Financial Crisis Masks Approaching Medical Paradigm Shift

Capitulate or Educate: What Will it Be? The world watches and debates whether the U.S. Congress will come to the rescue of Wall Street, as the largest financial debacle in the history of the country continues to unravel. Financial “experts” such as Suze Orman, believed to be the last word on money, are stoking the flames of fear to a…

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Health Canada Shuts Down MMS Operations for Edmonton Supplier

EDMONTON, AB (September 25, 2008) — One of the worse things that any MMS producer wants to hear receive is that phone call, or letter from Big Fed, ordering them to cease operations. On Tuesday, that phone call came to Subtle Energy Therapy, followed up yesterday by the letter. Stating that they received one complaint about the 28% (22.4% effective)…

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