Thoughts on Books: Seeding Mind with Heart

I’m in the latter stages of another in a series of remarkable books read lately, titled, Heart of the Christos: Star Seeding of the Pleiades, by Barbara Hand Clow (Bear & Co.). This quote, in the chapter titled, “Medicine Woman,” eloquently encapsulates the present dilemma, and opportunity facting humanity today.

…we are living in a new world now, in which the planet is again being gifted with the wisdom and power of magical healing. This new wisdom is being manifested by the Earth, not as a teaching from some other place.

Power coming through us is the only way. We must clear our resistance to owning our power, which is simply dysfunctional judgment from old memory. As we tap into these sources, we remember each trauma from the past. But we are also enlightented with a new truth that frees our mind: We can no longer be possessed or maniplulated by energies outside ourselves if we have cleared all the inner hooks which attract such energies. We need no protection, no shield. We need a clear spirit. — pg. 161

I’ve been reading a number of books on the history of the human species on Earth, and on events that preceded Earth colonization. Even though they were written, and in some cases, by different people, there is a remarkable consistency to these stories. 

They also provide a broader perspective that begin to make sense of some of our ancient history, from the times of Egypt and its pharoahs, earlier. While linear thinking, mainstream science and religions may not be willing to embrace some of the stories covered in these texts as truth, I believe the time is fast coming when they won’t be dismissed as the workings of an over active imagination. Imagination or not, the passage quoted above, and many more that I highlighted, are dead on.

Two more examples from the chapter, “Emergence”:

There was no hiding from the ugliness of this brutalization of a beautiful little girl. At that point, I could acdtually feel my brain begin to regenerate! I was ready to begin the journey back through the lives of evil. Whether I committed that evil, or whether the evil was done to me, I wanted to know the source, for it is only in facing the great evil in ourselves that we can be free.

When all resistance, all fear or hatred of darkness, is removed, then the light may move through us completely, creating the luminous form that is immortal—the diaphanous lifeform. pg. 68

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