Bringing ‘The Debt Age’ to an End

I’ve lost more than my proportional share of bitcoin through various accrual platforms. In my first Steemit post I talked about one that I had high hopes of, called WalletPllus. A month after writing that article, WP went away suddenly, which prompted a reader to remark: “Well WalletPllus was a scam and that makes u????” His inference, that WP was…

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The True Face of ‘Money’ Ain’t Pretty

Originally posted on Steem (@phaelosopher) I am still new to the CryptoSphere, having only begun studying the phenomenon and its social *implications* of bitcoin and friends in February of this year. Every day is discovery for me, even at “three score and five” times around the sun. The social implications of the bitcoin and alt-coin ascendancy *at this time* is…

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Bitcoin and Cryptos as ‘Value Instruments’

This might sound obvious, nit picky or not important, but bitcoin isn’t money. None of the alt-coins are money. They function like money, but they’re not. They are actually better at being what we think of as “money,” than money is. This insight has been percolating in and around my mind for some time. What to do with it, has…

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