A Priceless Course in Cosmic Consciousness

At this moment I am working my way through A Course in Cosmic Consciousness, by Walter and Lao Russell. Originally published in 1950, and revised to its current form in 2001, the Course is comprised of 12 Units with 48 lessons, and is spread over 520 pages. I highly recommend this extraordinary treatise. If ever there were a publication that could help…

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Vaccine Politics, Indigos and Normal Sensory Perception

A Unseen Agenda Exposed I would like to pose a very rational question. It’s so rational, it’s a wonder why mainstream medicine, government policy makers, or functionaries in the education system haven’t asked it. It’s so very, very rational that, in their not asking and seriously considering this question, you have to wonder whether their actions, and the effects that we, The People, are witnessing…

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Stillness and the Power of Thoughts

Imagine that the most elementary element of all physical creation, is not a “particle,” but the stillness that allows and causes motion to occur, and hence, particles to form. And in order to facilitate such causation, it is present as “the centering force” of everywhere, and everything.

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