US~Observer Prepares to Cover the MMS Story

The story of MMS and Daniel Smith has caught the attention of the US~Observer (, an investigative reporting newspaper based in Grants Pass, OR that is particularly concerned with wrongful prosecution, and after reviewing Smith’s case, prepares to balance the editorial scales. The paper is planning to publish a series of articles on the case, outlining the FDA’s actions in…

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A Real Life ‘Clinical Trial’ Opportunity for MMS

Many new people are being introduced to MMS, the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” in part due to the FDA warning against it, but also, from more credible sources; i.e., doctors and other health care practitioners who know that, when used as directed, it is a safe, effective, powerful, and inexpensive detoxifier. While it’s not likely you’re going to see Dr. House…

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A Passion for Life; A Passion for Humanity

BARAHONA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC — The MMS workshop has ended. Yet, after seeing evidence that the Genesis II compound is being watched by someone, perhaps from a satellite location, it is striking to see the fervor with which the remaining attendees explore the potential of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), via the MMS product and protocol. The night that the group introductions were…

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