Charting the Changes in MMS Practice


Our time in the Dominican Republic with Jim Humble involved learning MMS from A to Z, and back again. Let’s go over some of the basic evolutionary changes in MMS as a product and protocol.

Product Changes

  • Sodium Chlorite – the basic MMS solution (28%, of which an effective 22.4% is sodium chlorite) is unchanged.
  • Citric Acid Activator – this is now a 50% solution, up from a 10% solution, which required 5x more drops per MMS drop. Activating MMS is now done on a 1:1 drop basis. That is, if you are taking 6 drops of MMS, you’ll use 6 drops of citric acid.
  • Shorter Ready time – Initially, when you added the 10% solution of citric acid to MMS, you waited for 3 minutes while a sufficient amount of chlorine dioxide molecules formed in solution. Now, with the stronger 50% citric acid activator, MMS is ready for use in about 20 seconds.

Protocol Changes

Perhaps the most significant change in the standard intake protocol is the move away from ramping up to 1 – 3 relatively large dosing events in the course of the day, to smaller intakes conducted hourly for an 8-hour period. Before you’d start with 1 drop of MMS, adding daily until you reached 15 drops, then, depending on what you were trying to eradicate, going up the cycle to 15 drops again.

That was then. Now, the “standard” therapeutic dosing guideline is to take 3 drops of MMS, activated with 3 drops of 50% citric acid (the 1:1 ratio), each hour for 8 hours, for a three week period, or until what we will call cleansing events have ceased.

What are cleansing events?

Cleansing events are ways that the body releases unmetabolized waste and/or toxicity, which can happen in any combination of ways, including fever, swelling/inflammation, headaches, or other forms of aches and pain, diarrhea, or vomiting. Generally, when these events occur, our learned response is to take measures to stop the event. With the introduction of MMS, people are learning that there’s something worth looking forward to on the other side of that queasy feeling; energy, reduction in pain, healing, and best of all, health.

Introducing MMS 2


An observant student of chemistry, Jim Humble has not only continued to explore new ways to use the MMS we’ve come to recognize as the 28% solution of sodium chlorite; he has identified another benign chemical that can be used to augment metabolic function to mitigate disease and improving health.

Dubbed ‘MMS2’, it is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which, unlike chlorine dioxide, is naturally produced by the body. It is produced from calcium hypochlorite, which is available as pool supply stores.

MMS1 and MMS2 is just a drop in the bucket. Although I believe that MMS1 coupled with MMS2 will cure most of the diseases of mankind, I believe that hundreds of miracle minerals will come that will change the understanding of medicine. In the future no drug will ever be made from poisonous substances that all medical drugs are made from now. MMS1 and MMS2 are not poisonous to the body and they do no damage in the body. – Jim Humble

Showing an uncanny knack for developing inexpensive, accessible, and benign approaches to addressing many human maladies, Jim Humble is a breath of fresh air for a humanity that’s grown a tad too enamored with technology, “nano” et. al, for our own good.

This is not to say that technology is bad. However, it is often unnecessary. When we start to believe that we can’t survive without the protective cover of the gods of technology, we lose touch with the very force from whence all healing comes; i.e., an ephemeral place within.

Jim Humble appeals to that part of us that hasn’t forgotten that we can be well again, that rails against the notion that health must remain forever just out of our reach. That is the kind of thinking that fuels the mistaken notion that a healthcare system is our best protection, when in fact, health is. A system that is optimized to help us manage our disease is ill-prepared to assist in our healing.

After seventy-seven years in this earthly tour of duty, a yet self-reliant Jim Humble continues to look for new ways to use MMS, both the Original and “2”. While some will continue to debate the legitimacy of MMS, or express concerns about the long-term effects, many others are rediscovering the profound joy of life made livable once again.

Here is a link to Jim Humble’s introduction to MMS2.

Are you interested in video of the workshop, please email me and let me know.

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108 Thoughts to “Charting the Changes in MMS Practice”

  1. Donna

    I stumbled across this website today and find if very interesting! I am a cancer patient looking for additional information that may help in my own battle with cancer.
    My story is this: I had no symptoms, had no idea that I had cancer. It began with a slight cough that was first thought to be bronchitis. My bronchitis medication had no affect and the cough worsened.

    Later that same week it was thought I may have pneumonia again (for the 6th time in my life). I was given X-rays to see what the problem was. I also saw the X-rays; it looked like a “smoke” had filled my lungs. By this time I was coughing almost uncontrollably, day and night and was getting weak from no sleep and coughing so much.

    I was sent by ambulance to a major hospital 300 miles away. They did test after test for about a week, and then had a meeting with my husband and myself.

    Diagnoses: Cervical Cancer that had metastasised to my uterus, blood, lymph system, bones and into my lungs. It hit my lungs as the Oncologist said “like a cosmic explosion”. That was the cause of my sudden cough. I had NO other symptoms. I had always had my pap smears on a regular basis with no sign of cancer. Apparently the kind of cancer I have is very aggressive and fast acting. Stage 4b. Terminal.

    I was in such bad shape, so weak. Three Doctors had a meeting with my husband and me. I was given 3 days to a week to live. All the family was called in from all across Canada. Funeral arrangements were made, pall bearers picked etc. I don’t remember much of it; it’s like an unreal fog that happened. Apparently the Doctors were surprised to see me still alive morning after morning when they come in.

    My family and well meaning friends brought information on every kind of cancer “cure” that is out there. Everyday we received dozens of flowers, and stacks of papers from online as well as books to read about the latest “cures”. It was mind boggling and too overwhelming to wrap our brains around. Information overload.

    Some when as far as to order special items for me, including the MMS drops and a book from Mr. Humble. They had it express mailed to the hospital where I was at. It felt wonderful to be loves so much by many worried people, but it was just too much to sit down and figure out what to do.

    The Oncologist suggested palliative chemotherapy. It may buy me a couple months, then again it may not. I also may get very ill from it and spend the last days of my life in distress caused by the chemotherapy. Many of my family and friends were against this option citing terrible things that chemotherapy can do.

    What to do? When one gets diagnoses like this it’s hard to think straight. I can certainly see how people could make a living off offering ANY straw to grasp onto for hope! Be it proven or not proven.

    I decided to do ONE thing, and one thing only. Either I was going to take chemotherapy, or I would take the MMS drops, or go on the Budwig Diet, or the Gerson Diet etc etc. I had all the information, all the books and no time to really read or study the works. When one is doing several things at once, how does one know what really worked?

    With so much information, and now knowing what to do, I asked the greatest Physician of all what to do. I prayed and felt I should go with the chemotherapy treatments.

    I have had 8 treatments, each 5 hours long of putting poisons into my body so strong that the administering nurses had to wear lead vests to inject me. I tell you, it is not easy to sit there. Not easy to loose all your hair, not easy to burn from the inside out with blisters, not easy at all…..the list goes on.

    After 110 days in the hospital I was sent home, with a life expectancy of a few weeks. At least it was getting longer, longer than the 3 days to a week from before the chemotherapy. I have no doubt whatsoever that if I had not opted for the chemotherapy. I was almost dead when it was started.

    So now I was at home getting better and stronger each day. I began to read and actually study and compare the different literature that had been given to me on my supposed deathbed when I was so terribly ill. l At that time, when unable to read, study or even think clearly as to what each was actually saying.

    Now I read Mr Humble’s book, all I could find online about his claims. I studied the works of Max Gerson, founder of the Gerson Therapy. I read and studied the works of Johanna Budwig and others.

    I had trouble with many things. For example…no proof. No studies done to prove what works, and the biggie for me: many patients that were “cured” were also taking anti-cancer drugs and treatments as well, so where is the proof of what actually worked??

    I have this thing that if someone tells me even one thing that is questionable or wrong…their credibility flies out the window. I found so many questionable comments the list is too long to mention. For instance: I read a lot of literature where supporters of Johanna Budwig claim she was nominated for the Nobel Prize several times.

    Anyone who knows how the Nobel Prize system works knows that the nominees are not publicly named, nor are they told that they are being considered for the prize. All nomination records for a prize are sealed for 50 years from the awarding of the prize. There does not seem to be any records of her ever being nominated for any Nobel Prize, if anyone can show me for what, on what dates etc., I would love the information.

    Bottom line: It’s been two years and three months since I had “3 days to a week to live”. I am strong, back to work and living life to the fullest. Remission is a good word! I am told that I am the longest living person in Canada that has type 4b
    Cervical cancer.

    I had chemotherapy….that’s it. If I had taken any of the other things offered I am sure whatever it would have been would have “cured” me as far as they were concerned.

    I have been looking into many things, many so called cures, but still can’t find one. I read all the comments on this site and just had to respond.

    I agree with those that say, show me the proof. If anyone, anywhere in this world can show me of even ONE person who has what I have, did not take any chemotherapy or other medical services, and they are still alive after even 6 months, let alone over 2 years like myself, I want to meet them!

    If anyone reading this can find anyone, anyone at all, (not asking for a study of 100’s), just even ONE person who can produce their pathology report showing they actually have/had cervical cancer, stage 4b, and after taking ANY product they are still alive after 2 or more years I want this person’s phone number! I want to be on that program! I will eat what they are eating, even flax seed and cottage cheese! Just show me someone who it has actually helped. ONE person please.

    If there really are people like this out there…some talk about information being suppressed by the FDA or other government organizations….well you reading this are not of them so stop hold back the info from me! I am not asking for any proof from them, all I am looking for is one, just one person on this planet that has this information if it really exists.

    I have made this request several times online now…as well as to “Clinics” in Mexico and Germany….I have yet to receive even one person to call. IF these things really work, does it not sound strange that no one has been able to provide me with even ONE person to contact that has what I have? Thousands of women die each year from cervical cancer…come on, if there is any hope or cure out there, don’t you think someone, somewhere would have tried any one of these diets or programs and been “cured?” To talk to a few would be wonderful, but I am looking for only ONE to start with.

    I tend to agree that there are several scams out there, put in place by quacks that have no proof of any of their work, who are targeting those too ill to respond in an educated manner. When one is ill, the whole family is in an upheaval, no one is thinking things through, doing a study, it’s just all word of mouth, and let’s do this because they say hundreds were cured from it. It gives hope, a straw to grasp, by gullible, ill people who should be protected from such scams!

    When your or your loved one’s life is hanging by a thread, all the money in the world means nothing to you….these scammers are like leaches that suck up the money often of those that can least afford it. The family begs for something, anything to help their loved one….and paying out money for a “cure”, without doing any research is done more than willingly.

    I am so glad I decided to take chemotherapy and follow the Canadian Cancer Society suggestions. Seeing as I am put as “terminal” all my medical expenses, including chemotherapy, 110 days in hospital, medications, travel expenses, caregiver etc., are free of charge. I could have spent thousands of dollars on other “cures” but I doubt if I would still be here.

    Which brings up my last point. Here, in Canada everything is covered, if not by your own medical insurance, by the government. Having “terminal” cancer has not cost me a dime in the past two years.

    I know that this is not the case in some other countries. I have heard the statistics for example of how many Americans do not even have any health care. This is where the scammers also strike hard. They promise help for those that cannot afford health care, let alone good health care and drain the money tree again. Having cancer in some countries is BIG money out of the pocket, and big money into the pockets of scammers.

    I will close by saying that I am still looking for that one person who has been “cured” of my kind of cancer. If you know of, or are such a person, and you can show me the pathology reports showing exactly what they had, and what they did to “cure it…I want in!

    1. Donna: What an amazing story – and well done you! You needed to be strong and you were. I think this says it all.

      And if there was one person, even one, who had been cured by any of these quack cures, even if they have 1% success one would be alive to talk about it and 99 would no longer be with us. So people would hear from the one and think it was true. It’s called survivor bias or something, and is another reason most of us listen to scientists who have studied statistics 🙂

      All the best, and much strength to you and yours!


    2. Merculiv


      Nice try…. this is a post by an FDA worker. Show us written documentation, pictures, slides and until we see proof vs your story then its not credible enough. Your story is no more credible than ours is with MMS.

      The budwig diet and gerson therapy have hundreds and thousands of documents available from the gerson institute for the world to see and review… cant get any better than that. Go to the link below….those are case studies of actual patients. 🙂

      1. And you know she’s a FDA employee how?

    3. Dear Donna,

      I wish you good health in your search. Your finding that “one person” that has been “cured” of your kind of cancer won’t do anything for you. If you are satisfied with the path you’ve chosen, I don’t really see the point in being here. If you’re not satisfied, you’re missing a great opportunity to get another point of view from people who have experiences that they can share. No one will try to sell you on MMS, but it’s unproductive to walk into a forum announcing, or suggesting, that your method may be better, or challenging someone to offer you proof. It’s not going to happen, because that’s your job to do for yourself. And if you haven’t succeeded in all the many things that you say you’ve researched, it may be because you’re looking from the wrong perspective.

      I met a man the other day who, at 71, is now the picture of health. In 1980, he had lung cancer. He’s healthy today because he followed his own intelligence and convinced himself that chemotherapy was NOT the best way to go. He changed his diet, exercised, and took steps to bring balance back into his body, mind, and life. He healed himself. He subsequently developed a device that helps to draw accumulated toxins out of the body, which is now helping many people restore their health. I explained to him how MMS works, particularly on heavy metal toxicity, and he totally got it, and with his understanding of chemistry, saw its efficacy.

      My point here is that there are many ways to heal the body. MMS has shown itself to be one. Walking into a forum with preconceived notions about the subject, or about the people who have explored it, when you know little about both, is not going to get you much that is of value.

      Best wishes,


    4. Maria

      Ok Donna: You wanted proof, you will have it Go to facebook and find me under the name of Mariluz Paiz from Guatemala city. I have been cured and Alive! If this is quackery, then I should be dead, but not I am much alive and kicking. I also have a vonage phone line if you want to talk on the phone and it will not cost you anything. I have a super health insurance called Bupa and I haven’t used in more than a year. If you are from the FDA, good luck on trying to come to Guatemala I would be more that flattered to have you and your investigators as guests.
      I have test results, doctors and hospital tests to prove it to you. But I doubt, I have you and anyone else to have the guts to answer to this post.

      1. Maria Paiz…
        Mariluz Paiz…
        Maria Ramirez…
        Which one is it Mari(a/luz)*

        *delete as appropriate

      2. Maria

        Ignorance it is worst disease of all. Because it keep us in the dark. Maybe it could become degenerative, like some diseases. The worst of all it is a slow death.

      3. You still haven’t answered the question – which of the three names you gave is your real one?

      1. Maria

        Hey Rex, who is the fake now? For you information I m now curing people of cancer, hope you FAKE rhys morgan is still alive, maybe he will need some curing for his diseased brain. How about that?

      2. estas loca maria,you estaba hablando a el cabron hypercube.estoy en tu lado.leas mi comment en ingles otra vez.
        que te vayas bien

      3. Maria

        Ohhh! I am sorry, REX, please don’t be mad, I guess I need some refreshing on my understanding of the english language, I agree with you and please forgive me, jajajjaja.
        By the way where are you from? And God bless you

  2. OK, I’m bored of this now, and there is clearly no point in debating with those whose mind is made up and will not change it no matter what the evidence (BTW I would be quite happy to believe that any of your quack therapies work if you could show me evidence that they do, but you haven’t).

    People like Phaelosopher and Merculiv are never going to believe that MMS is harmful, because they have faith in it, in much the same way that the Pope is always going to believe in Jesus. It’s probably no coincidence that Jim Humble is styling himself as “Bishop Humble”. Clearly, we approach these things in completely different ways. I will believe that something is effective as a medical treatment if there are data from clinical trials to prove it, and if there are no such data, as in the case of MMS, Gerson therapy, or the Budwig diet, then I will not believe it is effective.

    Others take a different view, and prefer to believe in treatments on the basis of faith. Well, that’s their right, although it is highly irresponsible to try to convince other people to take treatments that may be harmful.

    However, to anyone undecided who is reading this and trying to make up your mind about whether you should take therapies like MMS, you might want to consider the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever supporting its use published in peer reviewed journals (the standard of evidence that rational people require). Alternatively, please just ask your doctor before taking it.

    That’s all. Bye, and stay healthy.

    1. Merculiv

      It seems we have caught the FDA’s attention and thats pretty powerful quackery Id say. Jim Humble has accomplished something more than you ever will accomplish in your pittyful life. All credits in this arguement go to him and this huge debate and FDA shakeup is all because of him. A powerful person with intentions to heal and the FDA finally takes notice a few years later when they see it actually working and stealing money. It should’nt be boring…its a long battle that the FDA will fail to win because too many people seen the benefits and there is no turning back.

      There is no turning back from the corruption that needs to come falling down on itself. I will be here to watch the the FDA fail at this movement and the warnings that no one in this country is going to buy because I know where the majority stands. The majority of america isnt stupid and knows where the real healing comes from. Even you know this….so dont think the majority will change there mind in an instant because they wont. You dont ask your doctor to drink a cup of tea or eating a burger right? So why ask your doctor about using MMS. Keep warning and banning cause it aint happening. Your welcome and we’ve been healthy since using MMS. Give it a try! Who knows you might like it too!!

      1. KateKatV

        What Jim Humble has achieved is to make a lot of money from desperate and sick people. Clever man, so admirable.

      2. Merculiv


        He is a cleaver man! Thanks for the compliment! Kudos!

      3. KateKatV

        Hah, thought so – you don’t even understand sarcasm.

      4. Merculiv


        You know you love humbles work don’t lie! Come join the crew! I can teach you a thing or two about sarcasm.

  3. Merculiv


    MMS is not only an effective solution for reversing cancer…which I know first hand that it is. It is an exellent solution for killing the pathogens that feed most cancer cells inside the body. When these pathogens are killed off by chlorine dioxide so is the cancer cells that are fueled by them.

    Another effective cancer cure is the budwig diet and the gerson therapy which im sure you already heard of or tried to use disinformation to label it as quackery? No. These are alternative methods for curing cancer that arent approved by the FDA because there is no cure in the eyes of the FDA. Its not part of thier framework or ideology.

    The FDA does not know of any cancer cures available in this world because they are not part of the grassroots movement or do not have the supreme power and knowledge of the public. The FDA is controlled by the people which are the tax payers and pockets for thier business. If the general public decided tommorrow that they would stop paying for all drugs and therapies that they know are toxic…they will. The FDA is a money based board with limited control over the general population. The FDA will never have complete control over all supplements and food that the world has rights to use for true healing. There can be no amount of money or power that will suppress every effective cancer cure. Money means nothing in the eyes of true healing. This is something that the FDA can never stop and the people have the upper hand.

    Even if the FDA layed out a ban tommorrow on MMS against all companies that sell MMS. That will not stop the masses from obtaining the materials to make it. In fact, there are several hundred cures for cancer out there that the FDA isnt really aware of just yet. It took the FDA several years to finally figure out that MMS has the ability to rob them of thier money from true healing. Supression methods by the FDA will only lead to thier inevitable financial collapse. If the FDA doesnt supress alternative medacines and vitamins that heal and cure diseases then imagine the outlook for thier future.

    Imagine a future where an american can be proud of his country because they are about true healing instead of suppression and government regulation in the name of money and control. Imagine the money that can still be made off of alternative medacines that cure cancer and other deadly diseases. The cures are there…but is the FDA ready to adopt the new methods and test them instead of criticize them openly and judge them as quackery. If the FDA doesnt acknowledge this message from the general public and see the warnings the public gives them. Then it will be a rough outlook for the big drug companies which wont last another ten years because of the truth that will be unleashed. Truth that will rob the greedy drug companies from thier own deception. This is a message for all the comments that are against MMS use. You will not win and you can’t suppress and misinform the masses.

    1. NO.

      You are entirely wrong here.

      “It is an exellent solution for killing the pathogens that feed most cancer cells inside the body. When these pathogens are killed off by chlorine dioxide so is the cancer cells that are fueled by them.”

      I am in cancer research. I spend a lot of time looking at cancer down the microscope; human, other mammals – both whole tissues and cells.


      Cancer is an overgrowth of our cells. Nothing to do with bacteria AT ALL. I can see cells down the microscope, I can see bacteria at high power; bacteria are not ‘bugs in cancer cells’ like Humble claims in his video. That is absolute bull.
      Again this is basic cancer biology.

      Pseudoscience… well, it’s pretty much not science in any sense whatsoever. Just using some words that are found in biology and putting them together; it’s nonsense.

      The rest of your spiel is a stupid conspiracy theory and I won’t waste time on it.

      1. Merculiv

        “I am in cancer research. I spend a lot of time looking at cancer down the microscope; human, other mammals – both whole tissues and cells.


        Yeah I and I am the president of the united states of america and am part of skull and bones secret society. Does this make me any better than you?

        Okay we believe you can look through a microscope alright so can we. 🙂 The public can research cancer no more than you can whether you have a science degree or are part of an elitist group. The poor have no more or less to this information than the rich. Claiming you have a PHD in god knows what doesnt make you more knowledgable than any other scientist. Thats like putting two presidents together and saying ok both of you can agree on all subjects and know the same subjects in exactly the same way.

        Or putting two doctors together in a room and saying you both have the same brain capacity (I assume) and so you must see everything exactly in the same light and have no disagreements with one another on every subject.

        You do know where this is going right? Please give up while you have a chance. I would really hate to insult your intelligence. Please

      2. Here is the problem in a nutshell. You claim with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY what you think cancer IS, and IS NOT, and who is “right” and who is “wrong.” Yet, the present antagonistic cancer treatment methods generally KILL the patient. People are actually putting cancer not only into remission, but RESTORING THEIR HEALTH with the help of simple disinfection made possible through MMS. But instead of inviting more dialogue, you assert, like the FDA, that harm is being done by a charlatan.

        Next weekend there’ll be another “Run for the Cure” here in the Phoenix area.

        The easiest thing to do in order KEEP THINGS AS THEY ARE, is to try to dismiss a different point of view. The real PROOF of a product’s efficacy is not what happens in the lab, but the results that it has on people’s lives. The results of current predominant cancer treatment methods is atrocious. Yet you’d rather defend it rather than understand what the hubbub on MMS is really about.

      3. Merculiv, why not allow replies to your post?? Who now is being confrontational and closed-minded?

        ‘Yeah I and I am the president of the united states of america and am part of skull and bones secret society. Does this make me any better than you?’

        If we’re talking about world politics, yes. If we’re talking about secret societies, yes. Depending on what you mean by ‘better’.

        Look, if I wanted my car fixed, I’d take it to a mechanic. Not a hairdresser’s. Neither person is ‘better’ than the other, except in the context of fixing cars, in this particular case. I trust one more because they have the experience, the knowledge, the know-how.

        Not everyone can be an expert in everything. We don’t have the time or the brainpower to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.
        That is why people go to school, they find out what they enjoy and/or are really good at, some people continue learning about it, others go and do something they’re good enough to do forever and live off, etc.

        This is just life, you should know about it. People can know more about subjects than other people; that doesn’t make them better, it just makes them more knowledgeable in that field and more reliable and qualified to talk about certain things.

        Yes, anyone can look down a microscope. But do you? Have you? No. I have. Therefore I CAN tell you with certainty that cancer cells aren’t driven by bugs. And it’s not just me, it’s the whole of the cancer research field, which is absolutely massive I might add.

        My parents are not rich, I struggled to pay my way through university, as did many of my friends. To assume I’m in some sort of elite upper class is just as prejudiced of you as someone at an expensive school looking down on the poor kids.

        This isn’t about class, it’s about knowledge, time and effort put into learning about things. Maybe you should try it.

      4. Merculiv


        I was being hypothetical when I made the elitist statement and Im sure you were smart enough to figure that out right?

        It doesnt matter what your accomplishments are in science or whether you can look through a microscope or have cancer research knowledge. There are legitamate boundaries that the medical system can’t pass even if a doctor or scientist wanted to cure cancer or use alternative medacines. What I am getting at isnt a conspiriacy theory or a wild guess but the truth. All doctors in america are limited to what they can and cant use for fighting cancer. They are limted to use only FDA approved methods which are legacy and have a very small success rate for healing. Chemo is poison as most already know.

        Even if MMS is capable of removing cancer from the body (which it is) the current medical system cant use it in thier hospitals because it is not FDA approved. One reason is that chlorine dioxide cant be patented no matter how the FDA looks at it. Thank the almighty for this. Its free to use and free for the world to use without restrictions. Many countries already have adopted the use of Chlorine Dioxide (MMS). The gerson therapy is also another mthod for healing cancer and along with the budwig diet.

        The budwig diet is one of the best cancer cures and safest that I know of. I know most of you anti-mms commenters have heard of the budwig diet and probably have nothing bad to say about it. There isnt any side effects from flaxseed oil and cottage cheese right blended together? How does the power of oxygen from food in the blood not heal cancer cells? Tell me where its dangerous and also tell me where the gerson therapy is dangerous or a quack? I need more feedback. Please

      5. OK, Merculiv, here’s some feedback for you: both the Budwig diet and Gerson therapy are pure quackery. There is no evidence whatever that either of them works.

        But I suppose you’re going to tell me that that’s because “THEY” have suppressed the evidence, right?

      6. there is a huge world effort to control thought on the internet.adam is a paid poster.most of the illogical anti mms posters are paid workers using software to post multiple times under different names.

    2. And so I am answered.

      My question being whether people selling MMS are in fact dishonest quacks trying to fool gullible people, or whether they are conspiracy theorists who really believe what they say but have somehow been let down by the education system.

      Get one thing right: making stuff up is no substitute for knowing stuff. Choosing to believe what you want to believe is the province of religion, not of medicine. Maybe that is why Humble is setting up a “Church”.

      Those of you who are choosing to operate within a framework of beliefs that you have chosen for yourselves, should be aware that others who have researched, read and understood things for themselves, will not share your beliefs and all you can do at the end of the day is urge us to “have faith”. There is nothing else. Don’t try and tell other people that any of this stuff is in any way scientifically proven. It should now be clear that it is not.

      Oh and by the way, most belief systems include some kind of ethical framework. What is yours? Where there are shortcomings in that ethical framework you can expect to be challenged by those whose ethics you fall short of. That’s the same whether your belief system is protecting rapists, defrauding ex members, or persuading people to drink poison. I’m sure you can guess which religions do the first two. You are in “good” company.

      1. Merculiv

        Hundreds of thousands of vendors are selling MMS across the globe. Are you seriously calling them all quacks? A church is harder to attack than no church at all right? So why not build a church around it? Why are you so defensive about this issue? Are you that scared of profit loss from MMS healing the sick that you try to convince readers that MMS is as dangerous as bleach? Thousands and hundreds of people across the states wont agree with you on that and over the next year a majority of this country will be aware of MMS and using it whether its banned or not. Its too far along in its use for anyone that works for the drug companies to say otherwise. Your wasting your time making these posts and as we speak a few thousand more already know about MMS and what it does. By CNN and MSNBC posting all these articles about MMS and its warnings only spreads the truth further. LOL.

        I encourage all major media companies to post more information about MMS. The faster the better.. and more people can know that MMS really works and heals cancer and disease and the harder is gets for the FDA to suppress. LMAO

        I can’t stop laughing….this is so friggen funny. Watching these fools try to talk bad about MMS only to see them get pissed off and show thier true feelings about something they know they cant stop. Show me more hate! I need a good laugh! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Lori

        Hello! What we call “science” these days is a belief system too! Only sometimes people who practice it pretend it isn’t. The “science” of medicine as practiced today is based on Newtonian physics and is way behind the times. Its adherents are often as bigoted as the adherents of any other religion have been, and just as ready to burn or crucify heretics because they feel threatened by them.

        Cancer research is funded by drug companies, normally. They’re the only ones with that kind of money, and they do it not out of altruistic motives, but because they expect to make a lot of money in return. You can’t find what you’re not looking for, and they’re definitely not looking for a cheap, unpatentable cure for cancer. No matter how sincere the actual researchers are, the one who pays the piper calls the tune!

        We who have been abandoned by ordinary commercial “medicine” are just trying to do our best without it. If Big Pharm doesn’t want to help us by funding research in alternative cancer cures, then they have no right to stop us from trying to find our own way, or to say MMS doesn’t work. They don’t know whether it does or not, because they haven’t tested it! We who are testing it on ourselves are the only ones who know anything about it. Everybody else should shut up.

    3. So, the FDA is on a mission to poison us all, right? Presumably this is because THEY are controlling the FDA, right? And since I know a thing or two about how conspiracy theories work, then if I say that the FDA is actually there to protect human health, then that just proves that I am part of the conspiracy, right? And presumably THEY have also made sure that all this fantastic evidence that MMS cures cancer has been hidden away so that people like me will never find it, and only people who know about THE TRUTH will ever find out about it, right?

      Have you any idea how ridiculous this crazy conspiracy theory stuff sounds to people who don’t wear tinfoil hats?

      Just out of interest, are the folks who are controlling the FDA the same folks who made NASA fake the moon landings? I’m never quite sure how these conspiracy theories fit together.

      1. No conspiracy advocacy coming from here. It doesn’t matter whether anyone is “trying” to make it happen or not. The system is set up in such a way… it has adopted, with our consent, methods that are in fact poisoning us slowly and surely. You don’t have to agree or believe it. It’s okay. But please understand that evidence of the efficacy of MMS is available if you’re willing to see it. No one here is going to try to convince you of that. The controversy over MMS is not because people are selling it. It’s because it is HELPING people in profound ways, and THEY are telling others.

        This controversy isn’t even about what’s dangerous, because the FDA and other agencies have approved some VERY toxic chemicals for human use under a doctor’s care. People are dying anyway from said use. Do you think a relative cares that poison is given by a doctor and their loved one dies anyway? Or a non-approved chemical is given and — BY OBSERVED EVIDENCE — they lived?

        You won’t know ridiculous until you see what has been done right under your very nose, that you’re now so staunchly defending.

      2. “But please understand that evidence of the efficacy of MMS is available if you’re willing to see it.”

        I’m more than willing to see it, if it exists. Please give me the citation to the relevant journal articles.

        Oh, sorry, I forgot, “THEY” have blocked its publication in journals, right?

      3. Merculiv

        “So, the FDA is on a mission to poison us all, right? Presumably this is because THEY are controlling the FDA, right? And since I know a thing or two about how conspiracy theories work, then if I say that the FDA is actually there to protect human health, then that just proves that I am part of the conspiracy, right? ”

        If you say your part of the conspiracy then you must support the FDA or at least work for them to make that statement right off the bat. We didnt make you say it… you said it yourself. Get it?

        If MMS hasnt killed anyone yet from its use and is non-toxic then why are you so against its use? When toxic pills have killed thousands that are approved by the FDA wheres the comparison in danger? Don’t pretend that you dont know this because we know you already know. Or are you going to call it a blind study or a statisitic from one of your believable journals? Your special piece of paper thats 100 percent correct no matter whats posted there?

        You definitely are far from the truth and would’nt even put it in the same comment as you or your beliefs. You have lots to learn and hopefully you wake up. If not then you’ll collapse with your bankrupt criminals in the next ten years regretting your wrongness. Try your best to suppress and twist information cause it is failing. Watch the bans put in place on MMS and no slowing down in its use and healing spread across the country. Watch the drug companies crumble… its already happening. A little too late for your corrupution to spread any further. Too late…. too bad. Sucks to be you!!!

    4. Merculiv


      I think you answered your own question on that one. LMAO Yeah it was suppressed. But the general public knows about both therapies and thier effectiveness!

      Budwig diet and Gerson therapy. At least you agree with me on something that works against cancer right!

      1. I don’t think I agree with you on anything we’ve discussed so far. Let me sum up where I believe our positions are on the various issues:

        Drinking bleach:
        You: for it
        Me: against it

        Gerson & Budwig:
        You: miracle cures for cancer
        Me: dangerous scams that prey on the vulnerable

        Reason why evidence for above therapies is not available:
        You: “THEY” have suppressed it
        Me: It never existed in the first place

        Am I missing something?

      2. Adam:

        It’s not sufficient to be “for” or “against” drinking bleach. They chlorinate the water in the UK, so you “drink bleach” every time you shower or bathe, and you don’t get a vote in whether it happens or not. Chlorine dioxide is considered a “bleach” by some, but behaves differently than chlorine.

        Your reductionist views on Gerson and Budwig diets also reveal a lack of awareness, as well as concern for views other than your own limited one.

        So the answer is, “yes,” you’re missing something.

      3. Merculiv


        Drinking bleach?: Chlorine Dioxide isn’t Chlorine

        I am assuming you have no knowledge in even basic chemistry to tell the difference between the both.

        Gerson & Budwig:

        You dont even know who developed the budwig diet or gerson therapy. You probably never even heard of these therapies in your life until I mentioned them thats why you immediately discredit them. Don’t claim that you even knew thier names cause you didnt. Loser! You know who you are!

      4. Ah damn, I thought I was doing so well there, but now you’ve called me a loser. What argument could I possibly come up with that would trump such devastating logical argument?

        Clearly, you must be right about everything if you have the startling insight and scientific knowledge to call someone a loser.

  4. Guys, wake up here! This MMS is dangerous poison. Please note that the FDA have warned people not to drink it, as it is dangerous if taken in any quantity.

    There is absolutely no evidence that the product is effective, despite what charlatans like Jim Humble will tell you. They are simply trying to make a fast buck.

    If you disagree with me, please point me to evidence published in peer-reviewed journals showing that I’m wrong.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Mr. Adam,

      What do YOU CARE what people do here? People who have the power and intelligence to look at how effective, or INEFFECTIVE current practices and prescription medicines are. Perhaps you make a living off the proliferation of said prescription products, because IF YOU REALLY CARED ABOUT PEOPLE, you’d want TRUE RESULTS. You’d want your agencies, such as NHS and your media, such as the BBC to offer BALANCED reporting. Balance doesn’t mean simply having equal “pro” and “con”, but being open to ALL sides of an issue. None of the agencies have asked for ALL input. They have only asked for NEGATIVE input. They have only reported NEGATIVE results. If you are open minded, what does that tell you? If you are not open minded, then you don’t care.

      But if you’re not open minded, you’ll never know what people who USE THEIR OWN INTELLIGENCE and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR HEALTH, have learned.

      MMS is NOT a cure all. However, it IS a valuable medical tool that would actually IMPROVE medical RESULTS if used professionally. Instead of thanking the public for doing the research and providing confirming data as to its effecacy, FDA, NHS, and other agencies are trying to smear it away.

      It won’t happen.

      No; please don’t hold your breath. 🙂

      Best wishes,


      1. So, in other words, absolutely zero evidence that MMS works, then?

      2. Adam, if there was NO CREDIBLE evidence that MMS works, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        Watch this video… it includes a young man who had a staph infection. If doctors used MMS for this ALONE, tens of thousands of DEATHS each year could be prevented.

        Best wishes,


      3. Is any of this published in peer-reviewed journals?


        Until it is, please don’t expect that anyone except the desperate and gullible will take you seriously.

        Not that that matters much to you, of course, because no doubt it is precisely the desperate and gullible who are your target market.

        Shame on you for putting other people’s health at risk just so you can make a quick buck.

      4. Dear Adam; You’ve pretty much shown why you won’t find MMS in peer-reviewed journals. The companies that fund such research will NOT publish the results, else they’d have to admit that they far out pace existing methods and products. They learned that lesson with DMSO, which was peer reviewed and caused quite a bit of excitement among medical professionals that really care, but DID NOT receive FDA approval. It appears that they want to keep the desperate and gullible, desperate and gullible; and they want to keep them to themselves.

        I am putting no one’s health at risk. I don’t make any money at this. I don’t sell the product. I didn’t charge you to come here. I’m simply giving you a chance to wake up from your walking slumber. You’re free to stay asleep if you want.

        Best wishes,


      5. Ah, I see now: the reason why all the wonderful research on MMS (which must exist, because you say so) has never been published is because THEY have suppressed it?

        Classic conspiracy theory stuff.

        BTW, are the guys who are suppressing all this research the same ones who bumped of Princess Diana? Just asking.

      6. So the ‘flying monkeys’ revisiting US again ( about 10-15 @ this time) to take part in some action!
        Well bad comments are better than none. They give us a chance to state our case! At least we have a case to talk about, because we speak from experience!
        Live and experience are the best teachers in live!
        Never mind Adam1, we all know very well were all those thumps-down under your comments are coming from and under all the other comments from people who know what they are talking about. And we all know what they can do with their fear-mongering or sarcastic comments.
        Must be very boring on twitter I guess? 😉

      7. Upps, old news here!
        But never the less another experience to open up our eyes! smile

    2. Merculiv

      We are awake! Where have you been? Even if you do hold your stinky breath your still wrong. The FDA can only warn people…thats not strong enough to stop it from being used to heal. 🙂 Theres tons of evidence that it has healed and it continues to heal.. we dont need no stupid jounal to prove its credability and effectiveness. Are you stupid? Only little kids believe everything they read is true. Im assuming that you’ve never even used MMS in your life? You dont even know how this stuff works inside the body and you say its dangerous because the FDA says so? Are you like brainwashed? We disagree with you and no we aint looking at any journals so eat a bar of soap! LMAO

      1. “Only little kids believe everything they read is true”

        And yet you seem to have believed everything Jim Humble has told you about his quack remedy, hook, line and sinker.

    3. Maria

      What a bunch of bullshit, I have been drinking MMS for months now and I am not death go and check it out. I didn’t need any FDA proof, cause I know I would be death if it were for the FDA. So don’t come to me with the stupidity of yours. It works, MMS works and I have tried it!!!! And I am well alive.
      Like I said send the FDA, send them, with what I am used to see in my country, you do not scared me at all, so I gave you my name, hope you find me if you have the guts, like I said.
      Have the FDA come and look at my proof.
      People of the world this so called “bleach” or quackery for some, it is the best thing that ever happened to me.

      1. I started to believe that you might be one of the few who MMS had helped (whether through placebo effect or whatever).

        Until your subsequent behavior on this blog. You no longer had the little credibility you had started to bring to MMS.

        Instead of challenging us to wonder if there were in fact people who had been helped by MMS (so surprising us all), you have proven by your behavior that there are not. Well done.

  5. He is not an ‘observant student of chemistry’.
    He is not, nor ever was, a chemist.
    Any actual chemist (that is, someone who has in fact studied it and has a legitimate qualification in it) can tell you that this product is dangerous and the chemistry is off.

    As a biologist/biochemist I can also tell you that bleaches such as these are NOT selective for pathogenic microoganisms. They will just as soon damage your own cells and the normal flora in your body.

    The man is a charlatan.

    1. Mr. Noodle,

      No one knows you from a noodle, so you can say anything you want. However, your position only identifies you as someone unfamiliar with, and who has not studied THIS PARTICULAR APPLICATION of chlorine dioxide, and its possible effects on the human body. Even the EPA and National Institutes of Health have studied it and found it harmless to human ingestion, if taken in properly adjusted amounts. Your comments also reveal that you’ve not spoken to anyone who has used MMS, not only in the U.S., but in your beloved UK. I know people who are using it quite successfully for some very acute medical conditions after having NO success with conventional treatment as offered by the National Health Service. With all your knowledge, you don’t know what you’re talking about ON THIS PARTICULAR SUBJECT, and you don’t realize it.

      You’d rather brand a complete stranger who made a useful discovery, did his own research to confirm, went to the various authorities (who ignored or dismissed him), tested his theory and product on REAL PEOPLE, wrote a book to inform the public, had his theories put to the test with great success, and helped 10’s of thousands improve their health, than look into the merits of his claims.

      Easy to do when all you’ve done is read a misinformation piece put out by the BBC.

      Thanks for your input anyway.

      1. Actually I’m female so Ms, if you please. Maz is my nickname. My name is easy to find if you care that much, it’s on my blog.

        The BBC article came out LONG after I heard of Mr Humble.

        We have spoken to one person at least who has been severely injured from taking this supplement. They’re campaigning for more people to be aware of the danger.

        Humble is not a scientist. His claims are unsubstantiated. People believe them because they want to. If this were a real miracle cure, he could get a Nobel. But it isn’t, it’s just bleach and he’s just a conman.
        I hope people will open their eyes.

      2. I’m sorry for mistaking your gender. It occurred to me that you might now be a guy. However, my point still stands. There IS reason to be careful of MMS. There IS reason to treat both sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide with great care and respect. But you, the FDA, NHS, and all the other agencies are looking ONLY at the possible results that would occur if it was used in the manner, and on the scale that YOU’VE been told is the only viable use. IF that were the case here, your information and warnings would be TRUE.

        That FACTS are, that these are NOT the conditions by which MMS/Chlorine Dioxide are being used. The PROOF is in the results. While you say that you HEARD of Mr. Humble LONG before the BBC article, I’m willing to wager you still know little or nothing about how MMS works, or better yet, whether the claims that USERS have reported are valid. It is far easier to hold an opinion, whether baseless or not, than risk learning something new.

        You say that Humble is not a scientist. I disagree. TRUE scientists don’t close their minds to new ideas, especially when the methods that are prevalent today are so WOEFULLY DESTRUCTIVE to life. Everyone can be a scientist. Discovery is not the province of an elite few; but then, I suspect that you don’t agree with this statement either.

        Your characterization of Mr. Humble as a con man also reveals your point of view as uninformed and naive at best… and we’ll leave it at that.

        You hope people will open their eyes. Well guess what? We have. We SEE the insanity of today’s present methods and modalities, and are saying “no” to them. You seem to believe that no one has any intelligence outside of what you have gained and been TOLD is valid.

        Thank you for dropping by.

        Best wishes,


    2. Maria

      You are a biologist/biochemist, as much as I am Princes Diana.

      If these were true statements of people that actually can back it up, not just by showing some clinical trials, with real evidence like I can show with my own hospital tests. I have been drinking this MMS and my cells haven’t been damaged by it and neither my normal flora.
      So if anyone it is interested in real proof of real people look on to my facebook page.

      1. Haha! So Diana is still alive, who knew?

        I graduated with a first class Bachelor of Science (wtih honours; that means I didn’t fail any exams) degree in Biochemistry and Genetics from Nottingham University, UK, in 2007. I’m currently doing a PhD in cancer biology/genetics.

        I scanned my certificate actually and if I thought it was worth it, I’d send it to you. But as you’re just some crazed alt med advocate who’s going around spamming all the MMS posts, it would probably be more trouble than it’s worth.

        Funny how you claim your hospital tests are evidence, but clinical trials (performed in hospitals, by the way!!) are not – funny double standards you have going on here.

      2. marianne is a pharmawhore being paid to post against mms.she is inept in heer chosen field and as a “educated”person is very stupid.

      3. marianne is working on a phd in the field of cancer,yet she has NOT cured ONE person of cancer.shes a WELL trained monkey.learning FALSE science that is terribly inept..
        i feel sorry for her and her brainwashing…

  6. Quiero adquirir el medicamento MMS

  7. love

    Hi I am taking the 1 hourly 3 drops of MMS for the 3 weeks protocol…
    Please does anyone know a way i can go about my daily life and take the hourly mms protocol without having to be near my mms/citric acid bottles and a fridge to undertake the process?

  8. rhedda J

    Dear Adam
    I have been studying MMS now for over a year and I together with some asscociates are ready to start producing it ourselves.

    My question is where can I obtain Sodium Chlorite in bulk or in any quantity?

    I would welcome any other advise you may have for us

    Thank you

    1. Hi Redda,

      If you do a search for “sodium chlorite suppliers,” you’ll a selection of suppliers to choose from.

      Best wishes,


  9. Oluwafunmilayo

    Hi Adam.

    Thanks ever so much for your commitment to bring health & wellness info to seekers and to Jim Humble for his commitment to bring inexpensive health remedies to ailing generation. Adam, I’d really be very happy to have a copy of the workshop video as indicated in your newsletter.

    Thanks and God bless you and your work.

    Lagos, Nigeria

    1. Remi (08098000950)

      I purchased MMS1 3 weeks ago but started out on MMS2 a week ago. Now I can confirm there’s another Nigerian who is unto MMS.

  10. rebeka

    Dear Adam,
    thanks a lot for your newsletter!! You are doing great job!!!I live in Spain, my English is bad. Could you please explain te new protocol in moore simple worlds? I know some people here in spain with cancer and I have to say the right think…
    Thanks again and see you maybe on the next workshop, Rebeka

    1. Rebeka, the right thing is not to risk peoples lives by telling them to take something that has no effect on cancer. You may be guilty of some person’s death.

      In most countries it is a crime to sell false medicines for cancer. Probably also in Spain, you would be guilty of a crime. I have had cancer myself, it is a serious matter. Do not play with peoples lives.

      1. Mike,

        In most countries, it is NOT a crime to sell false medicines for cancer. Most standard cancer medications ARE FALSE. The “crime” is in doing it without approval, which the alphabet agencies will not give without hundreds of millions in payments. The true CRIME is that hundreds of millions… and really, BILLIONS are being paid to APPROVE FALSE MEDICINES THAT KILL PEOPLE, AND THEN THE PUBLIC IS ASSURED OF THEIR *REASONABLENESS* BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN APPROVED.

        THAT, dear Mike, is the CRIME. The public KNOWS it too.

        If you have cancer, YOU should talk to people who have HEALED THEMSELVES OF CANCER, not only using MMS, but ANY AND ALL methods that WORKED.

        I suspect you will ONLY do as you have been TOLD by your DOCTOR.

        However, your doctor will NOT go through what you are going to take yourself through.

        My prayers for your FULL recovery and health.

        Best wishes,


      2. Adam,

        Thanks for your kind wishes, though I am less impressed with your ad hominem assumptions about how I approach my own health. As it happens the folks on the National Health here in the UK caught it before it metastasised, so I only needed surgery to remove affected parts and some lymph nodes. It was tough but that was 10 years ago and I have now been discharged completely.

        I was lucky because having caught it before it metastasised I did not need to do chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And here’s the thing: those are indeed nasty poisons, but there is at least some difference between how much they damage cancer cells and how well they damage healthy cells. So indeed they do make you ill. If anyone can find something which discriminiates between healthy cells and cancer cells to a greater degree, even by a slight difference, this would become an important new medical breakthrough.

        And here’s the thing: Jim Humble claims to have found something which distinguishes between healthy and pathological cells not by a greater degree but in an absolute way. This is a very big claim and big claims require big back-up. Just saying the other stuff is poison doesn’t cut it – that’s a known fact.

        To date Mr Humble has not come up with either a mechanism for the ways in which MMS makes this distinction, or any documented studies which isolate and demonstrate this effect. In fact he would need three such studies – one for bacteria (also distinguishing good from bad bacteria); one for cancer cells, and one for the malaria parasite. So far this has not appeared in any of Mr Humble’s explanations to date – see for example the detailed explanation over at this link.

        If you look into that explanation, you will note that Mr Humble describes how oxidation makes a hole in an atom, and then somehow moves on to making holes in the walls of cells – something which is millions of times bigger. This is the “Miracle” step which is never explained.

        It is precisely to protect vulnerable people against people like that, that we have the alphabet soup agencies to begin with. Most of us are not epidemiologists so these agencies are how we know that professional people have looked into the claims made by a particular inventor. If people want to “have faith” and choose to believe Mr Humble instead, they should at least be aware of the extent to which a wide range of appropriately qualified individuals have looked into his claims and found them wanting. The only reason to stay with MMS after that is if someone is a fully paid up conspiracy theorist.

      3. PS I forgot to add the link I mentioned above:

        In which Jim Humble tries, and fails, to make any connection between the oxidising effects of MMS at the molecular level, and his claims of selective targeting of cells according to whether they are pathological or not. This, as I am sure you are aware, is the core claim that underlies everything that it is claimed MMS can do.

      4. Maria

        Do not hear this FDA proposer Rebeka, it works and I have proof.

      5. stuff a sock in it mr friend cured his terminal stage 4 prostate cancer with mms,fully documented before,during and after with his doctor.

    2. KateKatV

      Dear Rebeka
      The protocol is very simple. Do not take MMS. The instructions for making it up result in a liquid that is 28% bleach. That is industrial strength bleach – the kind you put down your toilet is less than 5%. Please do not take it.

      1. Maria

        @KateKatV, Please do not make false claims, it is not industrial bleach and it is safe.
        I have take it and it works. I am free of all the prescription drugs I was taking like steroids, Hypothyroid drugs, etc., my hair has stopped from falling off, my gray hair it is disappearing giving pass to new brown hair on my scalp.

        So if you haven’t gotten all of these benefits, don’t come and tell lies about something you don’t know anything about it.

      2. rebeka

        I already cured myself from asthma with MMS and I take MMS still with very good results. You are liar,it´s criminal not to tell people how good MMS is..I only listen to my self and not to those liars like you…
        have a peace with youself

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