do find some peace and exitement when I visit your site. Hope you are well, you should be ( maybe to well, reduce dose).
    I have gone over the flamepost and taped interview along with all your blog comment’s from yourself and converted writers.
    Could I please make a point, ClO2 WORKS!
    So please no one stop using MMS (just reduce dose). I also find interesting snd informative your information and articles, you are certainly well versed, Hey you don’t wan’t to be Biosafe Technolog’s P/L US agent do you. We should talk in private.
    But in the mean time, would you be able to pass on your emal address to me again please. I had a computer crash since you emailed me and I lst data. I would just like to send you some data I would like your opinion on, I just don’t think people need any more confusing, so I don’t realy want to make the information public, and I would love to see us agree even further based on facts that will assist your readersabout “Snake Oil”.

    Look forward to your reply Bruce.

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