Making ‘Peece’ with One’s Self

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2013!

Rarely do I get titles to my essays prior to writing them. Typically I re-read what I’ve written, and the content tells me what it should be called. In this case you already have an idea where we’re going.

Urine, tolerably referred to as “pee,” and I’m beginning to think of as “mee,” has been on my mind recently. Specifically, this custom-formulated, living substance; this ancient, well-researched, documented, clinically tested and proven remedy for a myriad of conditions, chronic and acute, administered by re-introduction into the body via ingestion, massage, and topical application, has now become a viable option to me to recommend for a number of compelling reasons. Quite frankly, it starts with self-awareness, love, and respect. It indicates a conscious return to our balancing, incorruptible, all-inclusive and beneficent, true nature that no “outside authority” can “regulate.”

The power to heal has always been in our hands, and in the native intelligence of the body, right where Nature put it. With the exception of ignorance, or arrogance (which is admittedly in abundant supply), nothing can stand between, or prevent one from receiving the benefits of this natural elixir.

Two additional words that join “respect” to describe my feelings for “mee” are, regard, and reverence. The importance of this “homecoming” goes beyond the healing or repairing the body, also touching and connecting the mind, heart, and soul. It’s not a religious thing either. I have simply gained a much higher regard for the workings of Nature, as well as for simple truths that have been meticulously culled from the social fabric of our world along with health and decency, as we’ve become slaves to commerce while forcing conscience on the back of the bus, if not under it.

The reasons for embracing, re-ingesting, and topically applying one’s own urine are compelling enough to put it in a category all by itself as a healing modality, but to see it only as such would be a severe limitation of its importance. I believe that our “natural” cultural response to urine, cultivated as it were through the orchestrated efforts of The Tyranny Network, is part of the downfall of human health, as well as our humanity. Fortunately, it will always be there to help us turn our lives around, when we humble ourselves to partake this Living Divine Prescription.

It is no exaggeration to refer to human urine as “living,” or “divine.” The nutrient rich water and plasma extract that comes from our very own life-sustaining blood, we have become culturally blind to its efficacy, scoffing at the notion that anything of such value could possibly be free and available to everyone. What a strange and wonderful truth that would be.

What would “the Jones'” think if we healed our personal cancers using a natural, non-toxic, no cost prescription while they were milked out of several million before either “beating” it or succumbing? Would we  still want to “keep up with them” if we knew the power to heal, in the form of living water, was within us?

“Gimme that Old Cancer Awareness, Gimme that Old Cancer Awareness…”

Watching last night’s episode of Parenthood on NBC, where the “correct” response to cancer and cancer treatment is being modeled in one of the story lines, I couldn’t help but think how unnecessary the death medicine called chemotherapy is, as Kristina, the character who was diagnosed with breast cancer and consented to take chemotherapy, now deals with the loss of her hair.

Breast cancer patient Kristina reveals her shaved head to husband Adam.

Revulsion would be the “natural” and “proper” response to the idea of using her urine, if she didn’t think it was a joke. Follow that up with skepticism, since her doctor and the medical system would be absolutely no help to her, and is more likely to be condescending, if not outright hostile. But how repulsive do you think her response to urine would be if she knew of women who didn’t lose their hair during chemotherapy and radiation treatments, when they massaged their scalp with their own urine?

Mrs. S.G. — I’ve used UT (urine therapy) on my hair for years — in fact all through radiation therapy (aimed just above the eyebrow on the right), I kept my hair. It was a nightly ritual to pour that into my hair (collected in the A.M.), rub cod liver oil into it, wrap with a towel, and soak in a hot tub of water! It works! — From Your Own Perfect Medicine, by Martha Christy

Better yet, what if Kristina, our television cancer victim character, knew that antineoplaston A, discovered by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in the 1970’s, and a central part of his celebrated cancer therapy, plus DHEA, Methylglyoxal (Retine), HUD, and H.11, are ALL produced naturally by the human body and are present in urine?

Dr. Burzynski’s cancer treatment will set you back $30,000-$60,000, which is a bargain compared to standard cancer industry treatment schemes that can range from several hundreds of thousands to well over $1 million. Yet it seems that the more it costs, the more we believe it can work, but in actuality, the less effective it is. It also seems that our urine is one of the best things in life that actually is free.

Thousands of companies, capitalizing on our ignorance, go to great lengths to harvest human and animal urine, and then turn them into inferior products (when compared to the original) — drugs, medications, and cosmetics, skin care, moisturizers, etc. — that we turn around and pay billions for annually.

If you knew that’s what you were doing, would you continue doing it?

They’re Not Telling Us about Urine, and They KNOW They’re Not Telling

Scientific papers on the cancer growth inhibitor known as Retine, which was discovered by Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi offer scant information in online reports. Oftentimes the abstracts have been removed. When you know what you’re looking for and see that the information is not available, whereas there is ample information about traditional toxic and other destructive cancer therapies, the depths and pervasiveness of the effort to suppress useful “alternative” information becomes self-evident.

Yet, if we maintain a “natural” aversion to urine, as we have been encouraged to think is appropriate, the disconnection would be complete, as it would be the last place we would think to consider in our search for relief from what ails.

It is amazing to realize that all of the compounds and molecules listed in the list of cancer conquering products above were each researched independently. Each showed amazing results in cancer research as individual products. And yet, all of them, plus antibacterial, antiviral, anti-convulsives, and more are in our urine. All are 100% bio-available and have the power to reverse a wide array of diseases, if we know enough not to simply piss it down the drain.

Change the Consciousness, Change the Game

A respect and reverence for, and the acceptance and ingestion of one’s own urine is a game-changer of major importance that few who make a living on selling “health care” products, supplements, or services have been willing to tell you. There are many books available on the subject, but they don’t make the New York Times best seller list. You have to be looking for the solution in order to find it. Or as in my case, be willing to take an earnest look when it was brought to my attention.

Whether you do it or not is up to you, but coming face-to-face with this information will also say something about what you prefer to view as presently “true” for you.

It doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks about your decision, as I have nothing invested other than the desire to make this information available. What is right for you, as well as what is true for you; always has been, always is, and always shall be the key.

You could say that I have found “peece” in these truths. 🙂

After reading The Waters of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy, by John W. Armstrong, I picked up Your Own Perfect Medicine, by Martha Christy. This is a valuable reference guide into the background, including cultural, historical, and scientific, of auto-urine therapy.

While predominant information outlets leave the casual reader with the impression that urine is just our “#1” waste product, while “#2”, exits through the solid waste porthole, the willingness to venture outside the box tells an entirely different story. In mainstream science and literature, there is virtually no inference or hint that there might be any therapeutic or medicinal value in urine worth considering.

Urine-based Products is Big Business

On the other hand, to the scientific and drug research communities urine might as well be considered “liquid gold.” While the information could stand updating, Martha Christy’s book, which was originally published in 1994, provides several examples of individual urine-based products that were weighing in with sales of $500 million or more in sales.

The actual dollar value of products that are sold annually to consumers, either as prescription drugs, medications, or in cosmetic products, would easily be in the hundreds of billions, if not trillions each year.

Yet, we have been led to believe that urine is a waste product that is of no value to us. One example is Ares-Serono, which is now a division of Merck, whose fertility treatment Pergonal, harvested from postmenopausal women, posted sales of $855 million in 1992 from this product made from urine extract.

Here is a short list of a few other products or medications derived from urine or urea.

  • Premarin — used to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, burning, and irritation.
  • Panafil — Papain-urea topical is used to break down dead skin or tissues in wounds such as bed sores, ulcers, burns, surgical wounds, cysts, and carbuncles. This process is sometimes called debridement (de-BREED-ment). The broken-down tissues can then be more easily removed.
  • Amino-Cerv — for inflammation or injury of the cervix. It is usually used after childbirth or certain medical procedures.
  • PureaSkin — Skin moisturizer made from urea.
  • Urofollitropin — a purified form of follicle-stimulating hormone that is manufactured by extraction from human urine and then purified to remove various proteins and other substances.
  • Ureaphil — Treats certain types of cancer, including leukemia, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, and head and neck cancer.

I believe its value is far greater, even than that of the truth they’re not revealing.

My First UT Impression

First impressions were on my mind when I began my last article, mainly because of what I’m about to share with you. It is an excerpt from The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy, by J.W. Armstrong. First published in 1945, this is the book that made the first impression on me with respect to the power and implications of auto-urine therapy. Dr. Armstrong put his clients on a regimen consisting, for the duration, exclusively of their own urine and water. The purpose of this stipulation was to allow nature to undo and correct the effects, and repair the damage caused by increasingly faulty (even in the early 20th Century) diets in London, which by then included pasteurized (de-natured) dairy products (which he referred to as poison) and processed foods.

This case is found in Chapter 7 on Bright’s Disease, which today would be referred to as chronic nephritis, an inflammation of the nephrons in the kidneys. One major consequence of this condition is the gross restriction of urine production and elimination. Notice that the Wikipedia entry on Bright’s Disease states that there was no successful treatment for the chronic condition. Contrast that line, with this actual case from 1920.

My first case was one of the most testing I have since experienced. Here are the particulars:

Mrs. C. Age, in the early forties. Given two days to live by the doctors. Breathing somewhat difficult. Urine very scanty, thick and looking like a mixture of blood and pus. She had been a very fine specimen of womanhood, judging from photographs ‘taken a year or so previously. Her normal weight for a woman of her height had been 144 lbs., but when I was first called in to see her she weighed roughly 280 lbs. (20 stone) [1 “stone” = 14 lbs.]. In spite of the doctor’s verdict, however, I did not think that she looked like a dying woman, though, to say the least her condition was a very serious and painful one. Fortunately for the case, she had two elderly and humane nurses who had little faith, notwithstanding their profession, in drug and medical treatment. Of these two women I can never speak highly enough and of the broad-minded manner in which they gave me their full cooperation. Judging from the contents of the medicine table, it was hardly to be wondered at that they had lost faith in drugs, for there was such an array of bottles that my indignation was aroused by the way the unfortunate patient had been “experimented on.” Nevertheless on the strength of what I had seen in far worse local conditions of heart affections, breathing difficulties, stasis, etc., I promised her speedy relief from her most distressing symptoms, and predicted that she would find her ability to void urine increase at least a hundredfold within one week; so powerful is the effect of drinking one’s own urine, which serves to break up congestions in every part of the body.

My prediction came true. Within four days the flow of urine had increased from a bare 2 oz. (it was very high in aroma, hot, thick, cloudy and full of casts) to about 200 oz. in twenty‐four hours. Moreover it began to change into a much clearer and far more freely expressed liquid, gradually approaching the appearance of rainwater. By the fourth day after drinking every drop she passed, it was practically tasteless, free from odour, and in no sense of the word objectionable.

In addition to the urine, Mrs. C. was permitted to take, by sipping it, as much tap‐water as she desired. This amounted to about 108 oz. in the twenty‐four hours; although I should add that after the third day, thirst had become well‐nigh absent.

From the fourth day onward, I had lost all anxiety about the case, and except for short infrequent visits, left the treatment in the hands of the two intelligent and helpful nurses.

By the twenty‐third day the patient was showing such signs of complete recovery that one of the nurses begged me to try the effect of a little grated raw carrot juice flavoured with lemon. The result was a set‐back. Within two hours, a rash covering a considerable area and attended with much irritation appeared on each arm. At the same time the flow of urine was impeded and there was much swelling and irritation in the abdomen. Cloths soaked in one of the nurse’s urine were placed over the abdominal region, whilst both arms were gently rubbed and bathed with the same fluid. After four hours the abdomen absorbed the moisture from the urine‐packs, and the flow of urine re‐commenced. This was taken internally, and the following day, except for the rash and irritation, the patient’s condition was the same as before the carrot had been eaten. As for the rash, it took nearly a week before it vanished.

One of the features of urine‐therapy is the rubbing of the patient’s whole body with urine at given intervals for two hours at a stretch; that is, provided the patient is not too weak and emaciated to stand it. Mrs. C. was therefore rubbed twice a day for two hours with one or other of the nurses’ urine. By the 48th day, the patient had so far become normal, that on the 49th day [7 weeks] we broke her fast by giving her the juice of an orange at noon, and a whole orange to suck at 4 p.m. That same day she voided and took urine freely‐which meant that all was now in order. At 6.30 she was given a small piece of steamed fish and two steamed potatoes in their jackets. She weighed now 119 lbs. Next day she had two small meals, which she was advised to “fletcherise,” i.e., chew to pulp before swallowing. In a week she was on her feet, dressed in her clothes of the previous year, and able to walk easily from room to room.

Although recovered, she kept up the practice of, taking her own urine, as also rubbing it into the body (the most important areas are the face and the neck) with astonishing results on the skin, hair, complexion, and her general appearance. Indeed, urine is the skin food par excellence as also the remedy for every kind of skin disease.

And here ends the long case‐history of Mrs. C. who was given “only two days to live”! Incidentally, both her husband and the two nurses became strong converts to urine‐therapy, and I may add, to a well-balanced, as opposed to a de‐natured, diet.

Of the many case histories that can be found in Armstrong’s book, this one illustrates a set of conditions that currently afflict millions of people around the world, who, myself included, eat denatured diets, are exposed to chemically processed and denatured water and beverages.

The fact that, through the human body, Mother Nature can and does produce a personalized remedy that restores the balance that chemical processes destroy is precious to know. We have paid a high price for turning our back on Nature. It has produced the answer to our ills in our ignorance, and can help us lift ourselves up when we awaken.

The morning glass varies from day to day.
The morning glass varies from day-to-day.

The Water of Life Audio on YouTube

You can listen to an “android” voice reading of Armstrong’s book by clicking the link below.


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  1. This researcher, Andrew Norton Webber, is suggesting that many of the benefits attributed to urine therapy come from it being distilled water. Though I believe urine is much more than that, having a unique bio-spiritual matrix that defies rational analysis, the distilled water aspect could be an avenue worth exploring.

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  2. Hallo Adam, I read your recent posts on the golden alchemical mee with great interest, and I like where this is, in relation to your other posts on self empowerment. So yesterday, I dipped my toe in for the first time, a very small and cautious glass, wine-taste. Not bad! My own root and essence, good body. Wheeeeeeee!

    1. Jane! You GO Girl!

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    Hi Phaelosopher.
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    Although I haven’t yet had time to research urine therapy for myself, I want to express appreciation for your ever-evolving, inspired and challenging work. The sharing of your personal journey is a great gift to the rest of us. May many more explorers find and support your work in this new year.

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      The appreciation is, and best wishes are, mutual. It is always a pleasure to discover, link to, and hear from kindred. (A beautiful blog too!)


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