Lifting One’s Own Veil in an Ocean of Lies and Fear

Each through his own journey, affects the pool.

The more I delve into the historical and subtle elements that influence life as we presently know it, the whole drama could be likened to a swim in an ocean of lies and fear. This is not a recent phenomenon, nor is it accidental. It has persisted through regimes on both sides of the political aisle, here and across the pond. We’re talking neither years, decades, nor centuries, but generations and eras. These lies, many of which are still thought to be true by most, are woven into the very fabric of our society, so much so that the “false” is accepted as truth, and truth is deemed false.

Every Event a ‘False Flag’

Virtually every public event that we see and hear is staged or orchestrated with a certain prescribed outcome in mind. I’m not speaking of just the tragic ones. Most will be allowed past the gatekeeper of public consciousness without raising an eyebrow. Heartless and soulless scenarios flood the mind like a virtual “suggestion box” of future potentials. We don’t really think a chainsaw-wielding zombie is going to run amok in our midst, allowing ourselves to be “entertained” by the idea makes many less extreme, but equally reprehensible events — such as mass shootings by crazed individuals — seem palatable.

Just what they wanted you to start your new year visualizing.

Advertisers sprinkle the airwaves with their own form of mental MSG, hoping to draw you into the “web” they’ve prepared for you. On the whole, the on-camera folks that we see in mass media outlets are simply giving us information that they have been paid to deliver. It’s not always about gaining your money, but about raising your fear levels while gaining your trust enough to keep listening to them and do no thinking of your own.

This ad campaign from Allstate Insurance, is IMO mean-spirited, and reason NOT to buy.

I am bringing up the mercenary aspect of communications these days, because we are blindly, and without critical analysis, acting on many of the suggestions that paid performers are delivering. We’re not questioning whether what they are actually telling us, is true, or even meaningful.

Did you stand in line to get your shot?

Did you know there was a new flu epidemic going around before you saw a rash of news stories on TV? Do you ignore the disclaimer warnings for sleep aid medications but make a point to ask your doctor if it is right for you?

“Honey, that green moth ain’t your friend.”

More questions to ask yourself:

Do you believe that an “executive order” that grants the government sweeping powers to dictate what the people can or cannot do, written by the president without either due process or a clear mandate by the People actually limits you? For that matter, do you believe that man-made laws define or constrain your rights as a human being?

Whatever your answer, this would be a good time to reflect on questions like these.

The Secret Equality

It might sound as though I’m suggesting that we are “above the law,” but I am not advocating lawlessness. I am suggesting that you understand where limitations to freedom are “law” induced (i.e., agenda based), versus what is real, for in reality, you have no “limit” that knowing and loving yourself cannot free you from.

When you realize that laws were conceived, enacted, enforced, and adjudicated by beings who are neither superior nor inferior, but equals, then there is no need to limit yourself if they are not likewise limiting themselves by respecting, and consequently living by the same “laws.” This group of equals are behind “secret,” unwritten laws that are attempting to cull the planet’s human population while hoarding and concealing riches so vast as to make billionaires out of every human on the planet.

Imagine the mind that could command that much wealth, much of it inherited, coerced, or stolen, and still be indifferent to human suffering, intent on maintaining its “advantage” and getting more. That is the mind of the puppet masters. That is why they operate in secret. Fortunately, we are not alone, nor forsaken. We must, however, open our own eyes, and raise our own voice with love.

If you love yourself, and treat others — friend and enemy alike — as yourself, then you are operating in the only law that actually has meaning. Your enemy is still an equal. If you show love toward yourself, it protects you, irrespective of what your enemy does. To “fear your enemy” is to drop your only real form of self-protection. That form is likened to a force field around you, which both attracts and repels experiences from the database of potential housed in your mind. This is why our lack of discernment has slowed self-awareness, and why such a premium has been paid to get you to think that love is a non-factor in the affairs of nations. In truth, it is everything.

From our first breath upon entry into this world, someone tells us what is, and what is not “true.” We’re told what is important, acceptable, valuable, worthless, desirable or to be avoided.

It is natural to adopt these first impressions as true, except that most are falsehoods, if not outright lies. Not all falsehoods are lies. Lies are intentional. Falsehoods are the product of ignorance. In other words, they are lies embraced without question, or prior to finding out the truth for one’s self, where we have grown content or complacent in not knowing.

‘Higher Education’ System Shuts Down Original Thinking

Our system of “higher learning” awards certificates called “degrees” to people who presumably become “experts” on various subjects, leaving them with the false impression that they know all there is to know about said subject. The root “ex” in expert comes from Latin, and means apart, separate from, or “out of,” while “pert” means “evident,” “unconcealed.” As it is used today, the word suggests one who brings out or reveals inner knowledge. However, the highest paid experts today (considered “the best” when they are simply the most bought), are often “high” in information, but “low” in wisdom, which would naturally guide us to use knowledge in ways that benefit ALL.

This insulation from wisdom bends the truth through a narrow lens, thereby preventing the realization of greater truths.

Simply put, all truth is real, but most are narrow band. In other words, they are a subset of a greater truth – also greater harmony, peace, and love – that is knowable and achievable, but being covertly prevented. Telltale signs of the deception are anger, stress, agitation, or other disharmonious states.

Both falsehoods and lies do the same thing: namely, keep us blind to wisdom, in the dark, in fear, suspicion, under stress, sick, powerless, and unaware of two simple, fundamental, liberating truths:

  1. every moment of this experience is our creation (you for you, and me for me), and
  2. the power to change everything is within us.

Choosing ‘Truth Fullness’

We don’t really need to fight anyone or anything. We don’t have to defend ourselves. We don’t have to debate. We don’t have to debase anyone either. We need only to liberate ourselves from the ultimate falsehood that is fear, in all its permutations, and to be truthful, first to ourselves. With cups “full,” we need to allow our truth to BECOME the Light of each moment.

This process doesn’t require spending money on guns or ammunition. We might even grow up some.

Let’s play “kill the bad guys!”

After all, once you’ve “armed and ammo’ed up” and you’re ready for the worst, then what happens? You begin thinking about using the gun, even on another human being. How does that sit with your belief that life is precious, and we shouldn’t kill?

“My bullets are faster than your bullets!… I forgot, we’re ACTING!”

If you do involve yourself in a gunfight, as you’ve seen so many times in movies, video games, or on the news, what about that will you find so comforting or attractive when you’re convinced there is no other choice?

Such potentials are the offspring of complex lies and fear, not of organic truth and love.

You are always with choice. It can’t be taken away. Nor can your power be taken away. It can only be veiled, which has been the case for a long time. As much as you may want someone else to do it, only you can lift your veil, to truth and love, and to love and truth.

We are well-practiced at suppressing our truth as we are in placing conditions or “strings” on love. So why be surprised or dismayed when “government” agencies suppress truth, or are abusive to us?

There’s more to reality than meets the eye.

We are well practiced at seeing life through the relative lens of materiality. In other words, our worldview is visual, visceral, comparative, and reactive, based on what we can see, sense, hear, taste, or measure. This is likened to judging an iceberg by what is visible on the surface and believing that the unseen part doesn’t exist.

When the ubiquity of the Grand Lie becomes clear the deception is laid bare. Instead of getting somber, disheartened, depressed, apathetic, neurotic, or psychotic, let this be a time of joy, because your liberation is at hand.

The Myth of ‘Government’

A significant percentage of the population still considers the government to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” When you accept the idea that this “truth” about government is actually a lie, their actions and policies, which previously seemed inexplicable, begin making sense.

An example would be health care, and why weird ingredients are allowed to be in vaccines that go into people, including infants. It explains why they insist on giving people more vaccines, earlier and throughout the life, in spite of the dramatic and steady increase in diseases.

When we thought that the health care industry cared about health, these policies didn’t make sense. Now that we see they are actually disease creation and management agencies, their policies and practices make perfect sense. As such, since health, healing, and sustainability is my objective, I am free to pursue options that naturally accomplish such ends.

Diseases Start with Enforced Health Care Practices

Measured by the effects of its actions and policies, the health care system is the leading catalyst for the diseases that we will experience during the course of life. Like planting seeds in a field, it literally sets things in motion with forced vaccinations. Then it congratulates itself on preventing diseases that the body was able to fend off itself, and absolves itself of culpability for the other ones, like asthma, autism, diabetes and many others, that did come.

I commented more about this in this week’s Talk For Food episode.


A greater truth would be that government is actually “of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs, and for the oligarchs.” The question is, who needs to be “governed?” “Governors” are placed on motors to artificially limit their power. Government does indeed limit the People’s power, and enables the power of corporate interests. Understand that corporations aren’t human, but they are run by them. Just like a gun, a corporation is incapable of doing harm, but humans can.

Politicians will tell us that they are sworn to “keep us safe.”

Safe from what or who?

They would have us believe that they’re keeping us safe from each other, from threats both internal and from abroad. However, the truth is that we need protection from government sanctioned policies and agendas, which by definition and intent, are designed to perpetuate opposition and conflict, not cooperation and synergy.

There is strength in synergy, as there is health, harmony, growth, and wealth. This truth applies to everyone, not just Americans or Westerners. We are ALL equals on this Grand Stage called Planet Earth.

Laws that purport to “balance” inequities through compensatory inequitable treatment, simply show the appearance of progress for the many while maintaining the status quo for a few. They neither define, nor recognize who we are, or what we are. Nor can they actually limit what we can do.

Monetary laws are conceived and enforced by men, that is, until it becomes apparent to enough of us how ill-conceived and damaging they are. Generally, reasons for war will be conjured up to divert attention away from an event that would change the game, thereby helping each awaken from their institutionalized, FDA-approved, CDC, EPA, and WHO-endorsed stupor and slumber.

I may sound critical of the current state of affairs, but criticism is not my purpose, nor my feeling. This is how I see things now. “Government” alone is not the problem.

Ignorance is NOT ‘Bliss’; One Must Know SELF

“The problem” is not knowing who we are, realizing that we don’t know, and wanting to find out.

What would “knowing who you are” mean? What would it look like?

First, it would mean being truthful. You could say, simple honesty would start.

What difference would being honest make?

It takes courage to do it. You may “piss” someone off, and not in the good way, I might add.

If you’re being courageous… if you’re willing to face another’s immature wrath for your having the audacity to be honest with them, your fearfulness will decline. As your fearfulness declines, it will become harder to fool, manipulate, or intimidate you.

Discovering who you are also means that attempts to fool – knowingly or unknowingly – or intimidate you that are done by others, will have little effect on you.

Because gun and bullet sales are soaring, does that mean you must feel fearful, or buy a gun yourself? Or prepare to use it? Not if you know who you are. Not if you are truthful. Not if you know the Love that is the basis of ALL life, and you share that Love.

Fear is both the why and how we withhold love. It is why and how we blind ourselves to who we are, and to the transformational power that lives within us.

Love is a power and force, that permeates all that is seen and unseen. To know who you are is to know this power, and to trust its omnipresence. Love is working even now, as humanity is a far more peaceful, kind people than the puppet masters, who have gone to great lengths to keep you blind, at each other’s throats, and unaware of their manipulation, would have you to believe.

Imagine Making and Being Love

If you want to tap into that power to change your world, simply imagine life, your life, with Love. What would it look like? How would it feel? If a lot of sex is involved, that’s okay if all involved are consciously and joyfully there, loving each other, giving their energetic bounty to create a harmonic crescendo.

We’ve been conditioned to shun our sexuality if we were to be “spiritual” beings, to put it in a box away in a closet of our psyche, or there would be hell to pay. We’ve been told that to be “virtuous” or “pious” one must “rise above” or deny our “lower” sexual urges, which are in essence, a natural desire to lovingly connect with another human being. Instead, through judgments proffered by manipulative ideologies, we artificially self-repress, which turns that amazing creative energy into directions that are dark, dank, and without a loving rudder.

The Incredible Beauty of Humans Loving

Isn’t it fascinating how ok it is to feature so many stories about murder on television and in the movies every day, where the “heroes” kill the “bad guys?” This practice hardens viewers to vengeance and armed retribution. Yet, we deem any honest, non-exploitative portrayal of sexual experiences as “pornographic,” and therefore, to be kept in a brown paper bag.

The image below is just one example of nature’s work in a woman’s healthy form. Contrary to an old song, beauty is not just “skin deep.” Whether your body looks this amazing (or a male counterpart), we have to give some thanks to the Designer for the Design. Amazement and gratitude transform hostility, elevating our appreciation of, and value for life and love.

Both seen and unseen, beauty changes FEELINGS in good ways.

And yet, beauty, pleasure, a gentle touch that can make cats purr and dogs wag their tails, are often kept under lock and key, when graphic violence, cruelty, and other forms of truly perverse behavior, are not only allowed, but are considered rational. Why would any rational intelligence prefer being exposed to violence than love? Or make heroes out of killers, and pariah out of lovers?

This kitty knows what she likes.

Harmonious, balanced, respected and LOVED people, LOVED AS THEY ARE without pretense, aren’t inclined to kill others. One can legally own a gun and think that their “rights” are protected by the 2nd Amendment, and have none of the properties mentioned above.

JOY, harmony, awe and amazement are contagious just like fear and discord. However, joyful feelings tend to be more powerful in the same way that the even faintest light will illumine a darkened room.

Signs of Self-Enslavement and Keys to Liberation

YOU are a field of light, around which a field of energy exists. YOU influence the field of energy that you are, which tends to influence – energetically and vibrationally – all that happens around you. The factions that would stifle joy and stigmatize the expression of love, but make heroes, martyrs, and celebrities out of those who kill, are behind this carefully built self-enslavement system. I mentioned the Rothschild family in my last post, but there are more.

Thinking we need to “fight” for freedom, or to “fight against a disease” is evidence of self-enslavement. Well-paid actors, “movie stars” and professional athletes, pay homage to the brave men and women who sacrifice so that they can make millions each year at their craft. All of these actions are calculated to get you to be okay with the status quo, go with the current program and not change your worldview.

Soldiers – on both sides of the artificially created conflicts – are not victims, but are themselves slaves. Throughout history, certain men and groups have operated, sometimes in the open, and other times, in shadows, to fuel both sides of the conflict. Their resources have been so vast as to make it possible, such as capitalizing banks without having to seek capital from anyone.

It is important to understand that the exploitative system that resulted is the product of greedy, self-serving people, no more, or less special than you or me. If we want to change our life, the first step is to allow a change in our personal worldview, embracing joy, peace, harmony, and love within self, and share this wonderful Gift with others.

Another Underground History Link

The website New Tomorrow, a new discovery for me, is very much worth the visit, as it outlines historical events that still reverberate to this very day, including an explanation of why the “government” that we think of as actually being for the People, is a legal fiction.

If that is true, not because I said so, but because history, and the system’s own laws confirm, then all that comes from that system is “fruit from a poisonous tree.” It is not important that every person sees and understands these concepts. However, I know that more do understand, even if we see little evidence of it on the Evening News. In time we will.

Enlightenment can come from any and every activity that is entered into truthfully, without fear, and in full, loving acceptance of one’s being. When you love life, and love living, your inclination is to value life and living. Your inclination is to share who you are, whatever and whoever that happens to be. And if your Love is present and accounted for, it’s okay.

Standing in Equal Consciousness

“Superiority” and “inferiority” are false concepts and products of a materialistic worldview. All are equal where creation begins; i.e., in the power of intention, thought, and imagination. These components precede actions. They even precede form. Harmony and dissonance describe states of energy and consciousness, which thereby affect the quality of our resultant experiences.

Mass media outlets have become components that maintain the lie that everything we see is real, and everything that they tell us is true.

A story on NPR (National Public Radio) this week titled, “Schedule Of Childhood Vaccines Declared Safe” shows how lies are allowed to pass “innocently” as truth. The radio network report on a study published by the Institute of Medicine which attempted to quell legitimate concerns by parents that administering 24 vaccines into a child before their 2nd birthday. Dismissing said concerns with a single sweep of its expert status, the institute concluded, without explanation, that there is no evidence of major safety concerns associated with adherence to said schedule.

These people think that they don’t or won’t have to live with the consequences of their actions, ignorance, and advice. I don’t mean “consequences” in the way of punishment. When we embrace a certain untruth, no matter what it is, as truth, we will get feedback experientially. The feedback will be a vibration. It’ll be harmonic, or dissonant. We’ll feel “good” or we won’t. This won’t be a singular feeling, but a pattern. The process that I describe is called learning. It’s also called, “becoming,” and you decide what the lesson is, and what you become as a result of what you learn.

Fear keeps one doing the same thing over and over, because someone told them that they must, or that this was the only option. Your desire to seek, achieve, and KNOW that which is the HIGHEST and BEST for The Whole (including “you”), is all you need in order to embark on that journey, from WHEREVER you may happen to be right Now.

New horizons become available when we see the lies and rise above fear.

The heights of wonder and awe are equally infinite for everyone, as are the depths of despair. That’s how free you are, and how powerful. Don’t get too wrapped up in someone else’s despair to the extent that you allow it to take you out of your own sense of joy and love. Otherwise, what mirror do you hold before the desperate? What model do you present as an alternative option that they might consider?

Let love and truth guide and comfort you. Courage will lift you from fear, providing you with a broader perspective. With a broader perspective comes options that weren’t apparent before.

In this way, you liberate yourself while harming no one, by lifting your own veil. The graphic below says it nicely, and perhaps more succinctly than I did. Smile

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