'The Protocols' of Truth

As it presently stands, the Federal Government does not represent We the People of the United States. It is a corporation operating as a government agency, whose current apparent “strength” is its “military might,” meaning its ability to represent its clients’ interests with, and by force. That was the big bragging point in Barack Obama’s State of the Union address for 2016. Use of…

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Choosing Light in Times of Darkness

The Power of Harmony and Balance Heartfelt wishes to everyone on this Thanksgiving Day. I started this essay a couple of days ago, but as always, they emerge in their own time and place. Seeing what there is to be grateful for in these times, is of immeasurable, critical value, not only on this day, but every day, every hour, every…

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Fruits of the Tyrannous Tree and Golden Gift of Peece

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a pioneer to the workings of what I have recently begun referring to as “The Tyranny Network,” nor in the value of urine therapy. After a month of personal practice (I start each morning with a “mee cocktail” (no ice) and water chaser) and continued research, I now heartily recommend signing…

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