CERN: Bending the World Over for a 'Little Big Bang'

[This is the longest article I’ve ever published here, which might suggest how important I think the subject matter is. Truth is, they’re all, equally important to me. The reason for the length will soon become self-evident. If you want a “Cliff’s Notes” version of what it’s all about, it’s simply about you, and knowing and Loving who you are. Problem…

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Oh My God! And Other Thoughts About Water

MOORHEAD, MN – I’ve covered quite a bit a ground in the past several weeks, with much more to go before I return home. Today I’ll arrive in the town of Ramsey, near Minneapolis, where I’ll spend time with the company that makes the water transformation product we have dubbed, the Rainmaker. A couple of days ago I spent an…

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Finding God on the Road and Within

ON THE ROAD, USA: I share with you a view of Flathead Lake from its western shore in the town of Lakeside, Montana, where I spent three days interviewing a remarkable lady, Judy Beebe ( and I left Arizona on the 5th of October. Presently, it’s not clear when I will return. I originally thought I’d head West from…

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