Bringing ‘The Debt Age’ to an End

I’ve lost more than my proportional share of bitcoin through various accrual platforms. In my first Steemit post I talked about one that I had high hopes of, called WalletPllus. A month after writing that article, WP went away suddenly, which prompted a reader to remark: “Well WalletPllus was a scam and that makes u????” His inference, that WP was…

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Rise of the Disillusioned

Disillusionment, or to be disillusioned, is generally considered to be a negative state. Indeed, once disillusioned, an individual’s “happiness index” is likely to go down for a time. Seeing the world differently, particularly when the heart is caring, means seeing and caring for the whole. It is the height of illusion to care only for some, such as “us good…

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