Life Without Food: A Post Mortem

Since coming off a 20-day, water-only fast on Easter Eve, where my body weight plummeted to 160 lbs, my energy, strength, and outlook continues to grow brighter. However, eating once again was not to be rushed into. The bathroom scale indicated 160 lbs only a few days ago (Sunday). My first “food” intake after almost three-weeks was cold-pressed apple juice. I also…

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Autism and the Bigger Problem(s)

The puzzle of autism.

Before they put the subject of autism back in mothballs for another year, I am pleased to post my conversation with Kerri Rivera, who runs AutismO2 (, a non-profit clinic for autistic children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each year, when awareness about a particular disease is “raised” we end up thinking that we’re falling behind on resolving it, and that…

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