Life Without Food: When the Body Says ‘No Mas’

Today, on Easter Sunday, would have represented day 21 of a 40-day fast, but yesterday, the half-way point, at 160 lbs, my body said “no mas.” I have yet to “eat” anything solid. A glass of cold-pressed apple juice, followed up by a fresh blend of unpasteurized orange and pineapple juices, and several cups of vegetable-broth miso soup, was a marvelous feast for…

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Sound Advice for ‘the Electrical’ You

The next must read book to put on your list just has to be Electrical Nutrition, by Denie and Shelley Hiestand. I learned about it from Wil Spencer (, who caused quite a ruckus among some in the Gulf Coast after helping a number of residents gain relief from the effects BP-sponsored environmental toxicity after the historic oil spill with…

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Thoughts on Nausea, MMS, and Chelation

A reader sent some very specific questions in from my article “No Mystery, Just Wonderful Chemistry.” I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject. These are my understandings, based on my own research. I suggest that each person does his or her own. First, you get nauseated, something that nauseates you is nauseous; you don’t get nauseous. They…

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