A Conscientious MD Speaks Out for MMS

A Conscientious MD Speaks Out for MMS

The ladies and I journeyed to Tijuana Mexico, where Joyce had an appointment with John Humiston, MD of the William Hitt Center. A licensed physician and surgeon, Dr. Humiston, graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin.


We had learned that MMS was used at the Hitt Center, and were quite interested in hearing what a doctor might have to say, and were most pleased when Dr. Humiston consented not only to an interview, but for it to be recorded as part of my documentary video, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. The interview turned out wonderfully! I recorded more than there’d be room for in the documentary, so the bulk of it is my radio show for Talk for Food, this week!


The interview lasted more than 60 minutes. And some of the things he said you probably won’t hear on 60 Minutes.



My conversation with Dr. Humiston

I take the way this production is unfolding as a sign that the documentary is indeed something that the public needs, but the collective consciousness of humanity wants. I say that because synchronicity is the rule, and not the exception. Things are coming together, not without a lot of hard work, but without all the dysfunction and attitudinal vampirism that often makes working hard.


I’ll have more to add soon.

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36 thoughts on “A Conscientious MD Speaks Out for MMS

  1. BJ

    I tried mms it really helps but i’m not cured. I could not stand it for too long so I did not complete the protocol. It had a few side affects on me. I feel that more information, tests trials are needed. When your ill you want to get better so you will try anything. I personally know people that all died because of chemo therapy, that kills you faster than cancer.

  2. BJ

    what is the cost for these treatments?

  3. Ross Adams

    I Posted a comment about why so many bottles of MMS had been sold (100,000 at least ) acording to Jim humble yet we only see a handful of posts from youtube about varios health cures from MMS. I personally got some good results but it is strange why so few youtube clips and nothing for cancer or malaria cures posted on youtube, even though MMS was 1st discovered as a cure for malaria? STRANGE !. Hope this can be figured out. Thanks

  4. Ross Adams

    Can anyone tell me were to find the full audio presentation that is in the link above. I have taken MMS1 for 18 month with not problems and no days off work for once , all good positive stuff too much to mention here. I took MMS2 with no problems .Would like to here what the other stuff in the interview was

    1. Ross… just go back to the article. The full audio presentation link has been restored.

      Thank you for asking, and best wishes.


  5. I tried to contact the Hitt Center to reach Dr. Humiston . I did finally reach them and they told me Dr. Humiston no longer worked there and they had no fowarding address for him. Have you heard where he moved to. The Hitt Center also mentioned they were no longer using the MMS method. Any information would be helpful. 10/14/10

    1. camille

      Dr. Humiston is practicing in San Diego at The Center for Health & Wellbeing. He saved my life. I am so happy to have him in the US.

  6. calgary

    I too have known Dr. Hitt for many years and since 2000 recevieved ozone treatment for hepc. I haven’t seen him since 2007 as my viral levels have been low and stable, but was shocked to hear of his pasing this August. He gave me, my family and loved ones great hope and inspiration in working with a chronic illness. I owe him my life.

  7. AntiFascist

    FDA is nothing more than hit men for the pharmaceutical companies.

  8. I am sorry to hear of the loss of anyone who goes to a doctor for health advice and care.

    The reality of the matter is that treatments, no matter what they consist of and no matter who is applying them are always variable in the response and outcome they bring to the patient.

    I have seen more people die due to routine conventional medical treatment than I care to remember. People die daily in hospitals all across America from standard protocols, that doctors and nurses administer every day. Reactions to treatments can be as variable as any given individual is different in biology, levels of illness, immune capabilities, allergic potential. Then there is always human error in application, dosage, communication, lab testing and reporting.
    When you hand over your power to another to help heal you you do take a shared responsibilty in outcome, even by default. People do the best they can and errors are still made. Events that are unpredictable still happen. There is no perfect doctor. There is no perfect medicine. There is no perfect patient. We are all subject to the variablities of life, the dictates of medicial systems, our beliefs and our own personal and collective karma.

  9. Occam

    From teh information posted on teh Hitt center site, it should be MR. Hitt (not Doctor, unless you think anyone should call themselves Doctor), and he is a fake. The school he NOW claims to have gotten his degree (doesn’t say what degree) doesn’t exist, teh real doctor he claims to have worked under, Dr. Papanicolau (proper spelling is Papanikolaou or Papanicolaou) was at Cornell medical school from 1914 until 1961. If I had went to Cornell Med, I would list that! Oh – and Papanikolaou died in 1962, so that makes “Dr” Hitt is about 80 years old now?

    1. Your observations about Mr. Dr. Hitt have no relevance here. Dr. Humiston (and I saw his license) is the one who spoke about MMS, both as a doctor and as a personal user.

      1. Occam

        A “real” doctor that works under a total sham – THAT is relevant. That others also talked about Hitt – That is relevant. That the center is run by a scammer, that is relevant. For a claimed critical thinker, I am surprised you choose to not think critically and see that relevance. I am glad you saw something that could be printed at home, or ordered on-line for a few bucks. Was it issued by the state of California? Or by some ‘board’ in Mexico? How much was the application fee? And many doctors with real degrees wind up being scam artists, or worse. Freeman and Watts had that whole “lobotomy as a wonder cure” thing going for years – licensed physicians, so was it right?

      2. Occam — your sarcasm suggests personal issues that have little to do with MMS, or even this forum. I hope you find peace that seems to be presently eluding you. And if my impression is wrong, then please forgive me.




      83 died 8-1-10 service 8-15-10 we will miss his love

      1. Gabby—I truly belive that with your help Dr. Hitt saved my life; Will and I were in total shock to here of his death. He was one of the most brilliant men we have ever known. I know that he loved his patients and will be missed by all that loved him. This world was a much brigther place when he was here. Much Love Julie and Will

    3. DL

      It is a very sad day, to have such a loss. Dr. Hitt, you are a precious man who helped so many and gave quality of life and saved so many lives. You are dearly loved and greatly missed.

      Without Dr Hitt there would be no William Hitt Center. Anyone who knows, knows this.

      Dr. Hitt’s treatment do not KILL- they give life- quality of life- extended life- sweet precious life. I do not know the other Doctors in the clinic so I cannot speak for them or their treatment protocols.

      I find it hard to believe that these two posters- suggesting that someone died under Dr. Hitt’s PERSONAL care are real. Dr. Hitt was a kind, loving, sweet man and a brilliant clinician who doesn’t deserve to be unjustly accused of wrong doing especially on a public internet forum- how tacky. How unjust. How Rude.

      If you really knew Dr. Hitt, you would not speak anything other than words of respect, gratitude, and love for this man. God Speed.

  10. Matt L.

    I have used the services of both Dr. Hitt for amino treatment for addiction and Dr. Humiston for candida treatment. Both of these doctors are TRUE HEALERS who have helped me immeasurably.

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