‘Dividable’ Americans, Not Trump, Are America’s Greater Weakness

It has been quite the new beginning for 2017. Now let us get accustomed to what seemed like the most unlikely of outcomes; i.e., the election of Donald J. Trump as president of United States of America Corporation, who managed to make it through the inauguration. Perhaps it was never in doubt, but it sure seemed that way. I am…

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Mislabeled "Non-GMO" Corn Chips Not Priority to FDA

It is not a pleasant task to “call out” government agencies, or law enforcement, medical science and politicians as disingenuous practices, but not doing so means that there’s a chance that fewer people will notice, or they will think that we’re not seeing what they’re doing, and even worse, that we don’t care. For all the concern and judgment over the chaos…

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MMS, the HeLa Menace, and a New Hypothesis

There are some very compelling reasons for being clear on how and why MMS and the chlorite matrix works that are bigger than Grant Maanum and myself, or Jim Humble. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the benefit that others gain from our works means that we, or our “product” did it for them. If…

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