Is Informing the Public Jim Humble’s ‘Sin?’

The term “MMS” has taken on a life of its own, thanks to Jim Humble, a once itinerant contract gold prospector. On an expedition in the middle of nowhere he recognized that he had stumbled upon something of great importance when he helped two men, stricken with malaria, avert possible death after taking a hastily prepared concoction of “stabilized oxygen.”…

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MMS Dis-Information Campaign May Mask Greater Harm ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’

  History is always in the making, and we’re part of it. The initial official response of public health agencies to MMS is hardly the last word, as their advisories run counter to the actual experience of so many who have already used it and speak from experience. Used in appropriate, scaled down amounts, chlorine dioxide is not the harmful…

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Wolf to Henhouse: “Just Say ‘No’ to MMS!”

  The interest in, and use of “MMS,” which Jim Humble has recently dubbed, Master Mineral Supplement, continues, as the United Kingdom has publicly denounced the use of this product. Even the often reliable Wikipedia, which usually presents the appearance of unbiased information, now presents an entry on MMS that is a boldface lie. A story in the BBC recently…

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