‘The Shift’ and Growing Up

Shift is happening. It’s certainly happening for me. How about you? A couple weeks ago I asked for help to avert a judgment to be evicted from the place that I have called “home” for the past 11 years. Well, it didn’t work. In spite of a rash of product orders that came in and some donations for which I…

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Road Trip 2013: California I

KLAMATH FALLS, OR — We’ve had a wonderful four days on the road in California, with the Oregon leg about to begin. When I finish this entry we’ll head for Crater Lake, which I intend to take a dip in. We stopped in Fresno, where I spoke briefly with Mark McAfee, CEO of Organic Pastures ( Strangely, their website has…

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The Monumental Lie that Fuels (or Fools) the FDA

I spoke to Daniel Smith of PGL a couple of days ago, after two of his product’s distributors, seeking to know the status of their supplier due to lack of an ability to reach the company, inquired here. For anyone not familiar, I reported that agents from the FDA and US Postal Service had raided their offices and confiscated computers,…

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When Government-Authored Health Guidelines are Unhealthy

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 Cover

  “Government guidelines” will give you the appearance of being a good idea, but in truth, following them can deliver you into an ever lowering sinkhole of infirmity and disease. New dietary guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, are the latest case-in-point.   A 112-page document, titled, Dietary Guidelines…

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History in the Making: Bio-Photon Presence in Structured Water Confirmed

I sat down recently to write about developments that are unfolding relative to the growing public consciousness and understanding of structured water, and instead wrote about the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy (1932-2009) and how it reinforced our perception of likely outcomes when dealing with brain cancer (and cancer in general) under current conventions of medical care. Whether drinking…

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My California Adventure: Treasures Hiding in Plain Sight

My trip to Northern California took me to many worlds in one world. I witnessed the seductive possibilities of San Francisco, a city I have always enjoyed visiting, and have spent precious too little time exploring… journeyed to the hinterlands of Fresno in California’s San Joaquin Valley… then enjoying the cosmopolitan charm of Sacramento, the state capital. In those seven…

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