Charting the Changes in MMS Practice


Our time in the Dominican Republic with Jim Humble involved learning MMS from A to Z, and back again. Let’s go over some of the basic evolutionary changes in MMS as a product and protocol.

Product Changes

  • Sodium Chlorite – the basic MMS solution (28%, of which an effective 22.4% is sodium chlorite) is unchanged.
  • Citric Acid Activator – this is now a 50% solution, up from a 10% solution, which required 5x more drops per MMS drop. Activating MMS is now done on a 1:1 drop basis. That is, if you are taking 6 drops of MMS, you’ll use 6 drops of citric acid.
  • Shorter Ready time – Initially, when you added the 10% solution of citric acid to MMS, you waited for 3 minutes while a sufficient amount of chlorine dioxide molecules formed in solution. Now, with the stronger 50% citric acid activator, MMS is ready for use in about 20 seconds.

Protocol Changes

Perhaps the most significant change in the standard intake protocol is the move away from ramping up to 1 – 3 relatively large dosing events in the course of the day, to smaller intakes conducted hourly for an 8-hour period. Before you’d start with 1 drop of MMS, adding daily until you reached 15 drops, then, depending on what you were trying to eradicate, going up the cycle to 15 drops again.

That was then. Now, the “standard” therapeutic dosing guideline is to take 3 drops of MMS, activated with 3 drops of 50% citric acid (the 1:1 ratio), each hour for 8 hours, for a three week period, or until what we will call cleansing events have ceased.

What are cleansing events?

Cleansing events are ways that the body releases unmetabolized waste and/or toxicity, which can happen in any combination of ways, including fever, swelling/inflammation, headaches, or other forms of aches and pain, diarrhea, or vomiting. Generally, when these events occur, our learned response is to take measures to stop the event. With the introduction of MMS, people are learning that there’s something worth looking forward to on the other side of that queasy feeling; energy, reduction in pain, healing, and best of all, health.

Introducing MMS 2


An observant student of chemistry, Jim Humble has not only continued to explore new ways to use the MMS we’ve come to recognize as the 28% solution of sodium chlorite; he has identified another benign chemical that can be used to augment metabolic function to mitigate disease and improving health.

Dubbed ‘MMS2’, it is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which, unlike chlorine dioxide, is naturally produced by the body. It is produced from calcium hypochlorite, which is available as pool supply stores.

MMS1 and MMS2 is just a drop in the bucket. Although I believe that MMS1 coupled with MMS2 will cure most of the diseases of mankind, I believe that hundreds of miracle minerals will come that will change the understanding of medicine. In the future no drug will ever be made from poisonous substances that all medical drugs are made from now. MMS1 and MMS2 are not poisonous to the body and they do no damage in the body. – Jim Humble

Showing an uncanny knack for developing inexpensive, accessible, and benign approaches to addressing many human maladies, Jim Humble is a breath of fresh air for a humanity that’s grown a tad too enamored with technology, “nano” et. al, for our own good.

This is not to say that technology is bad. However, it is often unnecessary. When we start to believe that we can’t survive without the protective cover of the gods of technology, we lose touch with the very force from whence all healing comes; i.e., an ephemeral place within.

Jim Humble appeals to that part of us that hasn’t forgotten that we can be well again, that rails against the notion that health must remain forever just out of our reach. That is the kind of thinking that fuels the mistaken notion that a healthcare system is our best protection, when in fact, health is. A system that is optimized to help us manage our disease is ill-prepared to assist in our healing.

After seventy-seven years in this earthly tour of duty, a yet self-reliant Jim Humble continues to look for new ways to use MMS, both the Original and “2”. While some will continue to debate the legitimacy of MMS, or express concerns about the long-term effects, many others are rediscovering the profound joy of life made livable once again.

Here is a link to Jim Humble’s introduction to MMS2.

Are you interested in video of the workshop, please email me and let me know.

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108 Thoughts to “Charting the Changes in MMS Practice”

  1. Lori


    There’s a lot of good reasoning in what you say here about the need to test things, but the argument sort of breaks down when you imply that the tests of drug manufacturers mean a lot when it comes to our safety. You could say that Thalidomide was tested on a good portion of the population 30 years ago, with fairly vivid results, but recently has been re-marketed again in third-world countries. But, oops! More deformed babies! Who’d have thought??? Still, they’re in third-world countries and can’t sue the manufacturer, or the FDA who approved its use, so why should we care? As long as the drug company makes its profit!

    As for “safe” aspirin, estimates of the deaths it causes every year range from 500 to 2,000. Doubt that could happen with willow bark. The terrible taste it has would prevent overdoses. Children’s aspirin tastes great!

  2. Gilgamesh

    Hi Maria.
    Thank you for shading some light on this blackproject Rys Morgan.
    And I think all his Followers are so razzle dazzled by him, that no homeopathy, herbs, or holy water, MMS or chiro pracic would help these people.

    1. Maria

      You welcome,
      They need and exorcist. Well, I might recommend a good Shaman, oh no wait I am delusional !!!!
      No MMS for them? Of course not, they could be awaken and find out that they were stirred up by a delusion made by so much toxins on prescription drugs or junk pizza maybe.

  3. Gilgamesh


    I would not agree with certainty what you wrote here on Oct, 4;

    Yes, anyone can look down a microscope. But do you? Have you? No. I have. Therefore I CAN tell you with certainty that cancer cells aren’t driven by bugs. And it’s not just me, it’s the whole of the cancer research field, which is absolutely massive I might add.

    Only 5 or 6 years ago all the doctors, and scientists were laughing the idea, that stomach ulcer maybe caused by a bacteria.
    But in 2005 Barry Marshall, and Robin Warren got the Nobel prize
    for discovering the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.

    1. Hmm not quite, Gilgamesh.

      The Nobel Prize was awarded in 05 but the nature of scientific discovery means that these awards come MANY YEARS after the original finding, because it takes time to recognise their significance as the context builds around it in the form of further discoveries.
      Helicobacter as a cause of stomach cancer was described in 1982

      Science moves on if the evidence requires it, not randomly with ridiculous ideas that are easily disproven.

  4. Aaron

    please, why is everyone who disagrees with you a member of the FDA? that level of paranoia is, in itself, deeply worrying. Your insistence that MMS is safe is even more so because that harms other people.

    It is industrial strength bleach. All we are asking is for proof of your claims and we will all be quiet and leave you to drink MMS in peace. Failing that, just keep quiet and drink all the bleach you can get hold of, we dont want you to advocate other people to do the same. It is dangerous, but I believe in freedom of personal choice, until that choice impacts upon others negatively.

    Do you make money from the sale of MMS? I am just curious on that one, it does seem like you have a commission based thing going on.

    The Food Standards Agency in the UK says about it (and I dare say they have more knowledge about such things than you or I, Maria) “MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite solution which is equivalent to industrial-strength bleach.When taken as directed it could cause severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, potentially leading to dehydration and reduced blood pressure. If the solution is diluted less than instructed, it could cause damage to the gut and red blood cells, potentially resulting in respiratory failure.”

    1. Dear Aaron,

      Let’s take the disagreement and FDA connection off the table. I don’t care if you are, or not. It’s not really important. You repeat, like a number of other people, that MMS is industrial strength bleach. You don’t appear to have any personal knowledge of, or experience with how it is used. Maria, in addition to other people in this forum, KNOW what they are talking about. And have their own experience to confirm. The FSA, like the FDA, is made up of people, who may, or may not have done their homework. If you are going on the argument that MMS is “bleach”, then please acknowledge that chlorine is too. However, chlorine and chlorine dioxide have very different chemical behaviors. Furthermore, the FSA and FDA approve of other products that are in fact, toxic. They don’t condemn the daily chlorination (with its carcinogenic byproducts) by municipal water that people in the UK and around the US are doing every day. They haven’t studied this application. You are simply rehashing the line from the news release, which indicates that you, yourself, are not speaking from your own understanding. As such, you are not acknowledging or respecting someone who IS speaking from their own.

      It’s also ironic that you assume that Maria is “making money” from the sale of MMS. $46 billion is spent in the US alone on chlorination, beyond water treatment, some of it as part of the production of pharmaceuticals, not to mention the $100’s of billions raised each year for ineffective “cures” to chronic diseases. It’s a laughable question, which you ask as though you sincerely mean it. This isn’t about money… at least, not on the MMS side.

    2. Earl Sadewater

      I used MMS, it worked. I’m not even going to waste my time explaining what it worked on and how it was a last resort. Their is a HUGE MOUNTAIN of personal stories like mine. MMS reminds me of DMSO. Has anyone ever died from DMSO? the answer is No. Then why did the FDA ban its medical use? Especially when it had been used for almost 100yrs at that point and their was a HUGE MOUNTAIN of personal stories research done on it. The FDA excuse, they couldn’t do double blind test, because the smell is so strong that anyone not given it would smell it on others and not themselves. LOL So basically, being naive is excusable; however, being close minded to the fact that the pharmaceutical Big wigs are in bed with the FDA is ignorant.

  5. Blackprojects


    The World Health Organistation is on the HUNT for MMS Suplier”s and any one found Promoting MMS will soon be in Very Deep SHIT that mean”s you , Making Veiled Thrat”s Can be considerd a breach of the Law so refrane from doing it or risk going the way the guy who threatend the South park creator”s way of the JAIL!

    MMS will kill you stone Cold DEAD one day and when that happens no one will Mourn your Passing as you are a FOOLISH Women , You are playing Russian Roulette with a machine gun and one day you will get a loaded Clip and that will be the end of Maria!

    1. Mark your own words, and mark your own intent, for what you wish on another, you GUARANTEE for yourself. Please remember your words, because it’s YOUR reality that you have to live with. Maria hasn’t harmed anyone, herself, or wished YOU any harm. YOU have to live with your dark wishes.


      1. Seriously Failosopher?
        You are ridiculous. Nowhere is that comment did Blackprojects wish anything on Maria. He simply warned her that using MMS is like playing Russian Roulette.

    2. Cyber Czar


      I never new the world health organization hunted for such people? Plenty of people have been using this solution for 5 plus years and they are running around better than they have in years. Vendors all across the USA have been selling this stuff for three years and none of them have been shutdown or been banned.

      The alternative community will not fall for the bluff… the gov’t is not in control of our health and the people have rights just as any private company. So eat a can of worms with your disinformation. :p

      1. Actually, it’s not a bluff.
        If you really don’t believe him, I will scan in the letter I received from the Welsh Chief Medical Officer saying just that.
        The WHO have only just been informed, due to my campaign.

    3. Maria

      @ Blackproject, hahahahaha and bla bla bla, is on the hunt to unsuspected ignorant people like yourself, instead of me I am well aware of my rights outside the WHO. The law you preach it is outside of it’s jurisdiction when it comes to a private citizen with another nationality. I am in the Guatemalan government so don’t come to me with stupid phrases when you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about or where you are fucking with.
      And since you brought it about, I do can hunt you down on the basis of harassing a government official in public, so don’t dare to threaten me outside of any jurisdiction that does not apply to you FOOLISH IGNORANT PLAY. GO AND PLAY WITH SOMEONE ELSE. I am not here to play games with ignorant people like yourself, justified by an anonymous name.
      Since I am not forcing anyone to do anything against their will, I am talking about me and my own experience with MMS with my own documents, so
      you better shut up before you make any other statements about false promotions or threaten people on the internet. Cause if you are you implying that you want me dead, you better be more careful.

      1. That’s just plain nasty Maria. Please respect this blog – while many of us may disagree with much that Phaelosopher says, as the owner of this blog, there is no call for the disrespect of using such language, or of making such threats. Shame on you.

        If you were a government servant in most countries, you would be taken to task by your own employers. I know nothing of Guatemala but I imagine they have same level of professionalism as governments everywhere, and your actions here bring that government into a disrepute which I feel it does not deserve.

      2. Maria

        I think before anyone wishes to quote the FDA, they really should look at the controlling interests running it.

        There is no dangerous liability to ingesting chlorine dioxide over an extended period of time. The next argument was the concept that taking MMS might be dangerous when taking it for a few days. But that has also been proven not true. Back in 1982, the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC conducted an extended double blind clinical trial to determine that very fact, whether there is a liability in taking chlorine dioxide over a period of time. They also tested the chemicals sodium chlorite, and sodium chlorate at the same time. The tests were conducted with humans and not with rats, thus one does not have to try to extrapolate to show that rats can equal humans. The tests conducted showed that no adverse conditions resulted in human bodies. Here is the link to the report. Read it for yourself and decide.

      3. Maria, it’s no good quoting that article.
        It’s a study on the long-term effects of very dilute use of those compounds for water treatment purposes.
        The concentrations and means of ingestion are not comparable to the use of MMS.

        You can’t have it both ways; either you accept that dosage is an important part of how chemicals behave as drugs in the body (one of the main underlying principles of pharmacology, in fact) or you believe that a chemical or element or molecule behaves the same way in all situations.
        The latter not being true, of course.

        The pro-MMS camp (rightly) states that chlorine dioxide and other chlorine compounds are not the same as chlorine. Good.
        You then say that MMS is safe because it’s not the same as household bleach; no, it isn’t the same, but that does not render it not-a-bleach or harmless.

        You try to argue that because water purification was found not to have adverse effects on humans, MMS must be safe. No! They are not the same! Just as chlorine isn’t chlorine dioxide because the two behave differently, nor is diluted water purification the same as drinking MMS. This is a very confused, twisted line of reasoning, full of contradiction and misunderstanding.

        It’s the same reason natural doesn’t equal best; concentration (dosage) is so important. A little bit of something won’t have the same effect as a lot. This is partly why drugs have to be tested so vigorously; if we don’t know the safe concentration in the body, the right dose to administer, you don’t know if the effect will be beneficial or negative.
        If you chew some leaves, you’re not regulating however much of an active component you’re ingesting. That’s why, for example, aspirin has been developed (from willow); a compound from a natural source but refined and made efficient and safe.

        MMS has not been tested, it is an indiscriminate chemical that does not specifically target pathogens at all, there’s no way it would.

        Citing one paper from over 20 years ago that’s not even a relevant study does not justify your vigorous support of the product.

      4. find out who the jerk really is maria.him and mr cube are paid posters,they are liars who are paid to post propaganda.use your gov secret service to find out where they are since that jerk threatened you.

  6. Merculiv


    “The protocol is very simple. Do not take MMS. The instructions for making it up result in a liquid that is 28% bleach. That is industrial strength bleach – the kind you put down your toilet is less than 5%. Please do not take it.”

    Its 22.4 percent Sodium Chlorite… not (Chlorine) or bleach as you put it. You mix the sodium chlorite with citric acid to make Chlorine Dioxide. Theres a big difference between chlorine dioxide vs chlorine. 🙂

    Rebeka don’t listen to these quacks… they just try to scare you into not getting better. You will see a lot of these phonies scaring you away from MMS which is completely safe. Don’t let them try to convince you its the same as bleach cause it is NOT the same. Disinformation at its best.

    1. Roland

      Yeah, because bleach can only be chlorine, and no other chemical substance.

      Seriously, havem’t you thought there could be different types of bleach?

  7. KateKatV

    Delighted to tell you all that the forces of rationality have prevailed in one small instance and the law has been used to try to protect people from harm to both health and wealth. I had an email today from Southwark Trading Standards to say the website selling MMS from an address in Southwark has been taken down.

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