Expanding Our Ability to See the Hidden World Influencers

The events that are unfolding in Baltimore, Maryland, characterized by many as riots, are in my opinion, a positive sign that life and love yet exists in America, and that the American spirit hasn’t, in spite of some major efforts, been distracted, drugged, or anesthetized into a quiet sleep or coma. Compartmentalization pressure has been so severe that pundits and critics alike will view…

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What Makes a Race 'Advanced'?

I used to think that having the knowledge and technology to travel through the heavens would mean that we had become a “more advanced” humanity than we have been, or are today. However, with our present set of customs and norms, it is reasonable to question if the words “intelligent” or “advanced,” with respect to humanity, apply at all. Some may hold the view that some members of…

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