Life Without Food: When the Body Says ‘No Mas’

Today, on Easter Sunday, would have represented day 21 of a 40-day fast, but yesterday, the half-way point, at 160 lbs, my body said “no mas.” I have yet to “eat” anything solid. A glass of cold-pressed apple juice, followed up by a fresh blend of unpasteurized orange and pineapple juices, and several cups of vegetable-broth miso soup, was a marvelous feast for…

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Rebooting Myself: The Ultimate Journey

the ultimate journey

I didn’t watch President Trump’s speech yesterday, so I don’t know what he said, and have no opinion about it, other than we got what we were willing to bet on, and that he remains the lesser of the “two evils” that Americans were given the illusion of choosing. Mr. Trump is not our problem, nor our solution. Irrespective of who caused, or is still causing…

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