Accessing One's Power to Change the World

For anyone willing to take a cursory look, the evidence is overwhelming that virtually every aspect of Western science, religion, medicine, education, agriculture, banking, government, and culture: Is based on tightly controlled, false information, with the truth being closely guarded, flat out withheld, or destroyed, Inhumane, Unlawful, Exploitative, and Unsustainable. Since the overwhelming majority of the population in the world doesn’t have enough money, but works hard (and…

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Introducing 'The Door of Everything' Page

  I have added a new page to the site, titled, “The Door of Everything”, dedicated to the book by Ruby Nelson. I completed the self-assigned task of recording a reading of each chapter, and presenting them individually, as well as a short introduction. I can’t put into words how valuable and important I feel the ideas conveyed in the…

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