Kryon Live in Tucson Part II

 Adam with Lee Carroll

The program, held at St. Francis of the Foothills UMC, was scheduled to run from 11:00am-4:30pm. It started on time. After a few local announcements, the hosts, Marilyn and Don Phillips, introduced Lee, who gave a general outline of the afternoon, which would cover quite a bit of information.

This is understanding is not evident when we read, or listen to a channeling session, which generally runs about 45 minutes. Perhaps I thought that the audience came, sat for a few minutes for some cursory introductions, and then Lee connected, and brought Kryon through. Instead, Lee very adroitly filled the audience in on the events that led to his embracing Kryon, and some of the many events that have happened (and not) since then.

Kryon has stated on many occasions that the Harmonic Convergence represented humanity’s collective decision not to continue along a probable path toward Armageddon. Carroll further explained that this development didn’t make the seers of the Bible, or such luminaries as Nostradamus wrong. They saw what lay ahead for humanity, if humankind did not elevate its collective vibration, along with that of the planet itself. The Harmonic Convergence was, in effect, a vibrational check-up, which revealed that the requisite elevation had indeed been attained. Kryon was then brought in to affect, not a tilt of the planet on its axis, but an adjustment of Earth’s magnetic field. It is a shift that foreshadows many other wonderful possibilities, including:

  • the clearing of karmic responsibilities for the asking,
  • the dramatic increase in normal life span,
  • an increase in interdimensional consciousness, and
  • Peace on Earth, including in the Middle East.

Carroll pointed out how the major developments that happened after the Harmonic Convergence, specifically, the fall of the Soviet Union, hadn’t been foreseen by the prophesies. This is evidence that humanity does indeed have a say in the unfolding of their experience. They can and did “say no” to war and destruction, and the Universe listened.

12 Layers of Human DNA

The hour before the channeling session, Carroll gave a fascinating discourse on the Hebrew names of the 12 layers of human DNA that they have learned, with Kryon’s help. I’ll not attempt to recall everything he said, since the actual channeled information is availlable for free on the Kryon web site in print, and via MP3 audio. However, I will share the bottom line; we are all divine by nature.

Along with the explanation and names of the DNA layers were 11 beautifully illustrated designs by Ilan Dubro-Cohen.

After four hours of presentation, you’d think Carroll would be exhausted, or that the channelling session was anticlimactic. Neither was true. After a short musical performance by Kryon gave a discourse that covered 7 of the most often asked questions. Again, I’ll invite you to visit their web site and explore.

Carroll himself is an engaging speaker, and was generous with his time. He signed books during each break, and was very approachable. He was responsible for the term Indigo joining the human lexicon with his books, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, and An Indigo Celebration: More Messages, Stories and insights from The Indigo Children.

If you have the opportunity to see Lee Carroll speak, I heartily recommend that you act on it. If not, the Kryon web site offers a wealth of information for download.

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