Baking Soda-Gate Part III: More Grist for the MMS Mill

It’s baaaaccckk!!!

At long last, I have uploaded the video I began working on several months ago after Grant Maanum brought to my attention the chemical effects of adding baking soda to the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” popularized by Jim Humble, which is known widely as “MMS.” Whether it proves to be meaningful to anyone but Grant and me will have to be determined over time.

Maanum’s different interpretation of “standard” MMS chemical dynamics, which attributes the therapeutic magic to “the chlorite matrix,” (ClO2-), instead of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), eventually made sense to me. He supported his case with numerous citations of independent, published, and in some cases, patented clinical protocols that were and are analogous to MMS. Furthermore he explained the workings of the chlorite matrix in a context that was overlooked in all MMS training that I’ve witnessed or heard, i.e., within the human cell.

Unlike the information sources that describe commercial or industrial applications of chlorine dioxide, the data that Grant cited also validated the thinking behind Jim Humble’s original recipe (i.e., 28% solution of sodium chlorite (22.4% effective when source material is 80% pure), activated with 10% light acid).

These clinical applications, which from the very beginning, were conceived for use inside the human body, used similar formulation methods, materials, and ratios. Commercial formulators of chlorine dioxide used different chemicals and acids including, but not limited to, sodium chlorate (NaClO3) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

I reasoned that “ClO2 is ClO2,” and it didn’t matter how it was produced. I reasoned that the difference in effect — between being helpful or destructive — had to do with concentration and dosing since it seemed that such small amounts of MMS were used at a time, relatively speaking. Sounded reasonable enough, but I was wrong.

As I mentioned in the video, the magnesium that the body needs to maintain its health is NOT the same magnesium used to make custom wheels. There are three stable (non-radioactive) isotopes of magnesium, each has a different atomic weight and electron spin. The ClO2 molecule has the same potential variability, depending on how, and with what elements it was formulated.

The method used to create chlorine dioxide is NOT analogous to the one used with MMS, and the ClO2 that is produced for wood pulping or food disinfection is a different species than ClO2-. There is no question that chlorite is not a toxic agent. Both the O2 and Cl- are of great value to health, both outside and inside the cell. The bigger, unasked question is whether it is possible to facilitate the body’s healing itself without toxic or microscopic pyrotechnics, and the answer appears to be “yes,” through cellular restoration.

While acknowledgement of these nuances would take the wind out of the FDA’s smear campaign against MMS, this is a distinction Humble has not been willing to entertain thus far. I’ll admit that I didn’t go to him directly with this information. Yet, in responding to my published work on the subject, he implied that we didn’t know what we were talking about, expressed concern for my “karma,” and that once upon a time I was “useful”.

If “approved” MMS presenters choose to forge ahead, they will continue to stand before audiences of people familiar enough with the main uses of chlorine dioxide, but not familiar with the quiet clinical successes and their nuances, and face the consequences, whatever they may be. Great umbrage was taken by some after Kerri Rivera, who has had great success with families of autistic children, spoke about MMS at the 2012 Autism One conference. Happily, she has been scheduled to speak there again in 2013.

From where I sit now, one could and should rightly agree with the people who say that ingesting chlorine dioxide can be dangerous and should be avoided, as anyone who has experienced it directly can attest. Again, Grant is one such individual who inhaled an amount of industrial chlorine dioxide, causing great respiratory distress in his lungs that lasted for many months. The condition was rectified with the help of MMS, and expelling the large amount of phlegm that accumulated in his chest was anything but pleasant. In fact, it was his successful recovery using MMS that prompted him to start researching into just what was really happening, and why.

As such, I wouldn’t suggest, as the FDA recommended, that people get rid of their MMS because the species of chlorine dioxide produced with MMS lasts for a fraction of a second before being ionized into harmless and 100% bio-available chlorite that replenishes cellular respiration.

Therefore, it would be far simpler to assert that chlorine dioxide is NOT being used because (1) it’s true, and (2) these statements were confirmed by independent university-level studies (Cornford, Frost, Herring, McDowell 1971, Univ. of British Columbia). The assertion can also be supported by referring to the U.S. Patent issued (2000) to Dr. Friedrich Kühne and assigned to the pharmaceutical firm Oxo Chemie, for a product known as WF10.

Having become part of the medical cash cow… HeLa cells are now sacred.

Numerous additional patents have been issued with internal human use in mind that all involve delivery of the chlorite matrix, and not chlorine dioxide. The proliferation of the HeLa cell over the past 60 years has made it necessary for conscientious scientists to find ways to safely decontaminate blood supplies. If chlorine dioxide did the trick, you’d see it specified in their abstracts.

They don’t mind putting DNA mutating, neurotoxic HeLa cells in your body, but they want their blood samples to be “pure,” so that their research findings are above reproach, which allows them to continue to attract funding. Unfortunately, the findings of any researcher that has used “human cell cultures” that are HeLa-based are already up a creek, because the cultures themselves do not act like any living thing on earth.

With that being said, HeLa cells, which are otherwise considered “immortal,” are destroyed with the assistance of the chlorite matrix that can be generated as a result of ionizing MMS with the light acid. This importance of this point cannot be overstated, yet it is under-appreciated like GMO foods were a few years ago. HeLa cells and the 15 million volt/meter field that they emit, are what made GMO products possible. Scientists are too busy attracting research dollars and making a living to concern themselves with where these things came from. They’re certainly not going to stop what they’ve grown accustomed to doing.

In his patent notes Dr. Kühne made it clear that he was avoiding chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for use inside the body, and was intent on getting the chlorite matrix (ClO2-). One of the most amazing aspects of this patent abstract, which was issued 7-years after the original filing, was the evidence of cellular repair when given to cancer patients who had previously received both chemotherapy and radiation. Make no mistake that the damage had been caused by the chemotherapy and radiation, rather than the cancer.

This phenomenon supported Grant’s assertion of what is possible when the Krebs Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle is restored. Its proper functioning is critical to the health of the cell, a subject all but ignored in MMS training, which focuses on extra-cellular activities of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and “pathogens.” In his efforts to set me straight, Jim has written that oxygen is not a factor in what MMS does. Yet, the lack of sufficient amounts of it is a major contributor to the presence of molds, cysts, tumors, and certain forms of anaerobic bacteria.

Chloride (Cl-) is of vital importance to the cell. Since most students aren’t medically trained (including myself), the questions are rarely asked, if ever. Yet, you are bound to gain new insights the longer you stay with a subject.

Dr. Kühne wasn’t alone in steering clear of “chlorine dioxide” (ClO2). He cited the work of Sarin, et al, who referred to ClO2– as “the chlorite matrix.” Others refer to it as “chlorite” and describes it as an ion. The molecules involved are the same as chlorine dioxide, but the ionization state is different. The chlorite matrix is consistently presented in chemical notation as “ClO2-.”

The presence of that little minus sign makes all the difference between a molecule that is destructive — a so-called, “free radical” — and one that can facilitate cell repair from chemotherapy and radiation.

Think about that for a minute. With the right inputs, the human cell has the ability to repair itself after taking a hit of chemotherapy and radiation. But it seems that few have been willing to acknowledge this, and do everything we can to ensure that we’re giving ourselves the best of what the compound may deliver. This is not to say that MMS isn’t working. Producers have been most conscientious in preparing a product that actually benefits the recipient.

Yet, the willingness to add extra chemistry, such as baking soda, soft drinks, etc., can take away an ability as easily as it may be given.

The fact that so many people have had restorative experiences using MMS, is strong evidence that enough of the chlorite matrix is being generated to make a difference. However, Jim Humble continues to insist that chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is the actual game changer in MMS, which serves to legitimize the FDA’s official opposition. I can understand the hesitance, since ALL his material is stated this way. On the other hand, only a small percentage of the population has embraced MMS, compared to those who could benefit from it.

While Humble did have the original video on adding baking soda pulled, there are plenty references, including other videos, with instructions to add baking soda with it in order to make it more palatable to the taste.


So this is what Grant and I had to say about it, and why my “usefulness” too will likely continue to decline. 🙂


My enthusiasm for what MMS could be for the world hasn’t waned, but I regret the direction that has been taken. Instead of embracing scientific precedents that most reflect the nature and intent of the product, Humble has walled himself and his “baby” in religious dressing, whose “fight” for its own survival is beginning to overshadow its basic reasons for existing.

MMS should be used by every doctor and nurse, every health care facility, around the world. It is not the only thing that works, but prepared properly, it can make a major difference in helping the body – specifically the cells – put our “house of worship” back in order. Yet, anyone familiar with the commercial and industrial applications of chlorine dioxide, and not inclined to consider the nuances of species, will not be convinced that MMS is not harmful if the proponents continue to insist that chlorine dioxide is doing the work.

Jim has often said that “the body” does the healing, but never goes into depth as to why. The assumption is that after the pathogens – “the bad guys” – have been eliminated, a “morphing” occurs where health replaces disease.

It’s not that simple.

Even in mainstream science we are led to believe that microorganisms are the enemy, when no such thing is true. Microorganisms are microorganisms, no more, and no less. They are life, on a small scale. All such lifeforms have a purpose, and conditions for existing. For example, if there are so many petrochemicals in the products that you consume — all of which being oxygen takers — the conditions become best suitable for organisms that don’t require as much oxygen, if any. Their purpose for being there is not to kill you, but to be “placeholders” until you change the environment. If they weren’t there, if life didn’t have such variability of expression, the body would die off much sooner.

Unlike humans, microorganisms, and that includes tumors, do not possess the capacity of intention to do harm. They do, however, have a set of operating instructions that guide them with respect to what actions to perform, and under what circumstances. That instruction set is known as DNA which is housed in the genome, and it has been under attack by mainstream science for over a generation, though few have raised much more than an eyebrow.

If cellular repair after chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients, and full recovery from advanced AIDS, was documented following administration of the chlorite matrix, and the chlorite matrix can be produced with MMS, that, to me, is more important to know than who “invented” MMS. Jim Humble introduced a way to take the chlorite matrix out of the labs, and put it in the minds and hands of The People. Furthermore, he has dedicated many years to the study and promulgation of this idea, which has not fallen entirely on deaf ears. If what I’ve written here is true, as I believe it is, it represents a way to actually silence the critics — whether they shut up or not is up to them — but many others who are on the fence will feel more comfortable adopting it, with or without the church scenario.

Because one has studied a subject for many years doesn’t mean every possible element has been covered, or that the insight hadn’t been seen before, by someone else.

I have played a role in informing the public about MMS. Of my very own interest and volition, I have reported on, interviewed, and commented on the subject. Would have been nice to make a lot of money at it, but I did it anyway, whether anyone noticed or not.

I have answered countless questions from people around the world about MMS, even when sellers refused to do so (putting my phone number on their web sites without my knowledge). This has been without compensation, nor titles, either implied or desired.

My articles, interviews, and videos on MMS have contributed to the perception that it is worth consideration in spite of what medical authorities have stated to the contrary. As such I need no other permission or reason to present one more unsolicited opinion.

When I first commented on the baking soda issue, the only thing that Jim or Ron Neer seemed intent on doing was to “set me straight” and point out where we were wrong. Neither was interested in listening to the body of facts that support our assertion. Doing so might have meant being a bit more diligent in how MMS is prepared, such as ensuring that no sodium chlorate is present, as it would produce chlorine dioxide, which is unwanted. Ozone treated distilled water is also a serious “no-no” to be on the lookout for. It can lead to potassium bromate (KBrO3) in the body; which should be avoided.

Since both seem yet convinced that chlorine dioxide is the hero, and that “pathogens” – viruses, bacteria, cysts, tumors, etc. – are the villains, then the needs and responses of the cell yet go undiscussed, as well as the ecosystem that the cell exists within. So there has been little reason for dialogue.

Recent communiques about uniforms for MMS Health Ministers, annual dues, and excommunication of members for their transgressions, are of zero interest to me. However, recent suggestions to use Pepsi Cola and other commercial beverages, “to make it taste better,” are troubling.

Perhaps I’ll just mind my business from here on, but I have helped many people make the decision to use MMS, and for that reason, as my understanding has changed, I feel it only right to express them, especially since it should help increase receptivity to the product. No matter how unpopular or to whom, I would be remiss not to do this.

Healing will never happen if we go only by what comforts the five senses. A great opportunity stands before us to discover a level of recovery and even mastery over adversity that few have imagined. At best, MMS can assist us in the process. But if we give it all the credit, and continue with a mind to do “battle” with pathogens, or each other, then a greater opportunity will have been missed.


Below are examples of my work.


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    Fantastic post Adam. I have learned so much from reading your blog.

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    Thanks again for helping me heal!

  5. Hello Adam
    Thanks for your warning and your honesty. I swear by the use of MMS but have no idea about chemistry. Never used it with anything other than water or juice without vitamin C and will continue to do so.
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    1. grant

      Non Ozone treated, truly steam distilled water is best.

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