Time to Say “Good-bye” to Germ Theory

I received a call the other day from a man, we’ll call him Jacob, whose organization sells our vortex generators for water enrichment (under its own name) to farms on the East Coast. He sold a unit to an organic dairy farmer, who we’ll call Paul. After a number of months, Jacob wasn’t getting any love, referrals, or new business, from Paul. Instead, Paul…

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‘The Shift’ and Growing Up

Shift is happening. It’s certainly happening for me. How about you? A couple weeks ago I asked for help to avert a judgment to be evicted from the place that I have called “home” for the past 11 years. Well, it didn’t work. In spite of a rash of product orders that came in and some donations for which I…

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The Ascendency of Balance

I have just returned home from a crisscross country trip that covered 6,250 miles in 14 days. The “crisscross” comes from the fact that I began by heading west toward California, and returned home from the east. My destination was the Treasure Coast of Florida to deliver and install the largest vortex generator that we’ve made to date ~ for a 12″…

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