Finding the Deeper Meaning in “Ex” istence

While waiting for Book III of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy to become available in English (I check for the new arrival at least twice weekly, or as often as I think of it), my reading interests have taken me in directions other than re-reading Books I and II. The first was David Wilcock’s The Source Field…

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2012: The Beginning of ‘the End…’

No, not the end of the world, but of speculation. Now we get to change all the question marks into periods and exclamation points. Welcome to 2012. It’s been quite a wait. Not just for the past year, but for millennia. Now the prognostications and prophesies about 2012 can be laid to rest; and we can go about the business…

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Winding Down 2011, Ramping UP 2012

As the year before 2012 winds down, savor these moments, because they will soon be part of history. Speculation will give way to experience, conjecture will melt into knowing, as both fears and hopes come true. There is a growing number amongst us who are appreciating that we do indeed create our reality, that we are part of a oneness,…

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