No More 'Lesser of Two Evils' Elections

I watched the most recent shoutfest (a.k.a. “debate” 2/25/2016) among the Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Ben Carson who complained that no one was allowing him time to comment). Of the people who were speaking, the most credible and desirable to me, was Donald Trump. That’s not saying much. Donald Trump could be a savior, not for the American people, but…

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Who Killed Jesus is More Relevant than "Who He Died For"

Not too many years ago I would have acknowledged the solemn tribute that millions of people make each year on the “triumphant” day that is called Easter, which celebrates the supposed resurrection of Jesus Christ who, we have been told and admonished to believe, “died for our sins.” Now, I acknowledge the truth-loving, and truth-being spirit that is active in every human each day, as…

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