Orlando Shooting: Another Weapon of Mass Distraction

My first Saturday Night ThoughtFest experience was quickly overshadowed by the next act of insanity in Florida, when a gunman (or gunmen) engaged in the latest WMD, or “weapon of mast distraction”. The media calls this a terrorist event, and it was. However, the assertion that the perpetrator(s) was or were “inspired by ISIS” doesn’t ring true. What rings true to me…

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'Hiding' As Plain Sight: The Assault on the Human Mind

I started this article several weeks ago, after U.S.-aligned (and probably urged) Turkey shot down a Russian jet that was obliterating ISIS targets that the U.S. has asserted was our “enemy.” This was also before more senseless domestic shootings, in Colorado Springs, and San Bernadino, California. In the interim, I traveled to Mexico for 10 days, to explore and open channels for our line of…

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