Sandy Hook: Makings of the Latest ‘Undeclared War’

Welcome to a still intact Earth, to a new season, and a New Era. Where we go from here is dependent on what our futures have always been dependent on, namely, us. Humankind is an amazing species, a simple fact that few realize. That is because of the effort of almost unfathomable scope and dimension that has been made to…

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Inner Vision, Power and Imagination

Events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting have served as quite the wake-up call for America. The question that arises for each, is “what shall I do?” More so, how shall I “process” this information? What most don’t realize, is that this process constitutes the real workings in the “democracy” of how both our personal and collective reality unfolds. A very…

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Curing 'Reactionism' through Stabilized Imagination

Alex Jones hosts a nationally syndicated news/talk show based in Austin, Texas. You may already be familiar with him. From time-to-time I’ve listened to his highly-amped commentary. Needless to say, while we may agree on a range of issues, our styles are very different. The video linked below was produced July 26, 2012. By the title, RED ALERT: AMERICA UNDER…

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