What Makes a Race 'Advanced'?

I used to think that having the knowledge and technology to travel through the heavens would mean that we had become a “more advanced” humanity than we have been, or are today. However, with our present set of customs and norms, it is reasonable to question if the words “intelligent” or “advanced,” with respect to humanity, apply at all. Some may hold the view that some members of…

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Introduction to the Real Earth Space Program (and War Of Course)

I’m sure you’ve already seen videos or read articles about the campaign to establish Ebola as the next great menace to society. My emphasis on bringing forth the lies that are already known and understood about our current artificial system of thinking is, in part, to encourage you to reclaim and redirect your trust from an outside agency, to One that is…

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The Tyranny Network and a New Appreciation of ‘Mee’

There’s something to be said about first impressions, particularly when it involves the introduction to a life-changing idea. While it would be true to say that all ideas are life changing, the choices that we make based on an idea will not necessarily be beneficial. You could say that the idea itself is neutral. What we do with it, makes…

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