A Worldview From the Energy Field

You could call this a self-portrait. It’s me. Actually, it’s a more appropriate image of “me”, in that it includes the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates my body.

In other circles the energy field would be referred to as the auric field, or simply, the aura. It’s the same thing. But isn’t it interesting how this simple change in terminology has such an impact on meaning and relevance to the idea?

We’ve grown accustomed to dismissing the term “aura” as “unscientific,” along with the people who use the term. But energy field hits home. It is very scientific. A lot is known about its nature. With this small shift in context, the subject becomes meaningful, relevant, ripe for examination, exploration, and understanding in an entirely new way.

Every human being – every living thing – has an energy field. Actually, every human being is an energy field. What’s more, we have, and are an energy field even if we do not have a physical body. In other words, the energy field that you are both precedes, and succeeds the formation and existence of the human body, which itself is an energy field.

When the body sleeps, or is otherwise inactive, and we subsequently awaken with fantastic memories of alien places, recall interactions with others that had passed away, or for those who have experienced amputations, be whole once again, it is through the auspices of eternal subtle energy fields, which can also be referred to as “energy bodies.”

What this tells us is that we already have the power to travel through time and space already, that “the dead” don’t “die,” and that a part of who we are is always a perfect whole. The question is: Are we ready to consciously accept these ideas as true?

Subtle Fields ‘Inform’ the Dense

The “instruction sets” that the physical body operates from, and responds to, are actually imprinted by subtle energy fields, which are not singular, but several in nature, representing energetic strata of varying densities.

These strata correspond to specific levels and layers of instruction and coding, perception and experience, such as feeling and emotion, thinking and cognition, inspiration and will. What we are inclined to imagine, in addition to the “spin” that we place on the imagining, determines the experiences that we actually attract to us. More on that later.

Science has confirmed that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and only change form. The same principle applies to energy fields. As such, the same principle applies to you and me. We are, at our core, eternal beings possessing the implicit gift of immortality.

Because we have evolved an idea of ourselves that define our existence by the presence or absence of the dense field that is the physical body, the concept of death appears to be real. Some religious beliefs call the persistence of human existence into question, or make it conditional on the individual jumping through its particular ecumenical hoops. The continuation of life and existence is held in question, unless one has been a “good” member of the religious body.

Some religions have extensive concepts about reincarnation or rebirth, which make for lively discussions of who is “right” or “ill-informed.” Science is noticeably silent on this subject, even though evidence of our energetic – another synonym being spiritual – nature is right before our eyes.

By keeping it shrouded in mystery and fear, death remains a very effective tool of manipulation and control. For some religions, it is a most extreme form of “excommunication,” used as punishment. Socially and culturally, there is a collective “acting as though the departed one is gone,” when more often than not, they have simply phased to another energetic density.

What if we acted as though we knew that a deceased one still existed, and remained open to communication? What insights would we gain? What truths, thought to pass on with “dead men,” would yet be revealed? What mysteries would we solve? What injustices would we resolve for the greater good of the whole?

True justice is never “blind.” It sees and accounts for the highest good for the whole.

Vibration: Subtle Fields in Motion

Like the visible human body, the energy field vibrates. The main difference is that its frequency is higher than is presently perceivable by most people. Those whose inner sight, i.e., clairvoyance, is active, have generally been stigmatized, frightened, ostracized, or trivialized for this gift.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, part of it is practical. They’d see images that are alien to our regular senses. They’d also see images of aliens to our familiar world. We think that our view of the world is the only view of what is. It’s currently the view that we will allow. Yet, there’s far more available to see, experience, and learn, when we are ready.

We have fought hard to keep our blinders on, dissuading our children from sharing about their “imaginary friends,” associating a woeful experience with having inner insight. We’ve made it seem as though it’s “more trouble than it’s worth.” It’s easy to dismiss that way, and thusly, not learn what the colors, energies, or images mean.

Our physically-focused myopia served to keep us “in the dark” about who we are, or our indelible connection to All That Is, which includes each other, “family,” “friend” and “foe” alike.

By maintaining a focus on the outer world we’ll continue to define life by the effects that we observe and experience. We’ll still see inequity. Yet, in the inner world and at the causal level, all are equal. As Grabovoi and Petrov aptly suggest, when we harmonize our inner world, the outer world is harmonized too. This is within the power of every human being to do.

Change of Heart, Change of Experience

Resources aren’t “scarce,” we simply have an over abundant belief in scarcity. “The rich” have no more power than “the poor.” They simply have no issues with, and create no resistance to, receiving abundantly.

However, true wealth is not about money. Money cannot buy happiness. Having money doesn’t mean that one is happy, nor that life is easy. It certainly doesn’t mean that we’ll be healthy. True wealth comes from and through the knowledge of who you are, and expressing the best youness that you can. It means having faith in, and being true to, the highest impulse that guides and influence you. Doing so kindles joy within the heart, inspiration into the mind, and coherence within our energy field.

The significance and scope of the energy field is not limited to the state of the form alone. It is a magnet for experiences, attractor of all moments that pass through the consciousness, including the subconscious and unconscious. The electromagnetic nature of the energy field is one reason for the truth of the adage, “there are no mistakes.”

Chance, happenstance, “luck” and fortune, both “good” and “bad,” are all concepts that have evolved from our fuzzy sense of self.

Not knowing the power of our thoughts, which energy will obediently follow, have made us unwitting creators of all of our calamities and ills. On the other hand, we are likewise the answer to the very prayers we’ve asked for, especially when it dawns on us that we are all connected.


If we’re all connected, how could we continue to justify the things that we do to each other?

Humankind’s inhumanity to each other, as well as to other life is emblematic of our cultural disconnect; from our own sense of self-empowerment, faith in our ability to heal, and common sense.

These factors lead to policies that stand at odds to reason or common sense.

  • Standard medical practice, which holds as its first principle to “do no harm,” is now considered the third leading cause of death – termed “iatrogenic disease” – in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. (Source:
  • Health Authorities, Professionals and Educators have become so entrenched in the study of pharmacology, which is by definition, a non-living or synthetic science, they judge healing solutions to be viable only if they are pharmacological (patented), and have received appropriate “approvals” in their basis. Natural approaches and unpatentable strategies are of little interest.
  • Genetic Engineering practices have arisen to help life tolerate non-life (e.g., Round-Up Ready® seeds by Monsanto), and sub-optimal foods be resistant to Nature’s normal corrective measures.
  • Cut down forests and dam rivers with little or no regard to the effects that these actions have on climate and weather patterns.
  • Continue to engage in armed conflict over what are purported to be scarce resources while suppressing other technologies and methods that would dramatically reduce, if not eliminate the need for said resource.

These truths are becoming self-evident to The Many, a fact that The Few have yet to notice, and are unable to continue suppressing.

Yet, our liberation will not come by vengeance against The Few. It will come by knowing who we are, and reclaiming conscious, loving stewardship over our thoughts and imagination, directing them toward our hearts’ highest desire.

Ask yourself; Would your highest desire ever be to cause harm to another?

All of these elements can, do, and will influence the unseen human energy field, which will therefore influence the one that we can see. They also influence the world that we see, worlds that are unseen, and our ability to see those worlds and their inhabitants.

Many people are waiting for the day when there will be mass landings of spacecraft, populated by travelers from all over the galaxy. Just yesterday a friend told me of a lucid dream recollection she had the night before, of being in a field, looking to the skies, and an entire fleet of space craft “decloaked” and became visible to her. She was tearful with joy. We might look upon this as the Extraterrestrials allowing her to see them, but it now is evident to me that she resonated on a frequency that allowed her the sight.

When enough of us are collectively at a place where we can accept the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences without fear, and with joy and equanimity, then we will be ready to step forward into a new level of civilization. The key to demonstrating said readiness, is being able to see our human family that way now.

Science still asks questions that hearts have answered

Science continues to be the chief proponent of the question of whether we’re alone in the Universe. Perhaps the “dark energy” that makes up 95% of the measurable mass of the Universe simply represents what we can’t see with our outer eyes, but would be clearly visible with Inner Sight.

Perhaps inner sight would also allow us to see those who had departed this world, at least at the physical level, but are still near, still caring.

Petrov and Arepyev’s journey into Hell (Save the World Within You, “Creation of the Universe,” Book II), without fear or negative judgment of the energies that they encountered there, even the ones that attempted to thwart their progress, served as an example of true inner courage. They carried symbols that were representative of the Creator, but when push came to shove, they relied on the knowing that flowed through them.

These experiences were gained via the auspices of their respective energy fields. It’s time that we expand our sense of self to include our own field, which extends beyond the boundaries and limitations of familiar space and time.

Knowing that we can’t “run away” from our troubles, wouldn’t it make sense to resolve them as quickly and in as benign a fashion as possible?

Knowing that love is the motivating creative force in all of creation, wouldn’t it make more sense to employ it more liberally when times get tense, rather than protectively withhold it?

If we have the ability to heal, then what sense would it make to presume that we’re so likely to fall victim to disease that we need to take precautionary synthetic medications and vaccinations?

The day is coming when we’ll be able to measure and confirm the energetic price we pay by consuming energy-disturbing products and medications, including water treatment methods, processed and GMO foods, and pharmaceutical medications. We’ll also see that many “natural” products aren’t that way at all. The good news is that we’ll also see what is beneficial to us, and know what needs to be done to maintain and sustain said benefit.

If death isn’t a true concept, then what sense will it continue to mean to believe that we can “win” a “war” by attempting to “vanquish” what are, in truth, immortal energy fields?

If we are made in the image of God, then the Energy Field, which cannot be destroyed even by our various “weapons of mass destruction”, is the image of God. The Energy Field is life. It is eternal now. It is the seat of consciousness, not the brain. It is the body of the Soul.

The Energy Field is also the bridge where science and spirituality can meet and merge. This is not statement of religious belief, for religion, politics, national and international finance, world health issues, would all represent minor subsets to the scope and reach of Energy Fields.

At a cost of $2.5 billion, NASA has sent Curiosity, the 2,000 lb. Mars Science Laboratory rover to the Red Planet to study the terrain. The journey will take 9 months. Any one of us can go there and back in seconds for free through the auspices of our energy field.

We can gather, retrieve, and retain information. We can learn through the insights gained. Furthermore, we can see and interact with other intelligent life forms. This can all be done today, when we see ourselves differently. When we know who and what we are.

The cure for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases?

Answers on how to addressing these vexing issues of health become much clearer when looked at in the context of the energy field. Modern medical science looks at cancer and other diseases from the context of the particle and the molecule. All particle and molecular dynamics are themselves the effects of non-molecular, energetic states.

Non-molecular states influence the molecular ones. Medical science uses force… or shall I say, it attempts to use force to “fix” a problem, or to kill it. However, it does not restore balance, nor does it improve harmonics. Relying on such practices, the state of health cannot be restored.

Cancer treatment is the medical equivalent of trying to find and kill Osama bin Laden. After the enemy has been vanquished, a press conference is convened to triumphantly proclaim that the trouble maker is dead and the world is a better place without him. Except that the energy field that spawned the troublemaker is left unchanged.

When we restore harmony within the energy field, even the Osama bin Ladens amongst us will become harmless. The world itself will actually be a better place. We can begin by restoring and maintaining harmony within.

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    Well said! On the physical level, your graphics are really the best I’ve seen {g}.

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      Hi Phaelosopher.
      I tried to order the Russian books from our local Chapters book store , but they are not dealing with these books here
      I m not a clairvoyant, and I do not want to be a psychic, clairvoyant, a mystic, fakir, or a prophet, but I would still like to understand, read. learn, and maybe use the Grobovoi and Petrov principals, Could these principals be used just by having an understanding and knowledge of it ?

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