Creation, Nature, God, Life: No Difference

This commentary began its life as a post on Facebook, but in bringing it to this medium much has been added. Working through my first year (two-plus seasons ~ fall, winter, and spring) in the Pacific Northwest, I am literally *awed* by Nature: its beauty, intelligence, power and grace. It is humbling to see how *little* this great Gift is…

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Dr. King’s Take Down: The Void is Now 50 Years Running and Growing… For ALL

SOURCE: Commercial Appeal I can’t say that it was like it happened yesterday, but I do remember the day, April 4, 1968, when the announcement was given to the student body at Lindblom Technical High School, on Chicago’s Southwest side, that Martin Luther King Jr. had been killed. Lindblom was itself in racial transition while I was there from 1965…

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